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All Rise for the First Phoenix Wright WiiWare Shots

Posted by James Newton

Court is now in session!

Looks like the Phoenix Wright steam train is really picking up... er... steam at the moment, with the announcement yesterday and now the first screenshots of the rookie lawyer's transition to WiiWare.

One thing you'll notice is that it looks absolutely identical to the GBA/DS versions of the game, with very little in the way of smoothing or consideration for the Wii's improved power. The only redrawn element shown so far is the screen showing you the command for Objection, which looks like being worth the price of download alone.

Check out the first screenshots in the gallery below. Court is adjourned!


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MrPinguy said:

So they will use new artwork with the old one?
i hope it will blend good...



New_Age_Retro_Hippie said:

The most embarrassing thing about these titles is not the motion, but its entire nature. They put zero effort into it, and the notion that this could ever be what anyone expected is absurd. They wanted it on the Wii for so many more, better reasons than silly gestures.



MrPinguy said:

^As you in the DS version, you didn't really need to shout OBJECTION! to present evidence, on the wii version is the same thing with the motion (for the looks of it, you can just press - )

This version is really for people who didn't play AA, (Phoenix says: -BUY IT!).
For others, let's just wait for Miles Edgeworth:AAI



Sneaker13 said:

Well isn't that disappointing. If they did everything like that screenshot it would be great, but this is just very, very lazy. Are you sure that it isn't a DS screen? I even see a blue border, what's the deal with that?



New_Age_Retro_Hippie said:

In the video from GameSpot, the guy even says that this is for people who were demanding it. If the motion control can be ignored, then what to pay attention to? This offers no incentive to the fans who were requesting it to even buy it. At what point does using the most graphically inferior version of the game and putting it over a cheap moving border you'd find in an emulator appropriate?



Sneaker13 said:

Wow, just wow. I'm so disappointed. I've seen screens of the PC version which looked gorgeous. And for WiiWare they just take the DS screens with a moving border, no extra's and waggle control. I'm really disappointed.



Raylax said:

I hope they change the font for the onscreen instructions between then and now. Isn't that one of the Windows default ones? Looks rather... early beta.
Never played a Phoenix Wright game. Might pick this up since it'll be cheaper than the DS versions.



Ryuuga said:

Indeed pretty disappointing...why not do a serious remake with enhanced graphics. Instead they are using the GBA/DS graphics in it. Better stick with the DS versions I guess...



warioswoods said:

I never got around to these games, and for some reason I believe I'll have much more motivation to play them on the TV, so it's good news for me.



Terra said:

A touch up would have been much appreciated in the graphics, although TBH I wasn't expecting one so that's not a huge disappointment to me.

Still can't wait for this, never even played the DS games once



bro2dragons said:

looks just like the portables, which is good, because i've always been interested, but not interested enough to buy one. but for the price of a downloadable game....

but, would this require Wii Speak to object? because that would probably make this a no-go for me... at least until i got a Wii Speak.



Majora said:

Whaaaaat? Identical resolution of 256x192 pixels from the DS? Direct port? OBJECTION!



Viper6391 said:

This is just lazy! I would rather play the games on my DS then on Wiiware. It looks much better on my DS than this. So I got to say OBJECTION!




Don't care about the visuals. They don't really need touching up as long as they look "ok" when ported. The gameplay is the real meat.



Starwolf_UK said:

Yes fans wanted Phoenix Wirght on the Wii...either a new game or an old one with updated graphics. This is neither. The way this is going I see 2001 Phoenix Wright becoming the new 1995 Morrigon for Capcom.

But to the people who have yet to play the games, live it up an enjoy.



theblackdragon said:

@Smileoscar: yes, those screenshots are from the first game. I'm disappointed the graphics won't see an overhaul (or at least some smoothed edges...?), but it probably won't get in the way of me purchasing the first game, at least.
spoken like a truly shameless fangirl, i know... D:



Objection said:

I won't be purchasing these, as I'm not so big a nerd as to buy the same game for multiple systems (usually) but I do urge anyone who has never played the DS games to try out the WW versions as they'll be cheaper and easier to obtain. I myself will save my money for the upcoming release of AA Investigations.



MrPinguy said:

I see that are some confused persons about the PC version, the one that was released that is, not "new/rumor" projects.
It's only in japan, it's the port of the GBA version (Wiiware is the DS one), and it's only the 1-4 cases from the first game. No Skye's Case, No Justice for All, No T&T.

I already played them, but i don't own them, i will gladly pay for them.
And as you might see, this version is ideal for everyone that didn't played the series, it's very cheap for a game is very hard to find and probabbly the copies you find are on full price.

EDIT: Actually Justice for All and T&T are also on JP pc, but as the other one, they are straight ports.
Here's a screen and post of the "High Quality" of the PC version of Ace Attorney, from Capcom Blog, as evidence.



Jonny said:

Look on the bright side everyone, you can gift the games to your friends now to get them into this amazing series.



Ren said:

yeah, I love them all, it's great news for those that haven't played them but are at all interested. These are just classic. For old fans like myself it's hard not to be a little disapointed. It would have been amazing to see the same screens all smoothed out like the one screen with the remote. I won't get them in this form, though, since I did them on DS already (still working on the last one, so much fun). I have a pretty huge TV so those jaggys would be quite the eyesore.



New_Age_Retro_Hippie said:

Please stop defending Capcom for offering a straight port when they had the chance to take advantage of the Wii's features. And no, again, this game is NOT for new gamers. You provided a link where they said they made it for fans.



Balaclavab said:

I might get this even though i already have it for DS. The DS version is my favourite game ever. Although if its just swinging the remote i might not.



MrPinguy said:

I'm not defending Capcom, i love Capcom games, but i hate their business practices like pre-made DLC.
People spoke about an "HD" PC Ace Attorney that didn't even exist, that's why i posted that, manipulation of Info is what i hate.
And by your point of view, I can't play Pokémom because Nintendo made it for children, that's doesn't make sense. The ones who win with this ARE the NEW people to the Ace Attorney Series. The DS version is rare, and if you find a copy you will waste more money than this version, it's a fact not an opinion (in this matter).



New_Age_Retro_Hippie said:

Uh... no. That's a completely different thing. What you're saying is that it's made for people who haven't played, in spite of the only statement of who it's made for being the exact opposite. Its whole existence relied on fan demand. The fact of the matter is that improved graphics, improved sound, taking USEFUL examples of Wii features (AKA not an epic gimmick), and overall not feeling like a hack.

Your comparison is a generalisation vs. fact. Fact: This version is a port. If you said it added anything worthwhile, you'd be lying.

Pointer controls are a minimum requirement. Improvements in visuals and sounds, even a modest improvement, are a minimum requirement. The lack of a border that makes it look like you're playing it on an emulator is a minimum requirement. And what do we get? GBA graphics, GBA controls, and a stupid border. I pity all those people buying the lite version of the DS versions.



MrPinguy said:

facepalm Or you can't read, or you just want to argue...
I'm not saying that the game wasn't "made" for the fans in "mind", i'm not saying that the game was made for new players. I'm saying that the people who will win something with this ports, even if Capcom didn't port it for them as the representant said, are the ones who didn't play them on the first place, no matter Capcom says it's for "fans" or "aliens" or "dogs".
As you say if they used HD sprites etc etc etc... of course that would meet the "fans" expectatives. But since it's a port, AS I SAID BEFORE only people who didn't play will win somethig with this, a classic game for a low price deal.

Now, if you're not happy, instead of manipulate my comments to look what they aren't, just don't buy the game. i'm not Capcom, so i can't do anything as much i wanted, talking to me won't solve anything.



JakobG said:

I would buy a remake of Apollo Justice only, that's the only game I didn't play yet.

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