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Zelda Gets a Makeover!

Posted by David Snoddy

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks receives Ninty’s tin treatment

It appears Nintendo have taken a liking to special edition tins; well, in Europe at least. Just after the announcement that New Super Mario Bros. Wii will have a limited edition tin, it's been revealed that Gamestation will stock a special edition of the new Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. The game will come in a tin box containing two models from the game, one of our courageous hero and the other a deadly phantom.

The special edition tin has been confirmed for Europe but not America, but at least it’s nice to see Nintendo showing Europe some favour over our Atlantic brothers. A price tag has yet to appear on the limited edition tin but with the game's launch heading ever closer, Nintendo are sure to reveal all shortly.

Edit - Friday 23rd October

Gamestation have just confirmed that they have met their preorder allocation and no more limited editions will be available. If you didn't get your order in on time, it seems they're all gone, unfortunately.


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Ren said:

sweet, I'm there. Then again we may never see it here in the States anyway.



odd69 said:

I'm sure we will Ren but a year or two later and i wont buy it again just for a case. Equal gamers, just as i stated on the forums.... but anywhoo, i really want the nice case I'm a collector so this would be great.



bboy2970 said:

how about throwing us a bone, Nintendo! America is really being shafted big time lately. I'm surprised we got the Metroid thing!



Rhansley64 said:

Hmmm Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, Pokemon Platinum, Rythem Heaven, The Legendary Starfy, Mario Luigi Bowser's inside Story, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explores of Sky and The Legend Of Zelda Spirit Tracks all these games are the best of DS of 2009 from Nintendo and yet each of them deserve to be DS game of the Year even do Spirit Tracks isn't out yet i can tell it will better then phantom hourglass.



taffy said:

I ordered it ages ago cause i'm a sucker for these things. It cost's £39.99 with free uk P&P but cause I live in Malta I had to pay an additional £2.95 for that.



Raylax said:

It's 8:30pm and a launch price hasn't yet been set. Still, good enough reason for me to march down to Gamestation, bang on the door until someone opens up, and demand a preorder.




Link said:

Heh Heh, I may just have to join you on that venture Raylax.



AVahne said:

ARGH! Nintendo of America has barely given us anything great lately, except for Metroid Prime Trilogy. they wouldn't allow some games to come to us and now they won't make for other games for us?



Zenman said:

that looks soo cool!
...sadly, i am an american
...hopefully they deside to release it in the states (and so increase their revenue)



Flandy said:

NOA never gets anything!
come on we still havent even get super smash bros!



Yosher said:

This is the sort of thing Nintendo really has to do more of. Many other great games have had great collector's editions and stuff already but Nintendo rarely does that.. so I hope they'll keep up this trend!



taffy said:

quick update guys, the item is no longer on gamestations website after the maintenance but my pre-order is still active, i've emailed them to provide me with an update of what's going on



nintendomasterr said:

I am a big zelda fan but I wasnt at all impressed by phantom hourglass and it seems as if spirit tracks is following in its footsteps. I really hate the fact that you can only use the stylus and I really hate toon link.
If you want to play a good handheld zelda game buy a gameboy one instead.....



Mainstreamguy said:

please stop this stupid talk
we here in europe got metroid prime trilogy in some stupid cardboard case; not in a metal case like you americans
only because you got some games later you shouldn't make wrong accusations
we at Europe still get most games 2 weeks - 1 year later than the other regions and sometimes never



Crunc said:

I liked Phantom Hourglass quite a bit and am really looking forward to Spirit Tracks, but the pack-in's in this special edition are a disappointment since I already have those two figures along with a bunch of others, all purchased from (not available any more) about a year ago. Hopefully any special edition coming to the US has something different in it. Of course if you don't already have those figures, then they are nice.



Link said:

Seriously, you lads and lasses from America should not feel left out! America 9 times out of 10 gets games and consoles before Europe. Remind yourselves of the release dates for this game: America - 7th of December, Europe - 11th of December; furthermore, if you really wanted it, you could import it.



Grim_Heaper94 said:

I was hoping for a Zelda DSi (like the Phantom Hourglass Lite),but this is cool too(if it ever comes to the USA.)



taffy said:

If you looked at me earlier post (8) there's your answer BUT I wouldn't bother trying to order this now, I just got an answer back from the gamestation website saying that they've met their pre-order allocation so it is not available anymore, good thing I got the order in in time

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