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You Won't Pull Any Wii-lies on This Bike!

Posted by David Snoddy

Wiis newest accessory is sure to get your blood pumping.

We all know that exercise bikes are boring; furthermore, they demand an inordinate amount of energy, which ultimately gets you nowhere. As such, it is far better to jump on a real bike, as not only does it move you from A to B it can also be enjoyed with a friend or two.

So when Big Ben Interactive announced the upcoming Cyberbike for Wii, our first reaction was... who would buy such a thing? Well firstly, if you are shy about exercise but miss the great outdoors this is the perfect bike for you - the Cyberbike comes with Cycling Sports, a game that offers eighteen circuits over land, sea (in a submarine) and air (in a plane). Moreover, not only do you get to enjoy the scenery but you also get to do your bit for the environment – well, the virtual environment at least. As according to the gamers at Kotaku:

“You save the planet, cleaning up pollution, by flying your bike over things.”

However, screen shots of the game do not look promising, and are a poor replacement from the tranquil scenes you could discover in the ‘real’ world. Furthermore, this latest peripheral is rather large; coincidently enough, just like a real exercise bike.

Still, the Cyberbike is apparently compatible with Mario Kart. We are yet to see how this will work but all is sure to be revealed with its launch in January next year, which is perfect timing to burn off all those Christmas calories!


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y2josh said:

Seems more exercisey than Wii Fit, but I've never played Wii Fit. I've been thinking of getting an exercise bike. I'll probably just get a regular one/real bike instead though. It'd be an instabuy if the woman came with the product though



FATEM said:

And the award for most ironicly useless periphiral goes too...The Wii Excercise Bike which is the same size as a real excercise bike!



Varoennauraa said:

As someone, somewhere wished, a Road Rash-esque bike game(and I have been hoping for a snow board game of a similar kind for balance board), with Wiimotes acting as baseball bats and chains, would make me exercise like mad.



Varoennauraa said:

Oh and I would buy it instantenously...with money, if the game could control the hill, and such programs of the bike according to game conditions(like contrary wind and downhill etc...).



Token_Girl said:


Road Rash bike game? Count me in! If it had resistance settings, I would get such a work out with that. Talk about making exercise fun (whacks cop with stolen chain).



JimLad said:

I had that idea! Road Rash Wii would be awesome.
In fact anything that crosses this bike with violence would be awesome. BMX jousting, sure it would be bargin bin bound, but who wouldn't want to try it?



Victoria said:

I always wondered why no one came up with the idea before. I think it would be good for gyms where they already have exercise bikes, but I wouldn't want one in my living room taking up so much space. Those bikes always end up in bedrooms acting as a clothes rack.



aphexbr said:

Could be good. Not everyone lives in a place where they can use an actual bike easily (ever tried biking through, for example, the centre of London? Most of us prefer to live, thanks), and home equipment removes the risk of difficult weather or time constraints that stop people using the gym.

This is better than a standard exercise bike (more to do), and the fact it's a controller rather than tied to one game is a great bonus. It all depends on how well it works with other games and the price, but it's promising. If it's crappy and costs $300+, it'll fail, but otherwise it would work.



Exercise while playing Mario Kart?

I want one (seriously)!!!!



The_Fox said:

I'm all for getting fatties more exercise, but I doubt this will take off.



Raylax said:

Oh, wow. This looks hilariously poor. At first I thought it was designed so that the cycling in Wii Sports Resort actually made sense controller-wise (as Yahtzee put it, it's great for anyone who has absolutely no idea how a bike works), but it doesn't look like the controllers go in the pedals.

“You save the planet ... by flying your bike over things.”
I love gaming logic.



aaronsullivan said:

What an odd response here? I guess everyone is fit on here... and there is no winter around you. That's possible I guess.

Personally, I need the exercise and don't have time for both exercise and gaming. If someone could do this right (and this looks only halfway there) I'd love to give it a try.



StarDust4Ever said:

I ride my bike everywhere I go. It is great fun and great exercise. The fun of riding it would just be killed by sitting in place. No sense of momentum, or adventure. Plus, if it's anything compared to what most exercise bikes cost, this accessory is bound to be ludicrously expensive. Nowhere near as bad as that horse accessory, though...

= FAIL - Go get a real bike.



JayArr said:

oh lord. At least it will look nice next to my Official Nintendo Bouncy Inflateable Horse.



jangonov said:

Dont forget the football!
seriously though, this looks a little pointless. Heck if I wanted to I could hook up a stationary bike in front of my t.v. and then I could play anything I want rather than be limited to the earth?!?!? They did say "the planet" but not which planet. Who knows? Maybe it'll be set on Mars



Millie said:

lol this is actually pretty cool. but it looks a little pointless to buy. but it might be an interesting experience

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