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Want More C.O.P.? Preorder at GameStop!

Posted by James Newton

US retailer offering bonus levels to new Recruits

Ubisoft's forthcoming adventure C.O.P. The Recruit is already getting some people all hot under the collar - yes, it's an open world game on DS! - but some of you may need a little prod in the direction of which retailer to grab the game from. Well, here comes GameStop to save you the brain-ache with the announcement it's offering exclusive in-game missions to anyone who preorders and buys the title from one of their stores.

Understandably very little is known about the nature of the exclusive missions, but we do know the content comes in the form of an in-game code you'll enter to access the extra content. Of course, if that's the case you could always wait until someone posts the code on the 'net, but that would be depriving GameStop of your precious preorders, and you wouldn't want to do that.

C.O.P. The Recruit is scheduled for release in North America on Tuesday, November 3rd, so that leaves plenty of time to brush up on the game using our handy First Impressions article.


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Objection said:

Preorder bonuses are great, but I prefer material ones, like tshirts (looking at RE:DC) or other goodies.



brandonbwii said:

None of it matters. People don't pre-order 3rd party Nintendo games. Ubisoft should just stick to their petz series as this will only sell about 10 copies.



SwerdMurd said:

how about I instead don't buy the game until it gets cheap? If this were offered through Amazon I'd be all over it....Gamestop = not targetted at me.



WolfRamHeart said:

This game actually looks really interesting. I may consider pre-ordering this. Thanks for the news Prosody.



jkgatling said:

honestly whats so bad about gamestop?... sure I livew in sweden but honestly... it got the best prices and biggest sortiment BY FAR here in sweden... dont know how it isin USA but... I wont preorder this cause i got a flashcart but I wonder whats so bad about gamestop??



Chony_Lee said:

I'm actually pretty excited about this game. I don't know if I'll preorder it, though, I'll probably just wait for the code to hit the net (probably that morning). If this game is 1/2 as good as Chinatown Wars I'll be satisfied.



Ashen_Iris said:

Preorder bonuses should be things such as shirts and hat...not in game stuff. Either way, I'm looking forward to this game



Digiki said:

i dont like in game exclusives for preorders :/

That, except with proper grammar and such. It looks pretty good though, I may look into it if it ends up being pretty good.



HipsterDashie said:

Aparently, there are 6 GameStop shops in the UK, but there whereabouts is a mystery to me. GAME and GameStation ftw.

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