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Wanna Play? Ubisoft show more of Red Steel 2

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Ubisoft release another video from the upcoming Red Steel 2 game demonstrating its "accurate" on-screen controls.

Ever since we played the original Red Steel we became overwhelmed with disappointment in the control section, we hoped for "real" one-to-one mapping of our Wiimotes to our swords, alas it wasn't meant to be... That's because they saved that little nugget for Red Steel 2.

Watching the latest video Ubisoft have clearly put in a lot of effort into making this so, it sure looks like they've achieved this in the new title. There is however a clear delay between Wiimote-action and in-game action, this we suspect is a limitation of the Wii/Wiimote communication but we'll have to wait for the final version to draw conclusions.

Enough jibber-jabber, show me the vidz:


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Reala said:

That's exactly the kind of game wmp was meant for, first person sword fighters.



postmanX3 said:

Looks like a Wii GOTY candidate.

And the graphics look great! The art style fits the game very well, it would seem.



Odnetnin said:

@postmanX3 Had it come out in 2009, most definitely. I wonder how it'll stand up against Galaxy 2, Other M, and Zelda Wii 2 next year.



Ren said:

Looks really fun,
I still need to get WMP. I get the feeling those people that are getting all worked up are still going to find reasons to whine about it, and if it's great at least whine that it's too short. That seems to be the trend on game sites. Looks like some quick slashing fun, though.



JayArr said:


Now that's how I invisioned motion control would work when I first heard about the Wii.

Now to go on my parry technique.....



Dark_Zelda said:

from my perspective this is what nintendo wanted the wii to achieve sadly so far there's only one game (this one) that looks like its taking advantages over the wii in every aspect it can



WaLuigi1982 said:

I got to say at first I was not interested. But I will give it this it does look like its going to be be ten times better than the first one. At this point I am very interested in this game. The graphic style is pretty cool. Looks like they were given a lot more time to make this one which is good because I hate rushed projects. I guess we will have to wait and see for the final word.



postmanX3 said:


Well, Galaxy 2 (and Other M, to a lesser extent), I admit, will be tough competition. However, knowing Nintendo, I highly doubt Zelda Wii will make it out in 2010. :v



WolfRamHeart said:

I definitely want to play this! That was such an awesome video! It looks like Motion Plus is really going to benefit this game. It is good to see that Ubisoft is taking their time with this game to get it everything right. This video really makes me wish that I could have this game now but I'm sure it will be worth the wait.



WaveBoy said:

The very beginning is very impressive with how the guy his slighty moving the characters arms and rist 1:1...after that, the sword play itself doesn't actually quite look 1:1. It looks like Swipes in different directions, yet still impressive. But at times it didn't look like it went the right way when the guy himself swung the Wii Remote.

That aside I love how you can smash your enemies in the air and then shoot them as they slowly fall to the ground. The Graphics look very very nice, again especially at the begining when with 1:1 Wrist and arm movements...And the combat looks very tight, skill based a just flat out awesome.

Yet i'm worried there wont be alot of variety in level design.



Objection said:

Every time we get an update on this game, the controls seem to have gone through another level of refinement. To answer's the trailer's teasing question: yes, hell yes I do.



jbrodack said:

the motion control looks as accurate as it should be. Attacks aren't 1:1 accurate but that seems to be cause of slash attacks and special moves which wouldn't be enhanced with 1:1 and make things harder for the dev team. however, it seems that things like parrying are 1:1 which is enhanced by (roughly) 1:1 movement. As far as I'm concerned they seem to be going about the motion controls in an intelligent way. Too bad this doesn't have online though.



WaveBoy said:

Tony, be glad they're pushing it back because they want to spend more time on it to make at is great as it can be, and it's definitly showing in the new video. Again, i'm just a teeny bit worried about Variety in level design...



shake_zula said:

i think there's always been that small amount of lag with anything using the wiimote, just moving the cursor around the console menu it's clearly not as quick as using a mouse.

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