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Vintage NES Game Up To $8.5K On eBay

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991 cart proves yet again that collectors have oodles of money

As a retro game fan, if I had a ton of money to blow I'd probably point my browser over to this eBay auction for a Nintendo Campus Challenge cart and lay down the law. $8,500 of your American currency? Pfft, tis child's play.

Forged by Nintendo's blacksmiths back in 1991, the carts were to be used in 58 tournaments across the US and then destroyed so as not to let its secrets into the wild, lest they fall into the wrong hands. Alas, one sneaky employee tasked with destroying their copy disobeyed and clung to what has now become the only known surviving copy. Then they sold it at a garage sale in 2006 after leaving the company and are probably eating their very own hands as they see how high the so-far 38 bidders are going.

On the cart are special versions of Super Mario Bros. 3, Pin-Bot and Dr. Mario. Contestants have 6 minutes and 21 seconds to play through the challenges and snag as many points as possible by first collecting 50 coins in SMB3, then 100,000 points in Pin-Bot and finishing off with Dr. Mario until the timer dings.

Not counting the initial garage sale, the cart has been sold once before — for $17,500. We'll see in two days whether the seller breaks even.


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JamieO said:

Aha, even at $17,500... Bargain! How many are available? I'll take two.



Reala said:

Seems totally crazy to me, when you think of what you could buy instead.



bro2dragons said:

you know... for that amount of money, you could probably pay nintendo to make you another one... and then it would half the price of the other guy's... just for spite.



jhuhn said:

and we Canadians would have to report income when selling a product on eBay, or any online web site....glad I get referrals at Amazon.



TKOWL said:

wow. the only one left in existance. I expected a higher price, though



KingMike said:

I thought the 17.5K figure was for the gold 1990 cart (26 copies in existence), not this 1991 cart.
I think somebody was selling bootlegs of the '91 cart awhile ago.



Zweck36 said:

Is this the cart that was used in the movie the wizard, during the SMB3 competition?



WaveGhoul said:

What a waste of cash....If you're loaded than why not, but if you're making mediocre to decent cash and you're a hardcore retro fanatatic and would actuall spend that much to get it, then you're crazy...Imagin what you could buy instead with that amount of cash...

Personally i would never spend over $100 for a game retro game...And isn't 'SNOW BROS' one of thee' most expensive games on the nes?



i8cookie said:

Whats stopping someone making a copy of this cartridge? putting it on a blank nes cartridge, scuffing it up so it looks like the old one and selling it a 'one of a kind' on ebay for $8000+?



colmtheperson said:

I wonder is it region locked? We europeans could spend 8.5K on a game and not be able to play it. How cruel would that be?



SwerdMurd said:

lol tbh someone could probably just reprogram this exact challenge in no time. Rom-hacking could probably do it quickly.



OldBoy said:

Yay.I won it!! And only $20,000 what a bargain, can't wait to play it Anyone wanna borrow it once I'm done?



StarDust4Ever said:

@luigi78: BS!

Seriously, though 20,100 dollars - a new world record for an NES cart. I do kinda feel sorry for the poor chap, though - I mean, what can you really do with a 20K game cartridge? Bragging rights

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