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The Stars Catalogue Gets More New Things

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

More stuff to cash in your stars for

Nintendo of Europe updates their Stars Catalogue on a relatively frequent basis - today is yet another one of those days, because they've added seven new items to exchange your stars for.

If you've been paying attention to the last few updates, you should know that there are already yellow and blue Pikmin plushies available, so it comes as no surprise that one of today's new items is a red Pikmin plush to complete the set.

Other items include two sets of foam wall decorations, and more Super Smash Bros. Brawl objects. The full list of new things is below, along with the prices:

  • Pokémon Postcard - 100 stars
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl Sticker Sheet - 250 stars
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl Notepad - 3000 stars
  • Nintendo CD Case - 2000 stars
  • Mario, Luigi and Bowser Foam Walls - 4500 stars
  • Nintendo Favourites Foam Walls - 4500 stars
  • Pikmin Figures (Red) - 2000 stars

All of these are available in all European countries supported by Club Nintendo except Portugal (which is missing a few), so see if there's anything you want!


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Gigantorama said:

That's actually pretty sweet. Believe it or not, a Mario, Luigi and Bowser Foam Wall sounds all kinds of sweet. I wish this was available in the States I'd be all over this. Am I the only one?



Gavin_Rozee said:

I asked because back in the GC days, I bought an iron on t-shirt transfer thing from Club Nintendo, and you had to print it onto a special material.



Drake said:

I bought a Mario Party 8 sticker sheet about a year ago, and that was sent to me, so I think this should be exactly the same.



Odnetnin said:

Eh, I'm glad for you Europeans, at any rate. I do in fact understand why NoE is able to provide more and better rewards.



Machu said:

Ah sweet! I want the Mario, Luigi and Bowser foam walls big time!! Lotsa stars tho'.

@Marcel: It says they are 4500 not 3000, on teh site, just so you know.



Drake said:

@Machu: Weird, I could swear they were 3000 just a while ago. Don't think those are worth it now!



Machu said:

@Marcel: Agreed. 4500 is a bit too much for a bit of foam. But they are soo coool.

I might just get the CD case, got one already for Wii games, but need another one cos it's full.



Betagam7 said:

haha, Gavin, I feel your pain, some of the old Nintendo Club shop stuff was really a rip-off. I believe you did have to print out the stickers yourself too back then!
Only thing I've ever got from them was the Melodies of Time CD. Thankfully at least these days Wii points are in ready supply and you can do something useful with your stars.



bboy2970 said:

Can someone tell NOA that we in America enjoy having Nintendo themed goodies too!



odd69 said:

You guy's remember how i stated that NOA sucks and we get the ass end treatment, well this is the proof. I haven't got anything from Club Nintendo because most of it sucks. I think we get the stuff that's discarded from Nintendo. But wow plush, toys foam walls. Yea we get a link poster,wow .I guess i need cheese with my wine,but Europe's and Japan's Club Nintendo rocks , and Usa's is lacking way too much.Why does Nintendo treat everyone different, i don't understand it.I can't help but to notice stuff like that. But what does it matter Nintendo prints money, i doubt they even care.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Odnetnin: You say you understand why NoE gives better rewards than NoA? Mind explaining it to the rest of us Americans who are tired of getting the shaft? ME WANT PIKMIN PLUSHEES!



V8_Ninja said:

Why do Europeans always seem to get the small things that make their country awesome?



Objection said:

I'm with Stuffgamer1, I REALLY want to see those Pikmin plushies become available over here. (Although then I'd have to decide what color to get, hmm.)



LztheQuack said:

By the way, Nintendo Week said they were "looking at the latest Club Nintendo prizes" in their next episode



Croz said:

I ordered some Super Mario World magnets once, they are awesome and are still on fridge.



Starwolf_UK said:

More notepads...I've not even started with my Mario and Zelda ones yet (and probably never will).

I find the foam things weird. Who selected the artwork? Yeah let's use Mario, Luigi and Bowser from Paper Mario on the N64...forget Bowser's Insider Story which only came out a week ago...

I'm still yerning for a few of the items America has. I'll keep my stars for another day (if they start to expire I might get one of the Pikmin)...including the (last I counted) 4000 in my unregistered pile.

@bboy2970. I used to use the conversion rate of 5 stars=1 coin based on the fact a Wii game costs €50 and gets 250 stars while a DS game costs €40 and gets 200 (they use a sliding scale of cost so cheaper games like Brain Training only net you 100 stars). It should be noted post play surveys are a lot rarer on the European service (you'll only get them if you register within the first week, while the American service is a lot more should be noted Wii Shop games are an exception*)
*-You'll always get a survey worth 50 stars for these; which in a way can make it the cheapest way to gain stars.



odd69 said:

@Starwolf I'd gladly trade you all the crappy stuff In our store for just one actual good thing from the u.k. store =P



blank_user_1 said:

Huh, I tried to login to my USA Club Nintendo and it stalled, so I refreshed after a while and it gave me a "Under maintenance" screen with a smug mario picture. I wonder if something good is coming to the states, too.



Stuffgamer1 said:

lz2009 is right, Nintendo Week DID say next week's episode will including the latest Club Nintendo prizes. I hope that means we're finally going to get something awesome for a change...



Egg_miester said:

i am just to jealous right now a year gows by and all we get are lame posters and you ares along with noj get all the good things i just want to cry



AVahne said:

...HOW COME THE U.S. BARELY GETS ANYTHING?! sure that Zelda poster set is nice, and i want it but theres barely anything else to get



ueI said:

Why are some things missing from Portugal? There are gamers in Portugal too! (I think)



HipsterDashie said:

Cool, I already have the yellow and blue Pikmin, so I will be picking the red one up shortly. I have a few unused DS star vouchers sitting around, so hopefully with the 500 or so stars I already have, I'll be able to afford it.



Gavin_Rozee said:

For curious Americans;

DS/Wii games which retail for £19.99 or under = 150 Stars.

£29.99 or under = 200 Stars.

£34.99 or under(The average cost of a Wii game) = 250 Stars.

Hardware = Usually 500 Stars.

Think my GC came with 1000 though.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Oh, I forgot to add that occasionally you can do a little survey on Nintendo's site to claim 50 stars for certain VC/WiiWare/DSiWare games too.



Golgo said:

what is a 'foam wall' exactly? is that something lunatics get their cells padded with?



astarisborn94 said:

I really hate Club Nintendo in North America. It's a miserable joke with nothing good in it. I wish I've gotten the Game & Watch Collection, but I didn't. Now their is nothing worth getting in North America.



Homer_Simpson said:

The Australian club Nintendo hasn't had one update since the site went live over half a year ago...I'm jealous.



Odnetnin said:

@Stuffy Frankly, Nintendo isn't as big in Europe as it is in America. There is so much demand in the U.S. that Nintendo can't give out points cards, for example, because they'd be out of stock in hours.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Odnetnin: You're saying we can't get good stuff because there's too many of us? Man, that's BULL! If that was true, wouldn't the Australian Club Nintendo have the best stuff ever?

Anyway, I'd kind of rather we were always out of stock on everything awesome than have tons of crap nobody wants. Wouldn't you agree?



LztheQuack said:

@stuff: Not really. I'm already waiting on the zelda posters because they had to be backordered, and there's no word on my Mario hat yet



RyuZebian said:

Naw... We still lack Club Nintendo in all Scandinavian countries... I would easily be a platinum member, or whatever it's called... I don't even know what it's called, because we've never had it! I asked the Swedish HQ and they old me that they "unfortunately could not participate in the program. " Bah, humbug!



Stuffgamer1 said:

@lz2009: My posters are backordered, too. Idiots probably didn't expect the high demand, never mind it's easily (IMO) the coolest thing on Club Nintendo to date (that you could spend coins on), and it's cheap enough that pretty much EVERYBODY has enough coins to get it. Nintendo's really bad at foresight lately.

As for your hat, you should've at least gotten an e-mail about it by now. I got one about my Punch-Out!! download. Remember that they only promised to fill those orders by Nov. 1. You got a couple more weeks before you should be concerned.



odd69 said:

See us americans whine about our Club Nintendo while our friend RyuZebian can't even get anything. Kinda makes you feel lucky in a way.I'm much more interested in plush and action figures though. Why isn't a Mario plush available in every Club? That should be the first thing we are offerd



Stuffgamer1 said:

I don't like waiting either, but I find it MUCH more tolerable when the deadline has not yet been passed.



Kelvin said:

I think the European loyalty programme is NoE's way of saying sorry for screwing us over on all the games.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Kelvin: WTF you talking about? Europe's getting everything lately! America STILL lacks NPC Pikmin 2, SSB64, Pilotwings (for those who care, which is not I), Disaster: Day of Crisis (which I don't actually know much about, but...), Trace Memory 2 (or whatever it's called over there), Super Mario's Picross, and Devil World! Probably more, but that's all I could think of off the top of my head. I'd say that's MORE than enough to cement Europe's place as "getting treated better by Nintendo than America."

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