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Spread the Handheld Joy With a "Discover DS" Party!

Posted by James Newton

Rope in nine mates and host a party with Nintendo!

It may seem odd, but it's a fact of life that there are people out there with no clue of what a Nintendo DS is. Well, Nintendo has come up with a clever idea to tempt such people out from underneath their rocks, with their "Discover DS" parties.

Yes, the Big N are offering party games and costumes (yes, really) to UK residents over the age of 18 who can convince at least nine of their friends to come around and try out the DS console. If you can supply the partygoers, Nintendo can supply you with a staff member to demonstrate the machine, hand out some games and even perhaps some other goodies too.

A lot of the DS and Wii's success can be traced back to user advocacy, so these official parties should help the console reach even greater heights. If you live in the UK and want to help your friends better understand the wonderful world of touch screen gaming, head on over to the Discover DS Party website and, with a bit of luck, you too could receive some Nintendo-based backing. Be sure to read the small print, though: Nintendo will not provide booze.


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Reala said:

I really can't stand these kinds of promtions, marketing taken to extremes, maybe I'm just cynical.



ueI said:

I think it's a good idea. Now I can finally learn what a DS is.



James said:

@Chibi Link - Ms Kidman was used in the DS adverts over here a year or so ago, I'm not sure if that was worldwide or not but it certainly had an impact here.



XD375 said:

"I think it's a good idea. Now I can finally learn what a DS is."

^This. If I lived in the UK I could have merely invited a bunch of friends over who claimed to not have played a DS.



invmat said:

@ SanderEvers : Famous Dutch people??? (I don't want to know which people...)



SanderEvers said:

Jan Smit, Frans Bauer, Gordon, Ali B.. They will be really happy to do this

(They really SHOULD ask Ilse Delange or Anouk for it)



Aviator said:

Good on ya Kidman. She's one of the last decent Australian actors, and she helps with her powers of recruitment to bring in the hordes of non DS'ers.



Token_Girl said:

Girl gaming revolution=tupperware parties for the DS? Crazy. I would have done this though in the states. Would have been an excuse to have a party, which we can't argue with. Though, a little bit of investment in booze on their end, would probably be the most effective way to sell at these parties. Drunk people forget how money works sometimes and will buy anything.



Machu said:

This is actually semi-tempting, and it could make up for all the Ann Summers parties that lady-friends won't let me go to.



Knux said:

This better not come to the USA, unless Nicole Kidman is promoting it.

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