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Solitary Castlevania Rebirth Screenshot Rises From Its Grave

Posted by Damien McFerran

But it's a lovely screenshot nonetheless

Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth comes out in Japan on the 27th of this month, but aside from a few images in Famitsu, we've seen precious little of the game thus far.

That's changed somewhat, but not by much. A single screen from the game has been released onto the net, and while we'd rather have a few images to gaze longingly at, it's nice enough.

The game's visual style obviously owes a huge debt to the likes of Symphony of the Night and the recent GBA/DS titles.

Should any more screens emerge from their eternal slumber and stumble into the sunlight, then you'll be the first to know about it.

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SwerdMurd said:

I saw this in the forum yesterday. As I said there, the main character design (____ Belmont) looks fantastic! The whip seems a bit weird but again, not seeing it in so excited! Day one.



Phalyn said:

Cannot wait. Been playing all the old Castlevania games for Halloween.



Sabrewing said:

#1: His name is Christopher Belmont, since this is a remake of Castlevania: The Adventure. And just for trivia purposes, his son's name is Soleiyu (a corruption on the French word "soliel", meaning "sun". Yay, puns).



Bass_X0 said:

Oh I am sure it will. It would be difficult for Konami to get a Castlevania game completely wrong after all the hits they've made with their 2D Castlevania games. They know what makes for a good 2D Castlevania game and I am confident that this will be as good as any of the recent DS games. Just smaller. Please come out today, Castlevania! Although next week is more likely.



Philip_J_Reed said:

This does look wonderful. I'm definitely digging the deliberate SNES style...I was going to hold off on downloading until I saw some reviews, but seeing this, I've got the feeling it's well worth the gamble.



Kirk said:

Oh I really hope this is good because I like the look of that screen...



motang said:

Waiting for this one. So why is Konami being so secretive about this game?



Jockolantern said:

Looking sexier all the time. Very much looking forward to playing this when it's released; hopefully that's by the end of the month. I can dream, at least. ^_~



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Gaah! This looks a lot better than the original "Stage 2"! I wonder if it will be only 4 stages like the GB game. Since this looks nothing like GB stage 2 and features the boss from stage 1, it should be pretty safe to say they´ve changed things around a lot. That´s good news.



Objection said:

I do feel the need for a Catlevania fix. Whether its this title or going and getting one of the GBA or DS games I don't have depends on this one's release.



Roebuck said:

If it's coming out in Japan on the 27th does that mean US and EU wont see 'til much later?



Ren said:

looks really nice, I could use a bit of real 2d castlevania. So glad theres so much retro goodness coming back. It's nice to fit the video game target audience so snugly these days (nostalgic 30 something guy).



EdEN said:

@ Ren @Roebuck: count me in as well. Just turned 30 on tuesday... still don't feel any changes, but I figured a fix of Contra Rebirth followed by a little Castlevania Rebirth should keep things in order. I DID have a hard time getting out of bed, but that can be totally not age related...



Porky said:

I doubt the west will get this before halloween and japan (26th is monday) Maybe in the next 2 months or early 2010 like contra rebirth toke along time to go worldwide.



Gigantorama said:

I only heard about this game yesterday, it sounds AWESOME. It's been a long time since I played Castlevania The Adventure, so updating the graphics a bit is like a dream come true. When is it out in the west?

Just say no to spam.



Brionkendo said:

why cant they come out with VC games on DSIWARE!?!?!??!? I would first crap myself and then spend all of my money.



WaveBoy said:

Well Konami did a solid job on 'Contra ReBirth' EXCEPT that they ruined the experience because of the Unlimited Continues, which made the game shorter....I beat the game in less than an Hour. If you had limmited continues It would of tooken ALOT longer, and there would of been alot more trial and error.

Those Camel Robots did kick though ;p



cheetahman91 said:

I highly doubt this game is coming next week.
By the way, that screenshot looks a trillion times better than what it looked like on the Game Boy.



Roebuck said:

@ Rhansley64: I hope you're right. I have 1000 wii points burning a hole in my wii. If this game doesn't come out in US on the 26th I'm going to have to post a forum asking everyone how to spend it.



WaveBoy said:

It better be Longer than what we got with Contra ReBirth...Then again, part of the reason why it felt so damn short was because of the unlimited continues. because of that you could restart at the same level at whatever check point you made it to once you lost all of your lives...It's a good game and everything...but eh. Unlimited continues argh!

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