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Reggie Trash-Talks the PSPgo

Posted by Damien McFerran

NoA chief doesn't know who the machine is aimed at

You might have noticed that the PSPgo - Sony's attempt to plant its flag in the soil of digital distribution before anyone else - has recently launched.

It's hardly been the most positive hardware release of all time, with reports that stores are refusing to stock it and industry experts writing it off as an expensive and ultimately pointless update.

To add insult to injury, many UK stores have started to discount the machine already.

Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime has been rather more diplomatic with this verdict, but it's still not great news for Sony. "I have the utmost respect for all our competitors," he said to the chaps at the Washington Post, "but it's interesting to try and answer the consumer question of 'What's in it for me?' in that product."

I'll tell you what's in it for you, Reggie - increased cost and the prospect of having a huge pile of PSP UMD discs that you can no longer play.


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Corbs said:

Alright, thems fightin' words. And Damo, I'm crossing you off my Christmas card list right now.



Caliko said:

I think Nintendo needed Reggie. I mean with all the trash and propaganda Sony has thrown at Nintendo since the launch of the PS1 it's about time they've fired back.



Dazza said:

I like the tech, but it's so expensive it's hard to justify. Also it's crap that you cannot trade in your UMDs for the digital download version. As if I would buy all those games again!

The funniest thing is that stores refuse to stock it because there's nothing much it in for them. Sony really didn't think this one through did they? lol

This article sums it up nicely:



Rensch said:

PSP Go is definitely one of the worst desicions in gaming history. The idea of having only digital distribution is cool and will eventually be the only thing we will see in the future. The problem however, is tjhat the earlier versions already exist with UMD games.

If it was an actual successor to the PSP, instead of a revamped one, ir might have been a success. It's also still too early to have consumer support for a download-only system. sony should have waited with this a few years.



Damo said:

@Corbie - Haha! As I was typing this story up I was thinking "Corbie isn't going to like this"



Corbs said:

I think the PSPgo is a good experiment, but I'm just not sure if consumers are ready for an all-digital game system, especially when a cheaper and UMD-equipped alternative is still readily available. We'll see how it goes. I like it for the increased portability and lack of carrying around the UMD discs.



MrPinguy said:

With all my respect for Sony (and Corbie).
I think this console is an insult for any VG consumer.
Overpriced, it's too much small ala Game Boy Micro, L and R are horrible for my hands and i would have to buy all my games again.
I will keep my good oldie PSP 1000



Chunky_Droid said:

In all seriousness, my wife was asking me about the PSPGo the other day, and I initially liked the idea.... until I saw the price.

Corbie, what's in it that would make me get this over the PSP-3000 model?



Corbs said:

The main improvements that make it worth it to me are the much smaller size, it's more comfortable to hold, the build-in 16GB of storage so I can load a bunch of games on it and not carry around the UMD discs, the lack of UMD loading, the higher-quality screen, and the better feel of the d-pad, analog stick, and buttons. The unit has really impressed me in its design and function.

But it's really something you need to try out before you buy. If you know someone that owns one or your local retailer has a demo unit, try it out. Because the $250 price tag is steep and if you're going to be just as happy with the regular PSP system, there's no reason to spend the extra money. And it's also worth noting that many of the previous UMD releases, like FF Dissidia, are still not available for download at this time. That's another thing to consider.



Chunky_Droid said:

Thanks for that Corb, I heard the screen is smaller too, but from what you've said that doesn't sound like a problem.

I'll give it a go first, and probably import, they're $440 dollars AUD which is a complete rip-off



Token_Girl said:

At least Regie gives his criticisms more diplomatically than Sony does. Way to fire back gracefully. (Of course, it's easier to be graceful winner than loser).

I also can't really understand what market it's targeting outside the super fanboys and people who like to always have the newest thing.

Big PSP fans probably already have a model and a bunch of UMDs already, so they won't want to give up UMD compatibility when they can download games onto their 2000 or 3000. The price is a turn off for those who are thinking of getting into PSP for the first time. Maybe once it's discounted enough they can get new people into it?

Of course, stores probably won't be pushing it much, so without a pretty intense TV /general media campaign, more casual gamers won't know so much about it. One's who might have been on the fence are probably also turned off by the bad press.

I'm not really sure who their target market with this is either. I feel like there's probably a relatively small group of people who were sort of on the fence about PSP and would be excited about DL only for the convenience. I think they would have to really offer something with their download - only games that would make it stand out amongst their competitors.



Aviator said:

chunky_droid: "I'll give it a go first, and probably import, they're $440 dollars AUD which is a complete rip-off"

To anyone who isn't in Australia, you could buy a Wii, a 360 a DSi or be about 60 bucks off a PS3 with $440



Ragnor said:

Sony barely even cares about Australia and New Zealand, so the PSN Store we have for the PSP is tiny with barely any of what the US and UK get, so the PSP Go is going to be the modern day Dreamcast here (Nobody gave a damn about it here, and I only saw one for sale ONCE!, and it wasnt even in a game store!)



JamieO said:

Over the years too many games companies have not followed the basic rules of a handheld system, clearly set out by the Game Boy in 1989.

  • 1. It must fit in your pocket (the Game Boy was chunky, but not Atari Lynx chunky).
  • 2. Cartridges are fast (long load times are detrimental to a portable system, the UMD drive was a massive mistake in the first place).
  • 3. Battery life is more important than graphics!

The iPhone literally sucks for battery life and the PSPgo simply exists to rectify the errors of the original design. It is super sexy, but it does have a smaller screen and "the prospect of having a huge pile of PSP UMD discs that you can no longer play" damages its credibility, by frustrating dedicated PSP fans.



Bass_X0 said:

I enjoyed the PS1, PS2 and the PSP but this generation I want to see Sony humbled...



FATEM said:

Sony criticism-"LOL YOO PuT aNoTHeR ScrEN oN!1!"
Nintendo criticism-"I'm terribly sorry but I can't see the improvement in your device.Can you please point it out for me?"
NB:This is a dramatisation. Not an actual quote.



JamieO said:

@Tony You could always consider an iPod touch. You would save money on all of the bargain 59p (99c) downloadable games.



odd69 said:

Sony isn't getting my 250$ bucks. I'm a PS supporter all the way,but alas i cannot justify having 2 psp's. I don't hardly play the one i got.But the same goes for my DS.I've lost all interest in handhelds. But seriously i am going to buy the Xbox 360 @ 129$ before I'll buy the psp go.



taffy said:

does anyone know if you can plug the pspgo into your tv like the 2000-3000's?



ReZon said:

I laughed at the picture caption. Although I think the Go is pretty worthless, I don't see this as trash talk necessarily. It's a valid question, and one that I hope all consumers really thought/think hard about if they considered the Go.



JamieO said:

@taffy Yes you can connect to a TV with Sony's 'PSPgo Component A/V Cable'. I must admit that playing PSP games on the big screen is a really great addition to the newer PSP hardware. Fair play to Sony for that option.



Gavin_Rozee said:

My PSP 3000 and 16GB Memory Stick cost less, looks better and plays a far larger variety of games and movies



SanderEvers said:

@Jamie0 That also works with the PSP 2000 and PSP 3000 so it's not new at all.

I got a PSP 3000 and see really no reason to get the pspGo. You can also use the PlayStation store on the older models, plus you can play UMD games/videos/etc.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Well, all I have are 2 games that would might as well be on VC anyways, so I do not really have anything to lose with this.



castlehominid99 said:

The Psp go is my favortie system ever made besides maybe the SNES. Corbie also forgot to mention that there is a pause option so you can play a different game while another game is at the same screen that you paused at there are also some cheaper games on psn like prinny for 10 dollars Priny used is normally around 25 dollars so the psp go is a great buy and if you think about it It is 250- 40dollars for rockband- 80 dollars for 16gb built in memory plus you can add even 16 gb more memory so it is only like 130-140 dollars which is cheaper than a 3000



Egg_miester said:

reggie shouldn't saying trash nice or not ge is single handed having nintendos fans lose their faith in nintendo and sony has always over charged for there systems/psp at first its what they do and i never once thought of owning a psp but i do like the go its hard enough worrying about all my ds games so no bulky umbs are good and download games is the future of gaming



Hardy83 said:

The PSP Go blows the DS out of the water in so many ways.
The only thing that Nintendo wins is, obviously the most important, is the games.

PSN Store destroys DSiWare
The PSP looks WAY better
It can view images, audio and video
The internal storage is far superior
and I'm sure the browser is better.

But because the PSP Go's main games lack in comparison to DS retail games, DS wins.
That and the price is a bit high.. If it was 199....



FantasiaWHT said:

My first thought was "Why would retailers stock this?" They make virtually no profit from the system itself, and this system will have quite literally the worst attach rate ever.



WaLuigi1982 said:

I call it the PSPnoGO. I was not interested in the original PSP and still have no desire to play or own a PSP. I am just not into portable gaming.



Mike1 said:

I'm happy with my PSP. This piece of garbage can be shipped directly to the garbage dump.



blank_user_1 said:

Sony should make it at least somewhat backward-compatible, because, really, the original PSP came out 4 years ago! And now the Go forsakes all the games that came out since then as legacy items? They got to have a serial code registry or something that allows download of games consumers already bought. Somebody mentioned the Gameboy Micro, the GBA that forsook GBC games for style in the same way the Go is doing with the PSP, and that comparison is comically on the money. Not the brightest move in Nintendo's or Sony's case.



thewiirocks said:

@roro44 - Considering that the Micro was significantly less expensive than the clamshell Advance, the Micro actually ended up being a commercial success. Here's the key though: Nintendo positioned the Micro as a budget system. The PSPGo is positioned as a generational upgrade.

The latter is a bit of a mistake. If Sony wanted to take away backward compatibility, they should have at least made it clear that this was a brand new platform. Instead, it ends up being the upgrade that nobody wants. (The DSi is a bit guilty of this as well. But at least Nintendo didn't invalidate their massive library of DSi carts! GBA is missed by many, but it's not nearly as bad as getting rid of the bread and butter of a platform.)

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Whatever strengths the Go may have, it is dead on arrival. The market feels that Sony never really met their needs with the PSP. As cool or uncool as the Go may be, they're not very inclined to give Sony another chance. Especially when Sony does something that appears to screw the consumer. (Namely, ditching UMDs in a more expensive device.)



Knux said:

You tell Sony they screw up, Reggie! No FF Dissidia on PSP Go=I'm not buying one right now.



Damo said:

I didn't realise Dissidia wasn't available on the PSPgo yet. Wow, that really is short-sighted on Sony's part - it's like Nintendo releasing a new DS without a cartridge slot and not letting you play the latest DS Mario...



Ren said:

I had never even heard of this till now, I'll admit, but it sounds like a very cool system with a very flawed approach. I guess it'll be the Atari Lynx of this generation.
All digital download games will be great.. in a few years. I think roro44 said how them treating it like it's an upgrade is really dumb. They should have waited longer or altered the actual design/name more to really set it apart as a new system otherwise it would have to be compatible to not piss off it's previous fans. It's really a slap in the face to try to sell it for that much with so many expensive drawbacks for the consumer and no benefit for retailers at all. Destined to fail.
I don't think Reggies remarks are unwarranted either, since it is a pretty confusing way to launch a system.



longtimegamer said:

Maybe sony will backtrack because of this and make some deal for people who already have umd. (Like they supposedly WERE going to/try to do).



Amorous_Badger said:

"I'll tell you what's in it for you, Reggie - increased cost and the prospect of having a huge pile of PSP UMD discs that you can no longer play."

So noting like the DSi with it's lack of GBA cartridge slot and fifty quid price hike on the DS lite then?



bboy2970 said:

@Amorous Badger: Actually not very much like the DSi. The GBA is a 2 generation old handheld. When Nintendo cut it's compatibility with the DSi, It no longer had games coming out for it, it was done with it's lifespan. That would be like yelling at Nintendo for not giving the Wii an N64 cartridge slot. The Go however, cut compatibility with a still very much alive format of game with many releases in it's future. Se how what Sony did is MUCH worse than what Nintendo did? Not to mention the DSi has a significant number of features over the lite to justify it's price hike. The Go actually has LESS than it's predecessor with a giant price hike. So to answer your sarcasm, no, this is nothing like what Nintendo did with DSi.



Hardy83 said:

The go's sales will surge when it drops to 199, but Sony needs to get a lot more games online ASAP.
I'm aware that there are legal issues with relicensing games for another media but get on that quick Sony.



Ren said:

They've done the unthinkable here in terms of spitting on their loyal fans. It's only useful to newcomers, but somehow marketed as an upgrade; it's amazing it got to market without anyone seeing what a problem it would be.
It's like this: imagine if the DSi came out touting "it's the next DS upgrade with a slick new interface, NO cartridge slot or trade in system to use ANY of your old games, but a great new download only system where you can buy any of them for full retail price!"
Thats what consumers are angry about, since it offers nothing for anyone who's already purchased other PSP's; they have to start over and at a higher price, too. Sure it's a great system, but it shouldn't have been done while in the middle of the PSP's lifespan without some backward support of some kind.



Gigantorama said:

I have no idea why the PSPgo wouldn't let you just use the old UMD discs. Personally, I think it's a sleek and attractive little gadget, but if the PSPgo was released FIRST, then this could've really took off. If the PSPgo came out the same time that the DSLite did, I think it would've been a great battle. As it stands, it's just too expensive and impractical to be of any use.

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astarisborn94 said:

Reggie Fils-Aime said the truth. The PSPGo sucks and I will never justify buying the system. It cost way too much now. Save your money and get a Playstation 3, like I'm doing. It's only $299 and it's worth it. In fact, I would rather get the Xbox 360, and I don't want that either.

Could the PSPGo be the end of Sony supporting the gaming market? I sure hope not.



HipsterDashie said:

Not that I have any plans to do so, but if I were to ever get a PSP, I would definetely go for the 3000 instead of the Go.

Infact, when I visited my local GAME shop at the weekend, one of the staff members was out on the shop floor with a Go, marketing it and trying to get people to buy it. I went up to him to see what he had to say, before I said to him "But there's one fatal flaw, isn't there? No UMD drive."

He agreed.



Twilight_Crow said:

Since downloadable games are a lot cheaper in here than retail, I was considering getting the PSPGo as my first PSP, at least when most of the PSP game library were online, and the price dropped a little, but, by what some people are mentioning, I understand you can still DL all its original games to an old PSP model??!! , if that's so I may prefer get a 2000 or 3000 in the future.



AVahne said:

looks nice and all,but whats the point?sure you have digital downloads on PSP now but its so damned expensive, and it doesn't seem like it has anything i want to play. and for the PSP fans,itll seem like they wasted so much money on the UMDs that they cant even play on this thing



thewiirocks said:

@Crow - My understanding is that the PSP and the PSPGo share the same online store. The only difference is that the Go has 16GB of internal Flash memory instead of the UMD drive. The PSP needs Memory Sticks to download games while the Go can be expanded with Memory Sticks. Oh, and the Go costs $50 more than a regular PSP.

You know, when I put it that way, the Go sounds even worse than before. Better to buy a PSP + a memory stick. You'll spend the same amount of money and be able to play far more games.



Kirk said:

To be honest though it's not really aimed at people who already have a PSP is it. So if people who don't already own one were asking 'what could it do for me' then it could probably do quite a lot, assuming they are actually interested in buying a portable console in the first place, and it can do it all with a little bit less hassle (no need to go to the shop) and less physical storage space (size, UMDs).

I mean I don't want one but that doesn't mean it's completely pointless.



thewiirocks said:

Kirk sez... I mean I don't want one but that doesn't mean it's completely pointless.

That's kind of the issue, isn't it? The people who wanted PSPs have no interest in this device. The people who didn't want PSPs have no interest in this device. So who exactly is going to buy it? (Other than Corbie, I mean? )



WolfRamHeart said:

@castlehominid99: Sorry to burst your bubble dood but Prinny was only $9.99 the first week of the PSP Go's release. It has already gone back up to $19.99.

I actually do want a PSP Go but the price of the system is what is putting me off. There is no way that I'm paying $250 for it. When Sony drops the price by $50 then maybe I'll consider it. Right now, I'm content with the new DSi I just bought. I think it's funny how I was debating whether to buy a PSP Go or PSP 3000 but instead I end up getting a DSi instead.



M00se said:

it is pointless. 250? i can get a ps3 for 50 more an xbox 360 or a wii and a game! no UMD means all the people who bought a psp back in the day wont be buying this!



Chunky_Droid said:

Nintendo removed the GBA slot to make the DSi as cheap as possible, that and it's over a generation old now and isn't supported in retail anymore. When the original DS came out, GBA was still supported by developers.

Sony removed a UMD drive, and didn't save any money in the process o_O.

I appreciate Corbie explaining what they've done, but if the 3000 can download UMD games aswell, then it sounds like the more attractive option to be honest.



SwerdMurd said:

tbh I think the public was already dead-set on not liking the PSP Go before they saw it. I have this sneaking suspicion, in the back of people's minds (whether or not they publicly hate on the Go) they're thinking "Man that thing actually is kinda cool". In terms of a portable media player, it's a really well-priced 16 gig solution, playing all formats, looking phenomenal, and controlling cleaner than the old models (love hte new stick/d-pad/placement...just felt better for me and i'm a fat-hander) and UMDs suck. Yeah, the fact that I have 8 or 9 I can't play is what's keeping me from buying it, but if anything I'm angrier that I bought an old model and UMDs and didn't enter the PSP fray with this system. I mean God of War: Chains for 14.99 on PSN is an incredible, incredible deal, and quite honestly dwarfs any other comparably-priced portable game offering. Plus Rockband Unplugged (I heard it's free w/ system) is actually quite fun. You've got my vote PSP Go! -- if I had more money and hadn't wasted my time/money on an iPhone already I'd be all over it.



vherub said:

Keep in mind, any psn games avaible on the go, are also available on the psp1k-3k.
And with a micro sd-pro duo adapter for $4 from dealextreme, it is pretty cheap to have 16-32gb memory.
I always rip my umds to the memory (one of the benefits of cfw)
My major gripe is purchasing items off the psn using the media go store on a pc is tedious and the program is bloated.
Also, when purchasing directly from the store on a psp, you can't do anything while downloading. Larger games means you buy something and tie up the system for a while.

Sony doesn't get major points by allowing purchased items to be used on multiple machines. A part of me fears my wiiware purchases will not be coming with my account when I get the system after the Wii.



RyuZebian said:

Poor Sony... I could definitely go for a PSPgo, if I just had the cash... That seems to be the only thing I have as an excuse for not buying their products... But that goes for gaming stuff overall, I've just had to down-priorities them in favor of other tech stuff that I need... But soon it's Christmas..! (Yeah, I'm a really optimistic person, ain't I?)



Stuffgamer1 said:

For the first time ever, I wholeheartedly agree with Reggie on something!

The PSP Go is, in every conceivable way, a rip-off. It's only going to prove useful to those who value conveinience over money...personally, I'd rather have a few UMD's around than pay $5-10 more per game. Yes, a few games are actually cheaper to download (even back up to $20, Prinny is a steal, and certain publishers like XSeed and D3 seem committed to reasonable pricing), but many are not ($30 for Manhunt? $23 for Locoroco 1 when 2 is only $16? $16 for Daxter when a readily available used UMD goes for $5?).

With 16 Gig Memory sticks going for $67, it's actually cheaper to buy a PSP 3000 and 16 gigs of memory than a PSP Go. Then you can play UMD's AND downloads, getting the best of everything! Plus, IMO, the PSP Go's form factor is crap. The 2/3000 is WAY more comfortable to play.



Corbs said:

The 2/3000 is WAY more comfortable to play.

I think the PSPgo is much more comfortable to hold and play, especially when using the analog nub. The d-pad and buttons aren't as mushy as the regular PSP either. A bit more clicky. I like it better, myself.



ODOGG618 said:

Look who's talking, Reggie. The DSi cut out the ability to play GBA games, the internet connectivity sucks, and the camera is worthless. The only reason to buy one is to buy DSiware games. At least Sony is trying something other than selling people games they already own.



Rapadash6 said:

I was actually considering picking one of these up the other day but when I weighed the pros and the cons I found it was not a wise purchase.

-Sleek design
-Built in Flash Drive

-Smaller screen
-Shorter battery life (with the UMD Drive out, this one completely blows my mind.)
-Have to rebuy my current PSP games to play them on this new unit.
-Costs way to much for what you're getting.



SilentJ said:

I think the PSP Go is awesome but it's just too expensive. I would've bought one by now if it were $100 cheaper.




I don't see PSP gamers going for this kind of machine. I massive, desperate risk take by Sony. Aren't most new Sony technologies overpriced anyway?

As for me, I'm going no where near it.



TKOWL said:

at least the dsi was only 30 bucks more expensive, unlike this overpriced ripoff.
and corbie, dont take it too seriously



Kid_A said:

Just looks kind of ugly and impractical for people who already own a PSP. But since I don't own a PSP...



Kid_A said:

And I found the DSi to be a practical update since I already have a GBA and I don't own a digital camera.



thaneds said:

These are the pros and cons of what flawed pspgo and dsi:

-dsi and psp 2/3000 and pspgo = portable
-dsi added camera (no matter how useless, it's still a plus even if only +1/2)
-dsi added flashdrive (atleast we now can save data to system)
-dsi compatible with ds cards
-psp compatible with discs
-dsi and psp can download content (psp was powerfull until nintendo go this for ds)

-loss of gba (this is because of VC games for wii and hopefully dsi, lol)
-loss of disc use (this is arguable unless you have a ton of umds)
-bulky and requires to open before use.
-Adding GO to the word PORTABLE seems like a double negative

now that i think about it, nintendo added crap and made ds a powerhouse. yet psp was a powerhouse and took away umd and became a GOD, because we cannot understand it.
all in all, nintendo is convenient for me and not too powerfull. p.s. only a GOD can handle a GOD, sony should use this slogan and pspgo will aleast be closer to nintendo standards. lol.




Im actually suprised that they even said something negative about the handheld. Well, this was actually a very light statement compared to Sony's remarks...

UMDs where a bad idea. Unoptional digital distribution is a mistake. It may make it much more portable, but not being able to have a hard physical copy is not good. Especially for those without credit cards that have trouble getting things online.



Chunky_Droid said:

There wasn't a huge point in keeping a GBA slot in the DSi I personally thought. About 20 games out of a library of over 500 supported it.

And retailers don't stock GBA games unless they're second hand.

Why don't Nintendo keep a NES slot in the Wii? Same reason.

As for the DSi's internet capability. I recently purchased tickets to an event with it. Anyone who tries to buy tickets when they're released at a set time on-line know that heavy traffic bogs them down. When using a DSi, I bypassed everybody and got my tix in 5 minutes. My laptop was still loading the first page!



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Corbie post #59: I hope you realize you're in an EXTREME minority with that opinion. You're not the ONLY person I've heard say that, but there are only like...two of you (the other was in the comments above, I think) vs. everybody else saying it sucks. The darned thing just looks unnatural, having to hold it with your hands cramped down there like that. I hear the sliding screen gets in the way of the shoulder buttons, too.



Metroid133 said:

I don't have any version of the PSP, but the Go does interest me, but I refuse to buy one until they get a better selection of games...coughsquareenixcough Though that won't matter much if the prices run $30 a piece. Since I could easily find FFT, FF, FFII, and FFVII:CC $20 a piece in UMD form.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Metroid133: While the download prices are often too high, they do seem to be keeping mostly to $16 for Greatest Hits games. That includes War of the Lions (if they even bother to release that for download since the PS1 original is already available for $10) and Crisis Core. No idea what they'll try to charge for FFI and FFII, though.

I definately agree that the selection of games needs improving, though. The complete and utter lack of PSP Squenix games is simply pathetic, same with Metal Gear titles. I was hoping this past Thursday would fix at least one of those oversights, but they only released TWO games, both of them new NBA titles. The midnight launch on the first was impressive, Sony, but you've still got huge gaps in your downloadable library to fill in STAT!



Corbs said:

I was on the PSPgo boards the other night and there were a lot of people raving about how comfortable the system was. Maybe you're not looking in the right place.

I love it and I'm happy with it. I have small hands and it feels much better in my hands and the should buttons are easier to get fingers on for me.



WaveGhoul said:

The PSPGo does looks cool....but the games dont interest me(maybe 3 or 4), and it does seem like a rather pointless update. As for the DSi....The Larger screens interst me and the possibility of a GB, GBC and GBA Virtual Console(if it ever happens) but for now....I'm sticking with my DS Lite



Corbs said:

And someone needs to remind Reggie that not having a DSi Virtual Console for the GB/GBC/GBA games is fairly pointless as well, especially considering the hardware to run these games is basically built into the DSi system. Come on Reggie. Stop thinking about PSPgo and get on the DSi VC please.



mastersworddude said:

What a retarded move on Sonys part.
Sleek Design
More comfortable to use. (According to Corbie)
You get games digitally. (Which is also a con)
You can't use your UMD PSP games on it, you have to buy them again.
Smaller screen
From the looks of it smaller buttons
You have to get your games via the PSN store and not all PSP games are there yet.
All for 50$ bucks more! No thanks Sony.



cheetahman91 said:

I swear Corbie, you'll defend that chunk of plastic 'till the end of time. (it is made of plastic isn't it?)



Reggie is not the one to ask for a VC on the DSi. He just follows orders from NCL.
Get real people.
And oh yeah, I bet 10000 wii points that the PSP GO will suffer the same fate as the Virtual Boy



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Corbie: How many people who hate the PSP Go do you think are going to waste their time on a PSP Go-specific forum? Of COURSE it's full of people who love the darned thing! Same way NLife is full of...wait for it...NINTENDO FANS!

So you have small hands, huh? Well, guess what: I DON'T! Well, what do you mean by "small," anyway? Know your ring size? I'm 10-11 (roughly...the one ring I have is an 11, anyway).

@mastersworddude: You mean $80 more.

@buffalobob: The theory is: Ask the high-profile manager guy, and he at least passes the idea on, which is theoretically more likely than Nintendo call/e-mail center employees getting the message through to anybody. Sure, he doesn't have ABSOLUTE power, but he's got more than most when it comes to NoA.



Corbs said:

I think you missed the joke Stuffgamer1. You're obviously a bit wound up about this. But there are plenty of people who like the PSPgo and plenty of people who do not. I am one that does. And I'm not defending it, I too wonder how the system will fare in the long run, but I'm happy with mine. That's just me personally.

It's a bit like Earthbound. While I think it's one of the most bland and mediocre game I've ever played, it has a lot of fans. And Earthbound didn't sell well at all when it was first released, yet it still has a loyal following to this day. So you just never know. Different strokes I guess.



Supermarioman said:

Everyone has formed a negative opinion on the PSPgo and onlya few people even own one (Not Including Myself, But At Least I have Hopes for it!) So form only a true opinion when you have the system! Also why does everybody jump on the bandwagon of hating it? To be like others? Please tell me why you all are hating on the go!



mastersworddude said:

@86. SupermariomanYou don't need to have it too know its a rip off and plenty of people say why they hated it

The way they fixed the re-buy game problem is by having the UMD game you have in the psp connected to the PSN via usb and it will copy the game into the storage of your account where you can then download it into the PSP Go.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Corbie: I'm good at coming off more angry than I really am. And you didn't answer my hand size question...I'm really curious now.

@Supermarioman: You want me to buy an overpriced unit before I complain it's overpriced? Riiiiiight... My reservations on the other problems haven't come from hands-on experience, but I think videos like the one linked in JohnshiBRPG's post (#30) make them pretty darned clear.

@mastersworddude: That fix you just that the one Europe has, or did they just announce it for the US? That would go a long way towards improving the PSP Go's overall public image. Of course, the problem remains that the majority of my PSP game collection isn't available to download...



Ren said:

I dont have one and I am a nintendo fan, but you don't need to play the games (which I'm sure are great) to know that it would suck to have your previous game library suddenly unusable if you want the upgrade. It's just bad business if that console is still on the market. They spend so much time (and even lose money! see: PS3) just to build this user base, and then release a system that leaves them in the dark to start over without warning. The DSI would also be an instant flop if it had no DS card slot, but ther're so many fans they know better than to do that.
Point is we're not neccesarily hating on the games or the PSP line overall it's just the absurd decision to release such a machine right now.
Yeah, Corbie's got one and he loves it, but as a fan do you think he's going to get rid of all his UMD's? Maybe its not such a blow to him if he gets preview copies free, rather than spending half of a Taco Bell paycheck like lots of kids do and seeing it all go to waste now.



Corbs said:

You know, I don't know what my ring size is to be honest. The only ring I wear is my wedding ring and I've had it so long, I don't remember. I remember they had to make it smaller when my wife and I bought them.

And I sold all 54 of my PSP games a week before the PSPgo came out. They're all gone now. The only ones I kept were Tales of Eternia and my Konami Portable imports. But in reality, many of them I did get for free.



Ren said:

I stand corrected. OK, well, uh... so Corbie sold all his games and he's uh, sounds like he's going to put the good ones back onto his flash memory and some memory cards.
wow, uh. Ok, I think Corbie's a pretty big fan, but you get what I meant, it's just impractical for most people, I think. Corbie loves it though, and if you got small hands go for it.



Corbs said:

I agree with you Ren. It's not a system that's going to be a good fit for a lot of people. Especially those who already have a PSP game collection built up.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Corbie: You sold FIFTY-FOUR GAMES?!? I wouldn't sell my eleven games to download at a massive loss, much less fifty-four. And I don't care if you DID get a lot of those games for free, you're still going to be down a lot of money on the deal.

How many of those games you had are actually available to download right now? Only 2 of my 11 are.



Sylverstone said:

Ok, first off: Reading all of this from a BlackBerry is looooong...

Aside from that, reading the comments raised some eyebrows: Corbie is probably still defending the PSPgo (though I think Sony could've waited 'til the 8th generation where digital distribution would've been a key factor in each console/portable.)

As for pricing, some cheap games you would normally see in a bargain bin at say, a GamesCrazy or some other electronics store costs more on the store, like a game for 15 bucks going for $40! And the PSPgo being $50 less than the PS3 Slim, smooth move Sony (sarcasm), at least a $180 PSPgo would've swept the nation (snaps) like that!

The title, PlayStation Portable Go. thaneds was right about that being redundant though it's more portable seeing that you don't lug around a lot of UMDs in a case. And why no UMDs? It's like that Sony rep who joked about the possibility of Blu-ray not appearing on a possible PlayStation 4 console! It's like UMDs were just there to make history, and that's all folks!

Aside from the various arguments, I mostly don't go all fanboy-ish like some Sony fans on IGN who think specs makes a difference. The console wars made me sick because some dude had to bring up specs! Switching back to portable gears, imagine if the Game Boy was still alive as the DS. Who would get the better appeal from consumers?

This is why I'm glad I found N-Life because there are people here that can have an open and frank discussion about this generation's tech without saying nonsense!

And Reggie made the point, what's in it for me? Is this thing economy-proof? Can it save me a load of cash? Can it provide the same enjoyment I would expect from playing games like Wii Sports or Zelda or Tekken or Scribblenauts?

Well Sony, you said it in the PSPgo's slogan. "It is go time." The 7th generation isn't over until the fat lady sings.



BlueFlameBat said:

I might have gotten a PSP if the internal memory was more like 120GB rather than just 16. I don't want to be swapping out memory sticks repeatedly just because I want more games than the PSP Go can have at one time. I'm not that fond of storing said games on a separate hard disc except for back-up purposes. I imagine it takes longer to transfer a standard UMD-sized game from a hard drive to the PSP Go than it would be to swap discs. Then again, how easy are the memory sticks to swap?



thewiirocks said:

@Supermarioman sez... So form only a true opinion when you have the system!

Let's be clear here. The PSPGo is not a bad hardware platform. If any person here suddenly found themselves with one in hand, I can imagine that they would warm up to it in short order.

The problem with the PSPGo is a failure to appeal to the market. It costs too much money, fails to compete (even against its own brethren!), takes away functionality that used to exist, replaces it with very little, and has an identity crisis as to who exactly it's supposed to be marketed at.

The problem isn't the system itself. The problem is selling the damn things.



odd69 said:

Just like every Sony system, they are high priced in the beginning ,and eventually drop in price. So actually never mind what i said earlier,I'll get one, only when the price drops.



Corbs said:

Should I even bother droping my two cents into this well of insanity?

It's a toss up, really. The fact that you couldn't resist commenting says something.



theblackdragon said:

Come on Reggie. Stop thinking about PSPgo and get on the DSi VC please.
seconding QFT

also, lol @ the quote on that image... :3



Stuffgamer1 said:

Come on Reggie. Stop thinking about PSPgo and get on the DSi VC please.
Okay, me QFT three!

@Corbie: Mean, perhaps. But he knew you would disagree, so he decided to preempt your complaint and make several of us laugh. Worthwhile, IMO. And in yours, I guess, since you grinned instead of sounding angry when you said that.



Machu said:

Wow! Comment-tastic. I might read it when bored, I'm sure it's entertaining.

As for me, I have never had any interest in any PSP, the unprotected screen bugs the life out of me, and they look ugly. There's only room for one handheld in my life.



mjc0961 said:

"I'll tell you what's in it for you, Reggie - increased cost and the prospect of having a huge pile of PSP UMD discs that you can no longer play."

Don't forget that even if you don't have a huge pile of UMD discs, you still can't get every game you want anyway. I'd rather get a 3000 and go surf the marketplace for used copies of old PSP games that Sony hasn't and probably never will put on the Playstation Store.

Yep, if I buy any PSP, it will be the 3000. I figure the Go is named the Go because it can go [expletive deleted] itself.



mjc0961 said:

"So noting like the DSi with it's lack of GBA cartridge slot and fifty quid price hike on the DS lite then?"

No, nothing like that. People need to quit *****ing about the lack of a GBA slot on the DSi. It's a DS, not a GBA. They didnt' take out the DS card slot, so you can still play all the newest games on the DSi system. Nope, the DSi didn't make my current library of DS games obsolete when I bought it like the PSP Go is doing to old PSP games.

"Look who's talking, Reggie. The DSi cut out the ability to play GBA games, the internet connectivity sucks, and the camera is worthless. The only reason to buy one is to buy DSiware games. At least Sony is trying something other than selling people games they already own."

... I want you to re-read your last sentence over and over again, and keep count of how many times it takes until you say to yourself, "Wait a minute, Sony ditched the UMD drive and is forcing anyone who wants to upgrade to the Go to re-purchase all of their games! How silly of me to say that Sony isn't trying to sell them games they already have."



ipodgamer said:

I am rather biased towards all things Apple at the moment, but I do consider myself a well rounded gamer and am currently not from suffering from fanboyism of any description. I remember getting a PSP from Lik-Sang prior to European release a few years ago and I really liked it. But the UMD discs where awful right from the outset, plus the battery-life sucked big time. The PSP-Go may be a step in the right direction to rectify these early issues. But the whole thing is just a knee-jerk reaction to Apple's digital delivery mechanisim. The lack of backwards compatibilty is a massive oversight by Sony and I think they will pay dearly for this in the next few months. I predict that Sony PSP Go = FAIL and will be well under the radar in the coming months. I just don't think it can live with Apple or The DSi as a mobile gaming Platform. Well that's my 2 cents anyway.



motang said:

I don't think Reggie should do that. I played with the Go this past weekend and loved it and I plan on buying it soon!



ODOGG618 said:

@mjc: I can re-read it (my last sentence) all day long. Reggie did the same thing. Period. Both removed a key compatibility feature from the new version of the old product. The problem is that both companies are trying to keep the same core name for a different core product. The DSi is not like the DS. The PSPGo is not like the PSP. They should name the system something different. This argument is like two politicians trying to convince people that they are the lesser of 2 evils instead of the best candidate for the people.

For once I agree with Corbie and I have to say, it's more fun than I imagined! Inside Bowser gets an 8.5 though!



ipodgamer said:

@ODOGG618 Well, no-one has more $$$ than the mighty bods at Microsoft, plus their networking infrastructure is second to none. I am sure if they wanted to join the mobile party they would have more than a fighting chance of pwning the whole thing.



HipsterDashie said:

@ Machu

Damn, you beat me! I was about to post the same video! >=[

However, it does annoy me that there are people who are just willing to waste their money like this when some of us are struggling to get by.



mastersworddude said:

The way they fixed the re-buy game problem is by having the UMD game you have in the psp connected to the PSN via usb and it will copy the game into the storage of your account where you can then download it into the PSP Go.



Corbs said:

The way they fixed the re-buy game problem is by having the UMD game you have in the psp connected to the PSN via usb and it will copy the game into the storage of your account where you can then download it into the PSP Go.




HipsterDashie said:

@ mastersworddude

So basically, to play UMD games on a Go, you need a standard PSP anyway?

This just keeps getting better and better.



Slapshot said:

@Corbie... the system isn't for everyone and Sony knew that from the beginning. It never was suppose to be a major hit its made to be an elite portable gaming unit. Im not buying cause I love my 2000 model so Im obvious not one of the elite few I guess lol.

@Reggie.... and your $189 USD DSi is any better cause all I am seeing is a expensive portable puzzle game platform. Not impressive. I want a VC then you can talk S""" all day cause guess what the PSP Go IS playing PSone Game right NOW.



thewiirocks said:

If you're paying $189 for a DSi, you're getting ripped off. I hope you didn't overpay for your PSP?



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Machu: That video makes me want to cry, mostly because I know there really ARE people that stupid in the world, and I feel sorry for them. Plus, it's a real pain in the butt being the employee who has to deal with them afterwords.

@mastersworddude: You already said that, dude. Nobody understands what you're talking about. Repeating yourself without clarification isn't helping anyone.



LztheQuack said:

I never understood why Sony thought it was a good idea to jump into digital downloads on a current generation handheld.

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