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Pink DS Lite Consoles Bite the Dust

Posted by James Newton

Yet another colour out of production in Great Britain

The DS has been available in more colours than there are fish in the sea, but survival of the fittest dictates that some must be struck from the gene pool, so it's with regret we inform you that the pink DS Lite console will soon no longer be available within the UK.

Okay, so it's probably not the worst news you've had all day, but considering the popularity of the colour - and the fact it was the first truly popular pink console - it's surprising to see Nintendo drop it altogether. UK retailers have been told not to expect any further replenishments of the console once current stocks are sold, so it looks like yet another Christmas without pink DS Lites on shop shelves.

Of course, this probably points the way to an early-2010 launch of a pink DSi, but for now you'll have to live with there being no more pink consoles.

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ArtMcCarthyDotCom said:

Wait. I think I figured out why they did this.
Ok, so a little girl want her mom to get here a pink ds for xmas but when the parents go to the store there are only the more pricey DSi's in pink so the parents get it for her anyway.



Starwolf_UK said:

I remember them dropping the white DS Lite and claiming it was due to white not being a popular colour then launching the DSi in white. I care not for the DSi (lol50%moreexpensive etc...) so I don't know if there is a pink one.



Supermarioman said:

Hey didn't the DS Lite White Bite the Dust over a year ago? That makes me sad, I love my DS Lite



James said:

Yeah, no more white, silver or pink DS Lites in the UK now. For shame!



Damo said:

This is actually really interesting news because at one point pink DS consoles were insanely popular and sold for more than other colours on eBay - at least in the UK. I think the "girl gamer" revolution might be coming to and end now, which is why we're seeing stuff like this happen.



Metang said:

The picture made me lol.
But seriously, this came as no surprise. The pink DS didn't seem to sell well... in the US at least.
@Damo: Geez, women are so unpredictable aren't they...?
(Don't take that as a sexist comment, it's just the nature of females to be unpredictable. )



ReZon said:

The Pink DS Lite has been long gone from the US.. it's been replaced with the Metallic Rose for roughly two years.

I'm glad I was able to get one for my wife before they were discontinued, as she doesn't like the Metallic Rose color at all.



suburban_sensei said:

I bought my girlfriend the Pink DS Lite, and while she loves it, I think its the ugliest piece of plastic. But hey, if she likes it, I love it.



James said:

In the UK we were only ever blessed with one shade of pink - plain ol' pink. Also, we don't have a pink DSi yet, as alluded to in the final sentence of the news, but the two go hand-in-hand like... er... peas and carrots?



OldBoy said:

Awww.Damn it!! I was just gonna get one of those too (brings out my eyes). Ah well I'll have to stick with DS Phatty till DS2 comes.



Incognito_D said:

@ Earendel68
don't forget Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland! Where are we going to get our Pink fix now?
It's not really a big deal. I wouldn't want a pink one anyway and I'm sure they'll come out with a pink DSi soon enough

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