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NVIDIA-Powered DS Successor Coming 2010?

Posted by Anthony Dickens

It now seems possible that Nintendo will announce the successor to the mighty DS some time next year according to insider info

Graphic chip maker has apparently been awarded a contract to provide its mobile-centric system-on-a-chip, Tegra, to a new Nintendo DS, which will be announced in late 2010.

Insiders tell IT news outlet BSN that a single chip Tegra will supposedly power the new DS; the Tegra was developed for use in mobile devices like Microsoft's Zune HD as well as smartphones.

Nintendo has had huge success with the DS console; three hardware revisions later the big N is probably looking towards a true successor to the original DS unit. Today's news suggests that there is already a contract in place to supply the core unit, Tegra, to Nintendo for a new handheld system. If this is true there would be little chance of yet another slightly-better DS - it'd be a whole new unit.

We strongly suspect that whatever Nintendo come out with next would be completely backwards compatible with the current crop of DS/DSiWare software and might even continue the DS brand... DS+ anyone? Virtual Console in your pocket? Win!

Obviously there's nothing "official" in this story, but it's going to happen sooner or later.


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Nanaki said:

Ooooh, that would be awesome. I just hope they let people transfer over DSiWare games!!



V8_Ninja said:

this article = AWESOME. A real Nintendo handheld that isn't a redesign? Sign me up.



Hardy83 said:

Well I give up on Nintendo handhelds. They're clearly going the way of Apple and coming out with minor upgrades ever couple of years, cept apple games are backwards compatible where Nintendo handhelds eventually stop being backwards compatible.




Knux said:

If this is true, I will buy this DS+ without hesitation! Finallly, I can't wait if it is true!



Grumble said:

It will all depend on how gimmicky that new system would look and what games it would play... I'm happy with my DSi for right now, but by late 2010 I'll probably be ready for something else. Bring it on, Ninty!



pixelman said:

DS+? Hell yeah. Better graphics? Dual touch screen? Virtual Handheld? Clicky GBA-style buttons that don't bust all of the time? Ahh, please let it happen, Nintendo.



warioswoods said:

Even if it were announced in "late 2010," which is all the rumors say, it wouldn't be likely to hit retail shelves until well into 2011, if that. They're in talks regarding the hardware, and Nintendo doesn't release a new console until they've also produced a whole new set of software and strategic marketing to properly tie the package together. So, even if the rumors turn out to be true, the DSi's life as the newest Nintendo handheld will have been at least 2 years, likely more than that. Not too quick of a release schedule at all compared to other contemporary portables.



Gigantorama said:

Personally, I don't think it's possible, simply because Nintendo seems to be closely affiliated with ATI. But even if it was possible, I would rather NVIDIA worked for someone else, I think ATI is a bit more stable these days, and I would love to see them push the GameCube chip to its fullest in a handheld.



Machu said:

Damn! I'm an ATI boy through and through, I've always loved the fact both Nintendo and I choose the same gpu's. So what does this mean, have ATI been dumped? Will Wii2 have an NVIDIA chip inside it? I hope not.



SwerdMurd said:

They should use an AMD chip! Right?

...Right guys? AMD? Great company?

.......Why is everyone shaking their head and walking away?



John3714 said:

As a person who hasn't owned a portable video game system since the original Game Boy was first released, I've seriously been considering picking up a DSi recently. Now I'm wondering if I should wait for some confirmation about this.



Ren said:

This seems about right.
I wouldn't fret about compatibility either. Obviously the DS/ DSi is still centered on it's DS card games and even a new system altogether would surely have a DS slot. Every nintendo handheld to date has always supported at least compatibility with it's most recent predecessor, and the DS is still that, even if you mean DSi. The downloadable games still are not considered it's main selling point over the retail games.
Only a foolish company would completely kill backwards compatiblity with it's most recent and still active handheld (ahem! rhymes with pony? moany?).
Any cool new innovation and a little processor upgrade that includes DS compatibilty will have me in line by tomorrow morning. Cool!



nintendo_kid said:

Well i pesonally hope it will have a browser with flash and sound and dual touch screens would be nice.But, i used all my money on my dsi and it is not recovering wellWho knows this could be like the psp go.For now i'm happy with my dsi.I'mwriting this on my dsi



thewiirocks said:

It would be silly for anyone to change their purchasing plans because of this. The DSi is going to be supported for a minimum of 2 years, even if this turns out to be correct. With a massive library of games built up over nearly a decade (since the release of the DS Phat), the only thing you accomplish by waiting is to cheat yourself out of a great experience.

That being said, I would caution a large grain of salt here. This story is completely unconfirmed, and NVidia has economic reasons to want this to leak right now. There's a good chance that Nintendo is shopping around for their next gen providers and that NVidia is not the only company they're talking with. There's also a good chance that the 2010 number is based on faulty information. (e.g. "What is the earliest delivery date for these parts?")

Sooooo, be careful believing everything you read. Especially on the Internets.



WolfRamHeart said:

This sounds very interesting. Just because Nintendo is working on a successor to the DS doesn't necessarily mean that we will see it anytime soon. I just bought my DSi and I don't regret it. I'm sure that Nintendo will be supporting it for a while. When the time does come for the next Nintendo handheld, I will definitely be waiting with money in hand.



maka said:

Well, if they announce it in 2010 it won't come out until 2011

I hope they let you transfer your dsiware games when they release it though...



JamieO said:

The speculation about new hardware specs, especially when it is new Nintendo hardware, is always a really exciting time for gamers.
I am hoping for many of the same things as other Nintendo Life users for the DS Numéro deux. I would like them to keep the nifty little cartridges, they are a perfect size and are capable of snappy game load times and DS cartridge backwards compatibility would be a big plus for me. A continuation of DSiWare with DSi owners being able to download their purchased games on the new system would make sense, especially if DSi had its own Virtual Console established by its release. Graphic capabilities in line with the GameCube, but with consistent 60fps would be sweet.
My fingers are crossed that this news is the main event for the Nintendo Press Conference announcement during E3 2010, with systems rolled out in Nov. 2010 or early 2011. Oh yeah!



Objection said:

As Wariowoods has said, while it might be announced in late 2010, the DS2 will likely not come out until Spring or Holiday season 2011.



JamieO said:

Fair point @Wariowoods and @Objection_Blaster , you are both right, there is a long arduous, thumb twiddling period between very early details, full blown announcements and rolling out the consoles into shops.
I just love sitting waiting for new E3 conferences though, so I got a bit over excited about an E3 2010 announcement.
Nintendo has never been a company to be pressured or rushed on bringing out hardware, which may be why every piece of their hardware I have bought has been solid and reliable, including each console/handheld in my 19 years of Nintendo gaming (Game Boy and SNES were my first). Mid/late 2011 is a more realistic release period, Nintendo will release DS 2 when Nintendo chooses to release it.



SmaMan said:

I remember reading about a supposed next-gen handheld Nintendo console a little after (or perhaps before) the DS Lite was announced codenamed "Game Boy Evolution." This went with the Wii's codename: the Revolution. I don't think they'll stick with the DS name again, since this seems to be a true successor. (Though we did have the Game Boy Advance)

Maybe they should call it the "Uss." Y'know, so it'll be Wii and Uss... get it?!



dizzy_boy said:

i do remember reading that the dsi was originaly never intended to take the place of the gameboy series.
so, there maybe a very slim chance of nintendo working on a true succesor to the gameboy. although, that`s just pure speculation.
as for the possibility of an mvida chip set in the nintendo`s next hand held, i doubt it would put ATi out of the working relationship with nintendo.
besides, i think that nintendo could always have the extra help, experience, and tech available, and adding another tech company under the wing would improve what they want to achieve.



taffy said:

unless sales fall rapidly for the dsi i really don't see nintendo announcing another handheld as that could potentially reduce the sales for the dsi (which is currently the best selling platform both handheld and home console market wise)



Atlantis1982 said:

I hope it is a successor, that is what I am waiting, not for some redesign with more features.



Chunky_Droid said:

@Hardy83: Correct me if I'm wrong here, because I don't follow Apple. But as far as I know Apple haven't got any cartridge based handheld systems, neither do they have four generations of handhelds like Nintendo. But please, correct me if I'm wrong!

Chances are if you still wanna play your original gameboy games, you probably still have a Gameboy that can play them. I wish people would get over this.



thewiirocks said:

If and when Nintendo makes another DS, it had better be called "Super DS" like a proper gaming system!



Kawaiipikachu said:

Finally what i been waiting for .
A true DS successor not just another DS with a coupkle of features shoehorned in .
The DSi doesnt actally have any faster processor just a faster WI-FI module .



Xkhaoz said:

Okay, wait until 2012, announce it in 2011 so I can save up without it being a lie. But would this have a phone or something?



JamieO said:

@thewiirocks (comment 34)"Hear, hear!", you should work as head of Nintendo's 'Division For Deciding The Name Of A New Handheld' team.
That way Konami would be able to name a sequel to their superb run and gun game as 'Super Contra V: Back to the Alien Wars'



StarDust4Ever said:

I hope I get to enjoy my DSi for at least half as long as my DS fatty, before it becomes obsolete:P



Token_Girl said:

Wondering if I should have just saved some cash and gotten a DSLite instead of a DSi now. I like DSi games, but the gba slot would have been very handy too. If we can't transfer downloads, there will be so much regret and sadness. If we can, then I just hope they wait until 2011, so I can at least get 2 good years out of my DSi.



Darknyht said:

Somehow this doesn't surprise me much, I was hoping that the increased processing power of the DSi would hold this off. But then, I have been seriously given thought to holding on any new systems due to increasing costs and I don't care for the direction the digital downloads are moving (locked to system instead of person).



i8cookie said:

I'm willing to bet it'll be a complete handheld overhaul if nintendo's current trends are anything to go by. I know they pulled themselves out of a slump by innovation, and put themselves in it partly by poor innovation to a certain extent, so they might play it safe to stay on top and come out with 'DS Advance' or something. I reckon it'll be something you haven't even dreamed of yet that people will be super skeptical about when it's announced.

Or perhaps it'll be the true game boy successor.



JimLad said:

It's a couple of years away yet at least.
It will be backwards compatible and transfer compatible, so they'll keep making DS games and DSware games even after it comes out. The latter probably being a larger focus on the new system.
My predictions on the new features: More power (duh) more memory, tilt sensor, second touch screen perhaps for 2 players on one machine...
can't think of anything else, they've pretty much done everything. :/



Wolfcoyote said:

I'm not surprised at all. With the tech that's currently powering Apple's iPod touch for gaming and Sony's PSP line, Nintendo's continued use of value materials is good for keeping their asking prices down but helps little as far as content. When comparing all three of today's major portables the DSi has the advantage of touchscreen and controls but it's the low speed of the processor, the GPU and the low amount of internal flash that's holding them back in regards to competitive software.

We all knew that this was coming even before the DSi was released, that in the face of Apple's new App Store, their method of digital distribution and their hardware Nintendo MUST make drastic changes. Even though we as a group are (at least partly) Nintendo gamers, we must admit that Apple has raised the bar on how downloadable portable games should be marketed, and to have attractive hardware to match. If Nintendo could somehow copy Apple's App Store and marketing while delivering a higher-powered console and retaining the touchscreen and controls, then they'll be the "top dog" again rather than "top dog but arguably so".



thewiirocks said:

@Kawaiipikachu sez... The DSi doesnt actally have any faster processor just a faster WI-FI module .

I'm sorry, but this is incorrect. The DS processor was 67MHz while the DSi's processor is 133MHz. Nintendo basically pulled the same stunt as they did with the Wii. i.e. Double the specs and add additional interface options. The only difference is that Nintendo has failed to make the same impact with the DSi that the Wii made.

IMHO, the DSi was a little too rushed. If Nintendo had taken more time to plan the platform and exactly how it would differentiate itself, there'd be more DSi owners right now. (Though I still love DSiWare. It was definitely time. )



RyuZebian said:

People people... This rumor says that the new DS may be ANNOUNCED next year. Not that it'll be released. But when it does, I have one big wish: Let it be powerful, Nintendo, oh-so powerful. I'm sick of the Sony and Microsoft fan boys ditching the Nintendo consoles lack of horsepower! And DON'T abandon the DS, but follow the example of Sony (no, not to screw up) and keep give that popular console of yours new titles, and also the new one! Really, ignoring more than 111 million users would be the dumbest move in the history of Nintendo. So yeah, keep the old but bring in the new. Thank you.



BlueFlameBat said:

I hope it has two touch-screens that look better than today's DS touch-screens and that more points can be pressed simultaneously. And we really don't need another hand-held with "Boy" in the name.



Spaced_Out said:

I hope this means that they bring the RAM to a reasonable level. Then every time I turn on the browser, the DSi doesn't take a dump in its pants. Every time, it drops a load, and its nice-looking pants fall down, and you see a disgusting image of the ugly thing Nintendo was hiding called ATI.
NVidia will put on the belt, though, and maybe hide a diaper in that set of pants.



nintendo_kid said:

Nintendo should come out with a handheld as or more powerful than a wii.Thats what we want not slight upgrades that arent worth the extra money.Am i correct?



Djrr-ific said:

If Nvidia didn't leak this... You probably didn't know this untill the announcement in 2011,,, :S

If that was the case nobody would've complained about it... So shut all up and see what happens...



Sprace_Bot said:

SWEET!!!!!! these would / will be awsome!! freakin G-Force graphics in a DS!! it would bve like... like... A FREAKIN AWSOME MACHINE OF WIKEDNESS!!!!!!!!!

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