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Nintendo Download: Star Wars, Little Tournament, Heron, Monochrome Puzzle and Viking Invasion (EU)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Nintendo of Europe reveals Friday's download games two days in advance!

Bumped for the Thursday night visitors!

We believe this is a first - NoE regularly announces the weekly new downloadable releases one day in advance, on Thursday, but this time they've chosen to do it two days in advance instead. This week has the nice amount of five new games, but keep in mind that they will not be available for quite a while yet!

As most people probably expected, Virtual Console gets the final Super Star Wars game, Super Return of the Jedi. As you can probably guess, the game is largely based on the third (Or sixth, depending on how you look at it) part of the movie series, Episode VI, and as such features levels and scenes mirroring scenes from the film. Unsurprisingly, it's rather good. Now then, Zombies Ate My Neighbors in two more weeks, please, LucasArts?

One of the new WiiWare games was already announced beforehand - Heron: Steam Machine seems inspired by the classic Pipe Mania/Dream in that you must prevent a machine from overflowing by correct linking up sections of pipe. The only difference is that the entire playing area is already filled with pipes - All you have to do is flip them around. For 500 Wii Points it could be quite decent, especially if you have friends to play with, as the game supports up to 4 players.

Little Tournament Over Yonder seems to be WiiWare's first turn-based strategy game. Set in the medieval era, you'll have to take turns moving knights and other units in an attempt to eventually kill all of the enemy's forces. The game will cost 800 Wii Points.

DSiWare gets another game by the creators of Polarium and Actionloop - In Wakugumi - Monochrome Puzzle, the objective is to move around black and white blocks, eventually surrounding a large group of them with blocks of a single colour, and eliminating them. This seems to go on endlessly, meaning it's probably a highscore-based game. For 500 DSi Points it could be worth a try.

It had to happen eventually, but DSiWare also gets its first tower defense game this week. As you might guess by the title, Viking Invasion is based entirely around vikings doing what they do best - Invading! As in every other tower defense game, your objective is to place towers and other things in order to stop them from reaching their destination and stealing all your stuff. At 800 DSi Points it is near the higher end of the scale in terms of price, but perhaps it's the perfect game for on the go?

4 completely new games this week! We'll review all of them as fast as possible. Will you be getting any?

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KeeperBvK said:

"We're a bit clueless about the other WiiWare game though - Little Tournament Over Yonder seems to be a real-time strategy game set in the medieval era, judging by the official description, but there are no videos or screens, so we won't know for sure until it's actually available."

Not really true...



Drake said:

Well, they didn't send us anything, they must not like getting coverage!



Omega said:

So this means Cave Story and/or Toribash are coming next week? (They are both announced for an october release by Nintendo.)



KeeperBvK said:

@ Omega:
If I had to guess, I'd say that this only means that Nintendo's been talking bogus again.



Grumble said:

Wow, Europeans got 2 DSiWare games instead of our usual 1 over here in America. Nintendo must have something against us... I mean, they must...



KDR_11k said:

It looks like a decent update, I'll wait for others to take the first plunge though.



Djungelurban said:

Yeah, nothing there for me... Doesn't bother me though, still haven't played through LostWinds 2 yet. CaveStory happens when it happens.




Heron and Wakugumi are my radar games. The latter reminds me a little of Polarium DS which I used to own and like very much. Heron reminds me a little of Pipe Mania, thoug I understand it may be markedly different. Still, we should have Worms ffs and Lord knows what else?!



jhuhn said:

Told ya Super Return of the Jedi would come out for October 16 for the PAL region.

Now if only Nintendo of America can announce new VC, WiiWare and DSiWare games 2 or more days in advance rather than 4 hours.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I'm terrible at real-time strategy games, but I might be interested in a turn-based strategy game. Let's see if Little Tournament Over Yonder gets a good review.



JaredJ said:

Saw the word "Viking" and thought maybe it was The Lost Vikings. Oh well.



Bankai said:

Looks like a seriously good DSiWare update. Tower defense is always good fun (and I don't actually have one on the DS yet), and anything by the guys that made Polarium is going to be reliable.

Two downloads this Friday!



FATEM said:

500 point game by makers of Polarium?
Try and stop me downloading it!



King_Elemento said:

Vikings and Little Tournament look good, then again I'm a strategy kinda guy, so those games WOULD appeal to me. =P
At least the two puzzlers don't look bad per se, and I may get all the Star Wars games eventually.

Still can't wait for LIT next week though. If it doesn't come as announced, I'll be more than a little annoyed. >_>



@-KingElemento-quote "Still can't wait for LIT next week though. If it doesn't come as announced, I'll be more than a little annoyed. >_>"

Lits coming in two weeks not one.



King_Elemento said:

@29. Ezekiel:-
Okay fine, I'm getting a little ahead of myself...
But it doesn't change the fact I'll be annoyed if it doesn't come out on the 30th like they said. =P



Tizoc said:

I played Viking Invasion now for 2 hours and it is a funny game. You can upgrade your Towers in different styles and even have to battle the Norse Gods.



Bass_X0 said:

So what will be the VC game for next week? We have near enough exhausted all possible games that America has that we have yet to get. The only ones are games released years ago on the VC like Axelay and games that we have to wait for a Hanabi Festival for.

So next week then... may as well throw a dart at the "Coming Soon" release list. Fighting Street?

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