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Nintendo Download: Pinballs, Fights and Gravity (US)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

One for each service, again

With two games already previously announced, this week's new releases aren't very surprising, although many will no doubt be disappointed that a certain major WiiWare title Europe got last Friday is not part of the lineup.

Final Fight 2 is arguably today's biggest new game, as it's really the only one we know a lot about. This SNES-exclusive sequel to the arcade classic features six rounds set across Europe and Asia for Haggar and two new characters to fight their way through, in order to rescue Guy's master, Genryusai, and his girlfriend, Rena. Unlike the SNES port of the original game, this one features co-op, meaning the biggest complaint about the first has been eliminated. Unfortunately, however, a different problem has arisen: it's too similar to its predecessor. That would've been fine if the quality of the stages, enemies and music was as good, but unfortunately, it isn't! Nonetheless, if you're a fighting game fan you can still get some enjoyment out of it - read our review for more.

First announced all the way back in October 2007, and now finally available, is Gravitronix for WiiWare. This seems a bit like a souped up air hockey - up to eight players try to prevent each other from launching projectiles into their goal areas by either deflecting them or grabbing them and launching them back. The game features a multitude of modes and only costs 500 Wii Points, so perhaps the long wait has been worth it? We'll review the game soon, in the meantime, you can read our interview with the developer from earlier this month again.

We don't really know much about today's final release, as Nintendo only recently announced it but didn't reveal any screenshots or videos - Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon is a DSiWare pinball game with an ancient theme. It's been confirmed that the game is developed by Fuse, which could mean very nice things - they also developed the rather fun Metroid Prime Pinball on DS. We'll tell you all about it in our review soon. It costs 500 DSi Points.

Just these three this week! More from Nintendo's press release:


Oct. 12, 2009

You can't change the laws of gravity, but with this week's lineup of downloadable games from Nintendo, you can give your fun quotient a high-flying boost. An exciting new Nintendo DSiWare™ release delivers lightning-fast pinball thrills with a mythological twist, while a vintage battle game brings classic action and intrigue to the Virtual Console™. On WiiWare™, you'll be mesmerized by a gravity-defying battle game with rich multi-player options. Take your pick and prepare for lift-off.

Nintendo DSiWare

Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon™
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) – Comic Mischief
Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points™
Description: Pinball takes on mythological proportions in this Nintendo DSiWare exclusive. Choose from two modes of play (Regular Game or Daily Game) and begin your journey to becoming a pinball champion. Conquer mythic quests, collect gifts from the 12 Olympians, and push your skills to the limit by facing Medusa, the Sirens and more. Your portable pinball table will give you a quick adrenaline rush as you watch the steel ball fly through ramps and carom off bumpers all over the playing field. Rack up combo points, open specific game modes and enlist the Oracle for some help. Will you accept Zeus's challenge?

Virtual Console

Final Fight™ 2
Original platform: Super NES™
Publisher: Capcom USA
Players: 1-2
ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10 and Older) – Violence
Price: 800 Wii Points™
Description: It's been several years since peace settled in Metro City. With Cody and Jessica on vacation and Guy resuming his training out of town, everything seems to be in order. But Haggar is feeling uneasy after learning that Mad Gear was not completely destroyed. Once again, the Mad Gear Gang has emerged, and this time they want revenge. They've kidnapped Guy's master, Genryusai, and Genryusai's daughter, Rena. Now Haggar must travel the globe in search of Genryusai and Rena. Hopefully, with the help of Maki and Carlos, the reign of the Mad Gear Gang will be destroyed.


Publisher: Medaverse Studios
Players: 1-8
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 500 Wii Points
Description: It's time to claim your rightful place as the champion of the Gravitronix arena, but get ready to deal with up to seven other players who are all shooting for the same title. Vanquish your opponents with four different projectiles and the powerful beams of your gravity platform. Intercept attacks and take careful aim at exposed vulnerabilities. Deflect incoming projectiles or capture and charge them with energy for devastating explosive attacks. Team up with a friend and battle through campaign mode, or recruit up to eight players on a single Wii™ system in versus mode for an all-out battle. Customize your matches with a variety of different options, such as flooding the arena with projectiles or making the game insanely fast. No matter how you like to play, grab your friends and have a blast.


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User Comments (112)



jhuhn said:

I'm guessing that Chapter 3 of Tales of Monkey Island will come out next week.



James said:

"What goes up must come downloadable?" That even makes some of my straplines look good.



longtimegamer said:

This is lame as heck (One wiiware). I hope this isn't because of the fact that Gravitonix got moved to this week. It had to be something to that effect or we would have had zero wiiware without them.



blackknight77 said:

I see some possible games to get today. I was hoping for Lost Winds and Castlevania Rebirth to show up as well. I may try Pinball Pulse since it sounds pretty cool with a greek mythology theme, then again I may try all three games.



Cheezy said:

Happy Columbus least Pinball is something I can give a shot.



Egg_miester said:

no castlevania saddens me i am pleased for final fight 2 maybe capcom is going to start to support vc again its been a while



thewiirocks said:

My initial reaction was, "Lame". Then I saw the Pinball game. More Pinball for the DSi platform? Yes please!



Darknyht said:

Well, if Pinball Pulse reviews good, it might be a replacement for Metroid Prime Pinball. I would much prefer to have it always available on the DSi (or a quick transfer from SD Card or DSi Shop) than to have to another DS Cartridge to keep track of.



Megumi said:

Ugh....haven't gotten anything good in a while...what's going on over there?



Token_Girl said:

If Pinpall Pulse gets a good review, I'll totally get it. I love pinball! Thanks DSiWare!



astarisborn94 said:

Let's see. Virtual Console is decent, WiiWare is potentially great, and DSiWare could be good too. Nothing for me really, but not that bad. More Capcom/SNES support FTW!



Objection said:

Okay update. I'm fine with not getting LW this update but I really want for us to have it next week. That's the only title I'm really looking forward to.



Bass_X0 said:

We're getting Fighting Street next from Capcom. Careful what you wish for.



Grumble said:

Cheezy... agreed... I will download this for sure.. just clueless as to how 5 titles are going to be released for DSiWare within the next 2 weeks... Because you know their track record with America... 1 release per Monday... sad



J_Lowther said:

"On WiiWare™, you'll be mesmerized by a gravity-defying battle game with rich multi-player options."

It seems like Nintendo discovered this as well. I found that I couldn't test the game in front of programmers without them becoming semi-hypnotized and watching me play it.



Hardy83 said:

See this is why NoA NEEDS to have release dates, it's NOT enjoyable to log on during an early Monday morning only to hear a collective sigh with a couple cools in that large sigh.



Grumble said:

Hardy83... I totally agree! That way we would know how long to save our points for and get what we all really want... Or maybe that's why they don't, because they know poor suckers like me will download almost anything and play it... ;-/



Stargazer said:


Just kidding. Go buy A Boy and His Blob this week, people. 2D lives!



Grumble said:

After playing Pinball Pulse for about an hour, I have to give this game a 7/10, great graphics, sound, gameplay is awesome... I would have scored it higher if there were another Pinball board here but we just get the 1 for 500 points. Not too bad, Nintendo... but please give us more than one new DSiWare game per week! The Japanese get 5 to 6 DSiWare games every single week...




vherub said:

grabbing boy and his blob from the toys r us buy2 get 1 fee sale
still have to finish mini ninjas though



WaLuigi1982 said:

I think I will pass and wait for some games I think I cannot live without. I have 36 VC games and 12 WiiWare games. I think I am going to hold my money for full retail games for awhile.



SSBFan_12 said:

The only one that looks good is gravitronics, owell i guess a boy and his blob, pokemon mystery dungeon: Explorers of the Sky, and Brutal Legend will keep me busy for quite some time.



Miyabi273 said:

I don't normally complain but this is slightly depressing. Final Fight 2 is good though. At least something went right today.



ejamer said:

I have to admit, this is a pretty disappointing update. One game for each service, and nothing big or particularly exciting? Somehow I expected more - especially with the LostWinds sequel is out in other regions.

Guess I should be thankful for what we've already got... but until something special comes along my points aren't going anywhere.



arnpoly said:

From my perspective, we got three pretty decent looking games, but nothing I'm that interested in. It's a good thing for me I have enough non-Wiiware games to play for the time being. There's always next week, after all.



Atlantis1982 said:

Nintendo of FAIL strikes again, but if I did had a DSi I would of instantly bought the Pinball game no matter.



WolfRamHeart said:

A disappointing update for me this week. Where is Lost Winds and Cave Story? At least Pinball Pulse looks interesting. I'm glad that A Boy and His Blob comes out this week because after seeing this update I could really use a hug.



Twilight_Crow said:

One per service?, with so many games predicted for Q3 still without coming out, sorry Nintendo but that is a FAIL.
At least the games ain't bad, but nothing for me , never liked the Final Fights, but is a good game, cool for everyone waiting for it .



Cocoa_Man5 said:

Whats with the slacking of releases? oh well, i have quite a bit of VC/wiiware games i have yet to beat.



odd69 said:

Just as i predicted another horrible update. 3 weeks in a row. Wiiware really does suck compared to psn and xbla, there i said it.Sure we are getting great titles later on but i have enough of all this crap inbetween. I've been itching to play some dlc on my wii.Too bad I've been having the same points card untouched for a month. For me this is unacceptable



SwerdMurd said:

damn yeah I wanted LW2 as well....oh well, that pinball game could be awesome (MPP was great, and maybe it'll use the DS rumble pack? Maybe? I think it's still around somewhere...)



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Swerd_Murd: And how exactly would a DSiWare game utilize a GBA port accessory?

This update stinks, IMO. There goes my theory that it was Squenix's fault WiiWare stunk last week...a Capcom VC release went no better! I guess I should be grateful for the crap, though, as I REALLY can't afford to download anything anyway.



longtimegamer said:

Is it worth it to download Final fight 2 if you end up getting the arcade version of one? (If they bring it out)



RurouniTeeter said:

A bad week for VC? This game is actually decent... I don't see the whining... Yeah its one game, but its a good game and least we get a game every Monday. =P
I'm happy with Final Fight 2, but I was just playing some of it on my emulator recently.



Charlie_The_Unicorn said:

VC doesn't intrest me that much, but if other people are happy, that's cool.

The other two titles may be good, but I won't rush out to buy them unless they get really good reviews.

Overall, a very meh week. NoA downloads need to speed up.

EDIT: Happy Columbus Day everyone!



cheetahman91 said:

Let's give a synopsis shall we?

VC: This one was expected. It looks fun if you like beatemups, but not sure about nonbeatemup fans. I'll have to give this one a test run though.
WiiWare: About time this one came out. Judging by the trailer, this one will get an average to poor score.
DSiWare: No Artstyle! Ah well, this one looks like fun because it's a pinball game, and it's made by the Metroid Pinball people. Too bad I don't have a DSi.
Overall: An all-around average week indeed. NOA needs to start releasing more games per week. Don't count on Cave Story or Lostwinds 2 getting released next week either, it'll more than likely be Monkey Island Chapter 3, but you never know with NOA around!



@odd69 3 weeks in a row? Ima have to disagree. I got Driift Mania and Arkanoid Plus the day they arrived in NA; they are good games. Last time I checked those two are on the Top 10 popular list.



D_Johnson said:

If I had a DSi I would get the new Pinball game. I LOVE Pinball games to death, and if its true its being made by the folks behind Metroid Prime Pinball then its a must .

Also, Gravitronix is a MUCH better than it appears to be. I admit at first I felt indifferent towards it. But once you get past the tutorial levels the game becomes fun and addictive.

Its only 500 points, so even if you don't like it you won't be losing much.



Kenji510 said:

Damn another bad update today.... o well, i guess ill go and grab me the Pinball game for the DSiWare.. i like pinball games actually and ill try this one out as well.



moroboshi said:

And the wait goes on for Pilotwings and Super Mariokart on the US store. Nintendo, you haven't got a clue.



Metroid133 said:

Depending on the reviews I might download the pinball game, but the other two I probably won't download.



Stuffgamer1 said:

RurouniTeeter said: Yeah its one game, but its a good game and least we get a game every Monday. =P

As opposed to what, PS1 Classics? That comparison is out of date, man. While it's true that PSN doesn't get a game EVERY week, it does get higher quantities per month no question. Let's review the past four weeks of VC and PS1 Classics releases...


  • Last Ninja 2
  • Altered Beast (Arcade)
  • Final Fantasy
  • Final Fight 2

PS1 Classics

  • Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Tomb Raider 3
  • Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko
  • Jumping Flash! 2
  • Nuclear Strike
  • Um Jammer Lammy
  • Pandemonium!

See that? And Sony took a week off somewhere in that month (I forget if it was before or after Tactics/Tomb Raider week)!



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

I've been reduced to downloading games out of curiosity just so I can get my VC fix. Every week it's the same blah de blah.



Metang said:

Decent, but I'm still mildly disappointed. Far better than I was expecting, that's for sure-I was prepared to post an image of a monkey giving a middle finger if this update was bad.



Brionkendo said:

Pinball looks interesting.. and I have 500 points left..... tempting..... tempting....



Darknyht said:

Just for sheer entertainment for me, I sent a complaint to the big Nintendo of America. Curious to see their explanations for why is dealt one game for each service while other territories seem to fair much better, and why they seem incapable of transferring downloads between systems when upgrading or replacing one.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@StarFox: Man, that's what they WANT you to do! Don't give in! Unless you've actually found some games you really like by doing which case I guess it's okay. More or less-ish.

@cheetahman91: Come on, you KNOW it will be.



J_Lowther said:

1. If anyone regularly games with a group of friends (large or small), then I think Gravitronix will be well worth your $5. We worked hard on it and I stand by it as both its creator and a gamer.

2. The games are released as they are because these are the games that are ready to be released. There's a QA process that all games must pass before they can be released. This is a GOOD thing. You don't want games released on the system that aren't rigorously tested for issues.

3. None of this is Nintendo's fault. They can't release games that aren't ready or if the publisher of the game isn't ready to release them (sometimes they move the date for their own reasons).

Again, none of this is Nintendo's fault. The games will be out when they're ready and no sooner.



brooks83 said:

@Stuffgamer1 - Yes it's true that PS1 classics have finally picked up, thankfully, but it went about 2 years with hardly any PS1 classics. Other than 3 weeks in NA, there has been at least one VC game every Monday since the Wii's release. Still not bad if you ask me.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@J.Lowther: I take it you worked on the game (sorry, hadn't actually read that before whether it was stated somewhere or not). I dunno if I want the game, but I DO want to give major kudos for a Nintendo Channel Info video that actually informs the viewer about the game! First one I've ever seen that actually had useful info about the gameplay in it instead of random video footage of the game being played.

Also, Nintendo has a PROVEN history of holding games back from release for no reason, so you can't say it's definitely not their fault. At least not with VC...I wouldn't know quite so much about WiiWare (nor would I care as much).

@brooks83: Your point of view is different from mine. I will not let a company slide by on past performance if they're doing nearly nothing now. Currently, PS1 Classics is releasing more games in America than VC, and that's all that really matters in that discussion.



suburban_sensei said:

Nothing really peaks my interest this week. Not too bummed though, this gives me an extra week to blow through LostWinds in preparation of the sequel coming to NA soon, I hope.



J_Lowther said:

@Stuffgamer1: Glad you liked the tutorial trailer. The first trailer went over about as well as setting a truck of rabid dobermans loose at a cat show. :

As for the VC and timing, it depends mostly upon the 3rd party releasing the game. If there's a non-Nintendo game that's taking a while, it's more than likely the 3rd party choosing when they want it to launch, not Nintendo.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@JLowther: Insult my intelligence, why don't you? You trying to tell me that Squenix DIDN'T tell us that Final Fantasy was ready to be published a couple months ago? Treasure DIDN'T say that Sin & Punishment was ready for release and waiting for Nintendo to do so at least six months before it finally came out? The release fiasco of August 2008 didn't actually happen? Yeah...I'm not buying that.



Darknyht said:

@J.Lowther: That excuse only carries so far especially with Virtual Console. Nintendo has a vast library of games that they own fully, and nothing keeps them from putting them out there. It is also suspect to suggest that Sega, Capcom, and the other companies that have poured titles into the Japanese Virtual Console would have issues doing the same here. Edit: Outside of the games that have licensed material. Copyright Law in the US is fairly screwed up.

As with the last time I questioned NoA's methods (regarding Club Nintendo), I fully expect a canned response. Heck, even when I rated the response useless I got a customized canned response. "We are working on great new things" only goes so far, especially when the newest entry is three Zelda posters that look like they came from a Nintendo Power Issue from 1992.



JuneBelle said:

I'm not all that excited about pinballs.... (And I do most of my downloading on the DSi.)
sigh I was kind of hoping for myNotebook...... (Wonder when Electroplankton is coming out.....)



JuneBelle said:

@Darknyht: Actually....., there would be issues with turning the VC game into a WiiWare download. The Wii is vastly different in structure from the NES, Super NES, etc. I once read an article about the challenges associated with porting a game from an old system to a new one. (And something about emulators not being allowed. I don't know what an emulator is though....)

But I'm sure there is a lot of testing to be done before they will release said game to the public. And this must be done one game at a time depending on how many people they have hired to do the job.



Darknyht said:

@JuneBelle: I think you misunderstand. There is nothing keeping Big N from putting multiple Virtual Console games up. All they consist of is a ROM with a wrapper around it. If they are too lazy to rip the ROMs themselves, I am fairly sure Google can help them locate the needed files. EDIT: is the forum posting that document the contents of a Virtual Console game.

I realize WiiWare and DSiWare are unique and require work. But ROM emulation of games is quite simple once you have the emulation software written which was taken care of when the first VC games were released.



Pegasus said:

Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon is a terrific game! A must get for any pinball lover.



D_Johnson said:

I was under the impression that J.Lowther was talking about WiiWare and DSiWare games, not VC games. I mean, those are the games that require the most testing (They ARE new games, as for VC games as its been mentioned already all they need to do is check for emulation issues and such).

My wish is for Nintendo to just announce the games they have planned for the month. "For the month of October we have the following games...". Sure it would ruin the "surprise", but it would eliminate the speculation and disappointment the Nintendo Downloads creates each week.

Fans would know what to expect, and there would be less complains about it.



odd69 said:

Yea 3 weeks for me personally, as stated.I'm glad people enjoy all types of games.I just have a certain taste and maybe i shouldn't complain. I understand Nintendo doesn't revolve around me and my needs, but waiting for Triple A Wiiware titles is very hard.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@J.Lowther: Your responce came out sounding like Nintendo's do; a dumb excuse that would only placate the idiot masses who haven't done their homework. That's why I found it insulting. I get that you didn't mean to...especially now that you've stated you don't know anything about the examples I'm talking about. Dig a bit, and it becomes abundently clear that NoA is holding back releases on a regular basis.

As far as WiiWare/DSiWare is concerned, I find it VERY difficult to believe that ALL those games take so much work to localize (especially the likes of Electroplankton and Game & Watch), so I doubt very much that Nintendo is REALLY releasing every game that's ready as soon as it is ready.

@D_Johnson: His post #79 was pretty vague, and could easily be read to encompass ALL Nintendo downloads. I chose to argue the VC point because it's what I care the most about and most obviously breaks the assumed status quo he described.

I agree about the monthly announcements. Japan gets them; so should we.



Darknyht said:

Here is the official canned response from Nintendo of America. I have removed all the extra double spacing left from their copy and paste job.:


I can definitely appreciate your interest in seeing an increase in the number of Virtual Console, WiiWare, and DSiWare titles released each week. However, decisions regarding which games, and how many will be made available come from several different companies and are influenced by a variety of factors apart from consumer suggestions and our desire to do so.

For more details about the Virtual Console, including an updated list of available software titles, check out the following web page:

New Virtual Console titles should continue to be released weekly across all systems, so there's hope that the title you're looking for will eventually appear. Keep checking our website ( for updates!

Regarding your second comment, we have heard from more than a few Wii, and Nintendo DSi owners who are concerned about what would happen to their downloaded Wii Shop Channel games, and Nintendo DSi Shop applications should something go wrong with their consoles. Let me reassure you that, in the unlikely event that your console should need repair, you can send it to Nintendo, where we will transfer your Wii Shop Channel or Nintendo DSi Shop account (which contains the licenses of the applications, channels and games you've downloaded as well as any balance of Nintendo Points) to your replacement console. If you return your console to the store or sell it, that content will be lost as you can imagine.

The second response either BS or a change in policy as my brother was informed Nintendo this summer that he would have to send in his dead Wii and pay $75 to repair it as the downloaded content was non-transferable.



double_sunday said:

what not reallly fair is that japan wii shop channel has a list of all there games there going to be getting next week



blackknight77 said:

I got a chance to spend some time playing Pinball Pulse and if you like pinball then this is one you should check out. Very well done!



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Darknyht: I think you and/or your brother misunderstood. He would have to send in his dead Wii and pay a repair fee because the downloaded content is not transferable BY THE CONSUMER, like if he bought a new Wii. It's possible that Nintendo would replace his Wii during the "repair" time...companies do that sometimes.

And yeah, this reply was just as canned crap as expected.



JuneBelle said:

@Darknyht: I confess that I don't know all that goes into transferring VC to the Wii. However, I have to imagine that Nintendo would do more careful work on transferring the ROM than an average pirater would. I saw a video of someone demonstrating those carts on a DSi; and I saw a bunch of choppiness and warnings of things freezing. So....
But that's just my experience. I'm not an expert. I must say.

As for the new games, I am frustrated at the slow pacing of the releases; but those games do need to be translated and tweaked. In addition to that, some of the game developers, Nintendo included, likely don't want to be competing with each other. Sending out only a few games gives them the special highlight instead of getting lost. Plus, there's only so much a consumer is going to spend at a time. Spreading out the releases gives the consumer time to reload their funds.
**sigh** I do think that there should be more than just one download per week. I think an average of three per section would be good. One download only, though, is kind of pathetic......

As for transferring your games when your system needs repair, I can testify from first-hand experience that this has been the policy from the beginning. This past summer I sent in my system for repair because the software was acting up. Some of my pictures were being corrupted. The machine would freeze up. The touch screen stopped working a couple of times. And some other issues. So I sent my DSi in for repair. My DSi also had some scratches on it as well as some worn away spots where the white plastic was showing through the blue. Since my system was well within its year warranty after having had it only three months or so, Nintendo fixed my system's software issues for free and gave me a new cover (Either that, or they transferred everything to a new system, which is possible since the one I got back had an entirely new code on the bottom.). When I called Nintendo to set up the repair, the lady told me that, if they had to replace the system, they would transfer all games and points to the new one free.
So that's my personal experience. I don't know whether I would have to pay for the transfer if I had been over warranty. However, I do know that I got a free repair on my DS Lite even though I was a few months over the limit.



Mach-X said:

@stuffgamer 1 - if the PS3 is so great with its ps1 releases, why are you here? Go get a ps3, and lather up in that sony love butter. Whether Nintendo is 'holding back' releases is their business. They are not required to release a damned thing if they don't want to, no matter how much cry babies want them to. It's their business model, their intellectual property, and, ultimately their decision. Deal with it or go over to sony land.



Darknyht said:

@JuneBelle: Perhaps he misunderstood but the rep he spoke with told him it would require the $75 repair fee to transfer the downloads. He immediately replaced the broken Wii since it was needed for Youth activity at his church that day. The rep on the phone told him he could see the original broken Wii and the newly registered Wii on his account, however there was no way for him to transfer the downloads between them.

I am sure if it was just a repair like what you stated would be true, but this was a transfer between two systems that were already purchased.

My only issue with this policy is that if I own a disc game, I can go between systems I own (even those I don't) and it works. However with the downloads it appears I am tied to exactly one system, even though they have a list of all systems owned by me. What if I own three DSi's because me and my two kids have one and I want to buy Dr. Mario for all of us. Their policy means I have to basically purchase the exact same game under the same account three times?

It is silly to restrict the game to a system instead of to an account like Steam does. Limit the number of machines the account can run on, but don't tie me to something that breaks.



Ugh people? Can we get back to the topic please? One new release for each system is sad indeed.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Mach-X: I don't find it unreasonable to want NoA to release more games like Sony currently is (and NoA used to...and NoJ always has). For whatever it's worth, I DO have a PS3, and Sony DOES get more of my download money because Nintendo doesn't releasing much of anything. That doesn't mean I wouldn't rather give Nintendo my money if they'd just release the games I want.

Anyway, I only mentioned Sony's downloads in the first place because someone made a comment that sounded like a reference to the PS1 Classics release schedule and I wanted to make sure we're all clear on the FACTS, without meaning to say I preferred one or the other. You read too much into what I had said.

Of course, the REAL reason I'm still mad about our crappy VC release schedule is that we USED to have a much better one, and Japan still does. NoA's screwing us over for no apparent reason!



Grumble said:

Wow, lots of great insight here! Maybe we should move some of this off this topic.. lol. I love the ideas about having said games posted for that month available for us all to see... in North America I mean. And I think that Nintendo's canned response is a very typical response from a company that is too big for it's britches, kind of like Atari in the late 80's. Funny thing is... Nintendo is what killed Atari off because Atari passed on Super Mario Brothers. How uncanny is that?

Ok. Umm, I'm not helping...




Mach-X said:

@charlie Not bitter at all. I, like other Wii fans come here each and every monday morning to check out the latest available downloads for our region (and other regions). But it gets hard to read the objective posts that actually have to deal with what has been made available when you have to continually sift through the same complaints week after week about people boo hooing that a particular game wasn't released that week, or that 'Microsoft does this' or 'Sony does that'. This site isn't about either of those platforms, so telling us what they do that Nintendon't (hee hee) isn't relevent. Has it not occurred to those who are deathly afeared that X game won't come out within the wii's lifecycle that the Virtual Console service will probably continue on into the next Nintendo console? But here's the kicker, how easy or hard will it be to migrate your downloaded software over to the next console.



odd69 said:

Mach x you should get used of it, i wont hold back any comments comparing Sony,Microsoft, or Nintendo on account of anyone.It's just opinions simply ignore them just as i do. People down right cuss and flame Sony on their site, we are all nice to each other here. The only reason I complain is because,despite loving Sony, I Love Nintendo way more and have a higher standard for them. That will change though i get let down way too much.



CanisWolfred said:


I completely sympathize with you - the lame-@$$ complaining is why I never actually read the comments in these articles unless I asked a question. However, like someone else said, you're just gotta get used to it, or just don't read the comments. People are always gonna complain, no matter what. Seriously, even if it was the best update in the f'ing world, someone will complain. People just like to complain, and there's nothing you can do about, and complaining about just puts you as low as them. The only thing you can do is ignore them, just as Nintendo has.



Superman said:

I just wanted to add that the PS3 is superior to the Wii and XBOX360 (especially the 360) in every medium imaginable.

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