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Nintendo Download: 20-21 October 2009 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

WiiWare returns, Dig Dug and more Tower DS!

After a two-week hiatus WiiWare returns, though given we're getting a card game, it's a bit anti-climactic.

UNO (800pts - Gameloft) -- Gameloft again honours Japan with the first look at a WiiWare title (their last entry, Ghost Mansion Party still hasn't seen release in other territories). Online UNO could be fun (judging from screens it has Mii support); hopefully we'll get to find out in the near future!

Virtual Console
Fire Emblem (Famicom 500pts - Nintendo) -- The first in the classic tactical role-playing series from Nintendo (subtitled "Shadow Dragons and the Blade of Light") which was only released in Japan.

Dig Dug (Arcade 800pts - Namco) -- Before Mr. Driller there was Dig Dug! The Famicom port has been out for some time, but no question this is the definitive version. If you don't have a Japanese Wii you can also play an excellent port of this complete with bezel art (which the VCA version will lack) in the Namco Museum Remix collection.

Dig Dug 2 (Arcade 800pts - Namco) -- Home ports were released in Japan on the Famicom, Famicom disk and the Sharp X68000 computer, but outside of appearing in collections for the PSP and DS there's been no home console ports anywhere else that we're aware of. Rather than drilling, Dig Dug sees your character digging trenches to sink pieces of island containing the baddies. Not as good an experience as the original, which probably accounts for its obscurity.

The Tower DS: Koogai Eki Zen Ichiba ni Choome!! Kyoo Shopping Centre Hen (500pts - Digitoys) -- In this 3rd installment you're managing an indoor shopping centre. No doubt this isn't the last Tower sim we'll be seeing from Digitoys: I'm betting on a fish factory as the next one!

High School English Foundational 400 Word Master (800pts - IE Institute) -- Yet another practice tool for students learning English from IE Institute. This one is targeting upper secondary school students and has a larger vocabulary.

Finally there are two new Rurubu guidebooks from Nintendo for 800pts each. One is for Kamakura, a small city 50km southwest of Tokyo which is popular with tourists due to its beaches and temples; the other new guidebook is for Osaka, Japan's second largest city.

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Ratengo said:

@Sean: The first Rurubu guidebook also covers Yokohama aside Kamakura.

Otherwise, I'm looking forward to the October 27th update instead. The main reason is... Castlevania the Adventure ReBirth!!



Reala said:

Not a Fire Emblem fan, find the characters not being able to be revived thing annoying, never played Dig Dug but it sounds kind of fun, wouldn't spend 800 points on it though.



Vertigo said:

Reala: Dig Dug is great, one of my favourite early 80s games, you really should, if you can get past the sadism of it all. Check out the videogame vault video on screwattack for a fairly accurate assessment.
Wonder if Wii Uno will be allowed to become the perverse meat market the 360 one is.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

It sure does seem odd. I'm still waiting for Dig Dug 2 to come here! Hopefully they'll be smart enough to bring it over.



Cheezy said:

Wow they didn't actually get a whole lot, so not very jealous this week



Egg_miester said:

i never could understand on why people enjoyed uno in real life nevertheless in game form
but dig dug 1&2 arcade copies in one week that brings a new meaning to word epic



theblackdragon said:

@egg miester: Uno makes an awesome drinking game. That said, i don't think that kind of fun would really translate so well to a video game version, lol. :3



bboy2970 said:

You know what's sad? 6 games across all services is actually a light week in Japan. Oh, and I want Uno over here!!!



Metang said:

@Kevin: Dig Dug 2 was different, but yes, it was good.
sigh... Why does Japan get all the good releases?



LinktotheFuture said:

I think it is cool that they released Dig Dug 1 and 2 the same week. I wish that would happen more often. I guess I am impatient, but it would be nice to be able to get a whole series at once.



Noire said:

Fire Emblem! That'd be so cool to have on our VC, even though its never happening. Ack, I'll just go play Shadow Dragon some more...



Objection said:

Fire Emblem would be exciting if there was any chance of it coming over to our VC (which granted, isnt that big a deal with the recent remake) and UNO looks okay, but the iPhone version is cheaper and seems a little nicer, so if I get it, I'll likely get it on that platform.



StarBoy91 said:

Oooooh, I love Dig Dug!!!! It was one of my favorites since childhood. Dig Dug 2 is a nice different pace, and I probably like it more than others do.



Ricardo91 said:

"but outside of appearing in collections for the PSP and DS there's been no home console ports anywhere else that we're aware of."

It's also on Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade for the Xbox 360.

Glad to see the arcade version of Dig Dug hit the VC somewhere. Dig Dug II was pretty good, but not nearly as good as the original.



TheKingOfTown said:

@12. We probably won't because NoA doesn't translate import games, and fire emblem is very text based, so you wouldn't be able to read what anyone was saying.



Vertigo said:

FE has a habit of getting critical hits at vital moments in typical Nintendo fashion. I really do dislike it. A new Tactics Ogre would be much better but Square seems too wrapped up in making everything reek of Phoenix Downs and bad FMV to bother.

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