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New Super Mario Bros. Wii 'Super Skills' trailer

Posted by Jamie Giggs

Showing you Nintendo's finest in action!

Consider yourself a Mario veteran do you? Then watch the best players on Nintendo’s development team turn all your platforming hopes and dreams to dust. These guys are good. Don't believe us? Watch and learn.

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On a slightly different note the game looks like it's going to be fantastic fun, and it's really got us here at Nintendo Life pumped for this game. Roll on November!

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jangonov said:

WOOOOW Now I have to play ALL the old games to increase my skill for this one so I can almost sorta match it



fatlittlenick said:

That mini mario part was amazing, whoever was playing has rad skills. Definite Buy for me (though i said that when it was announced at E3)



Twilight_Crow said:

The guys are really good, but I know I can match some of those moves. What is great is that the game looks even better, and with good difficulty .



grenworthshero said:

I'm with Twilight Crow here. Those guys are awesome, but when I get back into the groove, I can pull of some crazy stuff on Super Mario World, which this seems to resemble.



dap594 said:

looks good but some levels are a little similar to ds version, but i will still get it!
Malouf: thanks for the picture



pinta_vodki said:

That was crazy... But with Nintendo's money, I guess they can hire really cool people. Or even a separate man for each of the levels and pay him to master the level to the extreme!



Machu said:

The Yoshi/Bullet Bill moment was my favourite, yay. That trailer has me more hyped than all of the ones I've seen previously. Can't wait!



brandonbwii said:

I 1st saw this vid on Nintendo Channel. I hope this isn't that "online surprise" that denise was refering to in IGN's Nintendo Minute.



Chony_Lee said:

That was cool! As much as I love platformers, I totally suck at them. I just barely got enough stars in Galaxy to meet bowser, and I don't know if I could get anymore. I'm still getting this game, though.



Hoffkage said:

Mad skills. I might do that back in the late 80's but I would break my fingers nowadays surely.



pixelman said:

LOL Adam. I've already seen this trailer some four times, on the Nintendo Channel and YouTube. You really should see it on the NC - it has a much crisper picture and better framerate.



Objection said:

Really looking forward to this. SMB is my favorite platformer of all time. Co-op looks nice and frankly, I just can't wait for the chance to play some new oldschool mario-styled levels.



SwerdMurd said:

To say that trailer didn't just make me smile devilishly and appluad my decision, a month or two ago, to preorder the game would be a bold-faced lie. This game is gonna rock. LOOOOVED the 3-player trickery employed to get 2 out of the 3 player extra-lives at the end-of-level flagpole.



Bakajin said:

I hope I don't sound like a conceited bastard, but none of that looked too hard. The Yoshi/Bullet Bill part was pretty sweet, but I know I could duplicate everything in that video (with enough practice).



Mqblank said:

That was some of the greatest videogame skills that I have ever seen. Whoever they/he/she was must have been playing the game for a while as to be this good takes AGES!

...and to Bakajin, grenworthshero and Twilight Crow - Yeah, Right!



motang said:

This video made me cry as I know I can't play as good/flashy as them...oh well! On the side note...can't wait, one more month for the game to come out!



Slapshot said:

This actually looks like it has somewhat of a difficluty level wich is interesting, maybe Nintendo did listen to us that have been ranting like hell about all this Casual crap leaving us Core Gamers behind.

@Mqblank... seriously... that was the greatest gaming skills youve ever seen?



StarDust4Ever said:

Seems like the New Mario Wii will be a great game for speedrunners. I'm not good enough to do speedruns, but I enjoy watching them. Maybe it will get some real heavy competition at



primeris said:

There's a video out there (possibly edited) of a guy finishing SMB3 in 11 minutes. The Bullet Bill part of this trailer is nothing compared to the stunts on that one.



mjc0961 said:

That was some pretty fun stuff. I'd like to see how well they do with some of those crazy fan made mods, though.


Actually, now I just want to watch the Super Mario Frustration video again.



Earendel68 said:

Back to the old school!!! I think this one is not just good, but necesary for Nintendo fans (the newer and the older fans). Thank you, Nintendo!!!



Lotice-Paladin said:

Awesome skills. This could be achieved on the DS and that was too easy for those skills. I bet this will be an awesome challenge for the hardcores .



Golgo said:

Why have Nintendo limited players 3 and 4 to being two measly Toads? Couldn't some other - more interesting characters - characters have been optioned? I'm sure there are a few in the back catalogue...



mushroomer said:

what do i do? i dont have any buddies who live close enough to play multi!!! bummer
is it worth buying if ill never play with people?
also, the people who i could play with arent good and so, would be frustrating for them...

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