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New Remote Colours for Good Boys and Girls

Posted by James Newton

Nintendo releasing boyish blue and prim pink in Japan

We've only just reported on the news that the US is receiving a black Remote and Nunchuk on November 16th, but Japan is already bracing itself for another two colours in a few weeks.

Yes, Japan will be receiving pink and blue Remotes on December 3rd, priced at ¥3,800, an equivalent of about $42 for those who want a little more colour in their Wii controller wardrobe.

No news on if or when these will be released outside of the Land of the Rising Sun, but you know what? If we receive news, we might just tell you about it. You know... maybe. If you're good.


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JayArr said:

These would make great baby shower gifts for the little future gamers.



Machu said:

Ok that's great, but I am left with the same frustrations I had about the black mote.... Can I have a matching Wii to go with it please?



Noire said:

I'm confident enough in my gender ambiguity to say I like the way the pink Remote looks. It's not a slick red 'mote like I've been hoping for (darnit Ninty argh), but hey, I like it. I can haz pink wiimote in NA plz?

The blue one looks nice too, now that I look at it closely...Hmm, bring us both, NoA. I'd pick up one of each.



Ren said:

Yeah, neat.
Be cool to actually get the classic super famicom colors, though. What happened to that whole design scheme. Is that too 90's? (yellow, blue, green, red)



Lotice-Paladin said:

I'm agreeing with PhoenixSage. Pink is as close as you can get for a red remote. I get the feeling that making gender toned Wiimotes is alittle bit creepy in this case. Still, it's an option I guess



pixelman said:

Ew, those are horrible shades of blue and pink. Just give us the black wiimote.



Cipher said:

Any sign of matching MotionPlus devices? Nunchuks? I doubt it personally, but meh.



WaveGhoul said:

although I'm slightly digging the Blue one....wasn't that Japans Blue Colored 'Wii Sports Resort' Wii Remote?

Anyways nothing beats the whimsical and awesome look of white. Black will be nice though, but I'd love to have a Purple or different colored blue Wii Remote.



pinta_vodki said:

I've already got 3 WiiMotes... So there's space for 1 more left. And I guess if I get it someday, it will be black, not pink or blue.
But I must agree, that a NES-themed one would really rock!! And Nintendo could even make a NES-lookalike Wii. That'd be cool. =)



TKOWL said:

here comes the influx of colors.
Ready for the MARIO RED controller?



BlueFlameBat said:

I hope they don't actually specify on the box which color is for which gender. Gender barriers suck and need to be crushed. They both look pretty flashy to me though. I might get one of them if they make it Stateside. I was willing to shell out $10 extra (s&h) for a new Classic Controller (Pro), but that's because it had more than just a black finish.



James said:

I'm pretty sure there won't be any specific gender requirements to buying a coloured controller...



vakama94 said:

i really hope for a red wiimote to come next, those colors seems too happy for me



jorenmartijn said:

The blue one is ugly. It needs to be a cobalt blue like the American DS Lite. That one I would get, including a MotionPlus and Nunchuk to go with it and one black one with MotionPlus.



BlueFlameBat said:

To Prosody:
First of all, how did you get your message into a box that lets us know you replied to my message? I don't see any reply icons.
Second, I'm not worried about gender requirements. I'm worried about boys getting dirty looks for getting a girly controller. Do you know how much crap I had to put up with because I liked playing with dolls as a kid? Luckily, a girl could get either color because blue is bright enough.



James said:

@BlueFlameBat - as a site writer my comments always come up in boxes You can highlight someone's username by starting it with an @ symbol, though.

As for your second point, surely that applies to boys getting anything whatsoever in pink, and it's up to the person buying to decide whether or not they care for gender stereotyping.

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