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LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias Blows in on 9th October

Posted by James Newton

Frontier's latest opus set to become the 100th WiiWare release!

We've just received word from Frontier that their follow-up to the critically-acclaimed LostWinds, subtitled Winter of the Melodias, will become the 100th game to launch on the WiiWare service when it hits on October 9th.

Here's the official press release letting you know all about the upcoming windy goodness.

David Braben, Frontier’s Chairman and Founder, said: “We launched the original LostWinds game on WiiWare with much anticipation, as it was such an exciting and new way to access games. We are now thrilled to be able to mark the 100th game launch on WiiWare with LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias.”

The eagerly awaited follow-up to last year’s best selling, award-winning WiiWare launch title once again puts the power of the wind in the palm of your hand, as you experience Toku and Enril’s new adventure to save Toku’s mother, lift an ancient curse and thwart the evil Balasar. The elemental powers of Enril the Wind Spirit are used to protect and guide the young boy Toku - power his jumps and glides, suspend and smash new enemies, and explore all-new expanses of the stunningly presented, magical land of Mistralis.

Players can instantly transform Mistralis between Summer and Winter, harnessing the brilliance of nature: frozen Winter ponds and waterfalls become deep, teeming Summer pools and chambers in which to dive and unlock secrets, enemies can be frozen or doused, and the very air itself used to form snowballs or moisture-laden clouds.

Other amazing new abilities include the cyclone, which can be used to transport Toku, smash powerful enemies and even drill through the rock of Mistralis’ diverse, richly interactive Chilling Peaks and Melodia City areas.

With production values to match the very best Wii disc titles, LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias will be available to download directly to the living rooms of millions of families in Europe exclusively via Nintendo’s WiiWare service.

Jolly good news, we say - the first title was most enjoyable, and the follow-up sounds even better. We'll have a full review of LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias shortly after its launch on October 9th.

If in doubt about buying this, why not read Darren's interview with Frontier's David Braben? The great man - David Braben, not Dazza! - had lots to say which might convince you to take the plunge.

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Gigantorama said:

Wait, it comes out tomorrow? Couldn't there have been a few more days to get some hype going, I've hardly seen any news of this on other sites...
Or maybe other sites just don't report WiiWare news...

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-TR said:

It's the 100th in Europe. And it's out on the ninth because Europe get their games on Fridays.

We also get Kingdom Hearts DS, Mario & Luigi 3 and Scribblenauts on the same day.



ejamer said:

So jealous! Hope Europe enjoys playing Winter of the Melodias while the poor saps on this side of the pond are eagerly waiting... lol



Fuzzy said:

Hopefully in this game there is more incentive to collect all of the statues...
Anyway, will be getting this.



Vendetta said:

If this doesn't come out the following Monday here in the US, I'm gonna walk up to the next guy I hear with a British accent and kick him square in the nuts.



Jave said:

One of these days I need to pick up Lostwinds and finish it. It was great, but I left it halfway and never played it to the end.



WolfRamHeart said:

Congratulations to all you lucky Europeans for getting this awesome game. I really hope that we get it this Monday. I don't even need a review for this one; I'm getting it as soon as it becomes available.



jbrodack said:

Just so you know it originally said Nov 9th which led to some initial confusion. Anyway this looks good



Betagam7 said:

A good month for Wiiware wanting PAL owners. With this and LIT scheduled, I'll have some downloading to do when I get home.



b_willers said:

It's just past 2am and already this is number 20 in the popular titles list for UK!



GamerZack87 said:

BOO! No fair! Europe's mean to us! We have to wait ages for certain titles to be released down here in...well...'Down Under'. This is one such title.



Betagam7 said:

It's 1000 points so what exactly is stopping you getting it?

1. Make sure you have no points on your account
2. Switch your region to UK
3. Buy 1000 points online
4. Download Lostwinds: Winter of Melodias
5. Switch your region back to Australia

Problem solved. As the game is an even 1000 points you don't even have to worry about losing any leftover points when you change back.



Mario_maniac said:

That's pointed out as much as we Aussies complain about the lack of releases, and we keep saying that not everyone has access to a credit card. I'm not going to apply for one just to download a few games; I'm more than fine with my bank card.



Betagam7 said:

Strange, because I don't have credit card either (and never have had one) yet I use my BANK CARD to purchase wii points all the time!
Tell me again what your problem doing the same is?



Mario_maniac said:

To download points, one requires a VISA or MasterCard. I can't use my NAB card to download Nintendo Points. There's the problem right there, which I actually stated already.

I don't know why you're able to purchase Points online with your bank card, maybe that's just a European offer -- I can't check because I still have 200 Points on my Wii -- but the only way that many of us can get Nintendo Points would be to go into stores and purchase them there. And these points are not compatible with the European server.



Betagam7 said:

No, you stated you had a "bank card", by which I took you to mean an ordinary debit card, the type that's attached to a standard current account and allows you to do things like draw money out at cashpoints/ATM's or pay for things electronically . The words Visa and Mastercard don't automatically mean the card is a CREDIT card as you seem to mistakenly believe, Visa is just the name of the corporation that makes these cards for different banks.
That's how I use my Visa DEBIT card (aka ordinary bank card used to draw money from my current account or pay for things with) to purchase my wii points. Again I'll reinterate, this is not a CREDIT card.
I've never had a credit card in my life but my ordinary standard bank card is made by Visa.
With a quick google search I've located this which appears to be all you require (if, in fact, its not what you already own), its a standard debit card with the visa branding available from NAB:

There should be nothing stopping you getting one of these and using it to buy wii points online and to reiterate once again it's NOT a credit card!



Mario_maniac said:

Oh, I see now. The thing is, the Wii Shop Channel confused me with the icon saying "Buy Wii Points with a credit card" -- I was under the impression that I couldn't use a debit/bank card. And I fail for not knowing that debit and bank cards were the same thing. XD

Anyhoo, I'm-a gonna look at that link a little bit later. Cheers for that though, I think I'm finally gonna get me some Commodore 64 lovin'. = )

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