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Japanese Virtual Console list - November 2009

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The Neo Geo and MSX make their triumphant return to Virtual Console!

Nintendo, Hudson and even Namco all seem to be taking a bit of a step back this month - Not too surprising when there's 2 new Neo Geo and 5 new MSX games after over a year of nothing!

And it's not just small titles either - Nintendo's releasing another Fire Emblem, D4 Enterprise is releasing another Fatal Fury while Konami is releasing the very first installment in the Metal Gear series!

Japan's full list for November is as follows:


  • Fire Emblem Gaiden (November 4th - The second game in the Fire Emblem series.)

Super Famicom:

  • Romancing Sa-Ga (Another Japan-exclusive Square RPG.)

PC Engine:

  • Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (A Japan-exclusive PC Engine port of the arcade game with the same name. It will be released in North America in November as well, according to Hudson's site.)

Neo Geo:

  • Fatal Fury Special (November 4th - An enhanced version of Fatal Fury 2.)
  • Choutetsu Brikinger (A very rare, yet very fun shoot 'em up, which was planned for North American release as Ironclad, but never came out. It's also the first Neo Geo CD game on Virtual Console!)


  • Yie Ar Kung Fu 2 (The sequel to the quirky arcade fighting game.)
  • Space Manbow (A shoot 'em up which has been referenced in multiple later Konami games.)
  • Metal Gear (All the action from the "Solid" games - Just in 2D!)
  • Road Fighter (You drive on roads and you fight other cars - Simple!)
  • Penguin Adventure (The first game starring Konami's original mascot, Pentarou the penguin. A pseudo-3D game, Pentarou must traverse various lands and avoid obstacles that come at him.)

This is the first time in a while that no Arcade games have been announced as part of the initial month's lineup, but it's likely that Namco Bandai will release some over the course of the remaining weeks in November.

A huge step up in terms of non-arcade games for Japan! We'd love to see some of those MSX games elsewhere, Konami - Please?


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pixelman said:

Oh snap, Metal Gear's coming out? Hope we get it in NA some time. I'd say the NES release increases the chance of Konami eventually making a Metal Gear ReBirth!



Falkor said:

Does anyone know if there are any differences between the Famicom Metal Gear and the MSX Metal Gear?



Drake said:

Well, Hideo Kojima regards the NES version as utter garbage while the MSX version is his first true masterpiece, I think that gives you an idea of how much better it is!



AUnkownFuture said:

Another good week for japan.At least they dont have the NES Metal Gear.The AVGN did a review on Metal gear on the NES.



Croz said:

Would be really cool to have the MSX on the EU VC with a translated Metal Gear 1 & 2.



Drake said:

No need to translate the first, it was originally released in Europe. The second wasn't though.



Rapadash6 said:

Great month for Japan but kind of ho-hum in terms of what's in store for the rest of the world as most of these games will never come over. It's cool though, we still have a lot to catch up on anyway.



King_Elemento said:

Metal Gear's release is clearly foreshadowing for a certain WiiWare game belonging to a series beginning with "R" and ending with "eBirth".

Also, SaGa? Lucky folks. >_<

@5. Croz and @6. Drake:
Metal Gear 2 already is also already translated on MGS3: Subsistence, isn't it? I thought that was just a modified ROM, so couldn't they just upload that?



Objection said:

I'd totally dig getting Metal Gear MSX on VC. Any ideas on the likelihood of such a release outside of Japan? And how many points are MSX games?



JamieO said:

The Neo Geo is superb and Chotetsu Brikin’ger / Iron Clad looks brilliant (surely, I must have spelt its Japanese name wrong). A treasured Neo Geo CD game is a Virtual Console treat, will this one ever blast its way to Western shores?
A You Tube video shows a side scrolling shooter, with different game routes a bit like Darius and detailed engulfed in flames buildings. It has chunky metallic tanks, helicopters and well shaded robot sprites with mini gun heads, plus a rain swept, train track boss. Good stuff!
I love finding out about rare games like this, nice one @Drake



Earendel68 said:

Why there are so many "exclusive japanese RPG by Square" that they do not bring to America??? It's not fair...



Noire said:

Fire Emblem Gaiden is a game I'd like to see for sure, though it'll never happen...Wait a second, wait...METAL GEAR?!

What the heck is a Metal Gear? let's destroy the shagohod reference for the win Anyways, that's a game I'd like to see hit the West sometime soon.



Adamant said:

Also, might as well post this here, too:

More MSX games on the way following these 5:

*Parodius - Japan only, the first, MSX-exclusive, game in the popular series.
*Quarth - Port of an arcade puzzler also known under names like "Block Hole", "Block Game" and "Block Quarth".
*Contra - The lesser known Japan-only MSX port of the arcade classic.
*Majou Densetsu, "Legend of the Demon Castle" - subtitled "Knightmare" and released under this name in Europe, fondly remembered Medieval-themed action game.
*Gradius 2, not to be confused with "Gradius II", a completely different game. Released as "Nemesis 2" in Europe, this is a more console-styled shmup with secret areas and hidden permanent weapons to discover, as well as a rather involving plot for it's genre. Originally made for the MSX, but was ported to a couple other consoles.
*Salamander - A remake of the arcade game rather than a port, with notably different levels, a new weapon system where you permanently upgrade weapons and the ability to play stages in the order of your choosing. Released in Europe, I believe.
*Gofer no Yabou Episode II - Released as "Nemesis 3" in Europe, another MSX-exclusive Gradius game, this one also in the style of Gradius 2. Despite the name, it has little to do with Gradius II Gofer no Yabou..
*Metal Gear II Solid Snake - I think we all know this one. Japan-only sequel to the original Metal Gear, recently released in English on Metal Gear Solid 3 Subtitle, not to be confused with Snake's Revenge: Metal Gear 2 for the NES.



Kevin said:

I'd love to play the MSX Metal Gear games. Never played them before since the essential collection only gaves us disc 1.



vherub said:

what's the filesize for ironclad? I would have though a neogeo cd game woul bust the VC limit



Porky said:

"We'd love to see some of those MSX games elsewhere, Konami - Please?," I'd laugh if they straight up said "NO!".



Jolted85 said:

ill get SF2 CE for PCE when it comes out, I wanna have the game even though there are other SF2 games on the VC, glad to see the neo geo returning, I'm interested in fatal fury special



cheetahman91 said:

I want Metal Gear.
'Cmon Konami,at least release the NES version in NA. Who cares if Kojima hates it with a passion.



marktheshark said:

I guess my prediction for the Neo Geo's return later this year has been correct!

I'll be getting Ironclad once it comes to the NA VC!



LinktotheFuture said:

I never understood the appeal of Metal Gear, I had it and thought it sucked. I am glad for those who love Metal Gear however, it is always nice to have hope that a classic game you love is coming to the VC.



abe8812 said:

I though Japan was getting a Fire Emblem game for their Virtual Console once a year since the Wii's debut but this time it's twice a year.
2006: FE3
2007: FE4
2008: FE5
2009: FE1 & FE2



TheKingOfTown said:

@ 12. King Elemento
No, I'm pretty sure it's usually 700 points. Check on Wikipedia again, because it says 700.



jhuhn said:

For those that are curious why the release dates scheduled for November 4 is because November 3 is a public holiday in Japan and because of that, the next day is taken into consideration.



Sean_Aaron said:

Metal Gear's the only game of interest in that list for me, so I'm hoping we'll see Galaga, Grobda, Tank Force, Toy Pop, Bosconian or Rompers from Namco!



morphballer said:

Yeah! Fatal Fury Special! I've been waiting for that one.

Also, Neo Geo SEEE DEEEEEEE!!!!!!@1!1!



CanisWolfred said:

Fatal Fury Special, Fire Emblem Gaiden, Street Fighter Gaiden, Romancing Sa-Ga, Ironclad, Space Manbow, and Metal Gear?! Wow, this is just too good. Damn do I wish I was in Japan right now!>_<



togovero said:

MSX Penguin Adventure is the game Sunny was playing on the PSP in Metal Gear Solid 4!!



Croz said:

Ah awesome so both Metal gears have been translated, come on nintendo! bring the msx out for the eu i'll give you money!! lol



XGBA said:

Japan always gets the good stuff in terms of gaming, technological advancements, support, porno etc., I really hate and envy you guys out there...

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