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Japan to Receive Widescreen DSi

Posted by James Newton

Another variant of the console heading to Japan soon

Just as we were reporting on the possible development of an nVidia-powered DSi successor, Japanese website Nikkei has published a news story claiming Nintendo are ready to launch another variant of the console's current iteration, the DSi.

According to the report, the console will boast screens twice the size of its current version, rivalling the PSP-3000's widescreen format, allowing the display of higher resolution graphics and suchlike. Whether or not the machine will receive a boost in the quality of its cameras or size of storage space isn't mentioned, so we'd advise not holding your breath as you'd likely turn blue and die.

If Nikkei speak the truth, the machine will launch before the year's out and cost the same price as the bogstandard DSi, which would certainly be a welcome surprise. At the moment it's not certain whether the console will be released outside of Japan - or even inside it, as this is a story in Nikkei rather than an official announcement. However, they were one of the first news agencies to break the news of the DSi in the first place, so are usually pretty reliable when it comes to Nintendo news.

Thanks to everyone in our forums who picked up on this story.


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Terra said:

If bigger screens is all they're offering, then I have no interest in this



Philip_J_Reed said:

Someone mentioned on the forums (WariosWoods maybe?) that a DSi VC was unlikely because the size of the current screens weren't conducive to a smooth ratio of enlargement.

Just something maybe to keep in mind...



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Strange. Why would Nintendo want to introduce a screensize that´s not compatible with their current games? This DSi would cannibalize on their own DS market. Sure you could have black borders on the sides when playing regular games (os gasp stretch it) but that would look pretty bad. The bigger problem would be newly developed games that wouldn´t be compatible with the DSi console people bought this very year. I´m sceptical.



wanderlustwarrior said:

oh for the love of christ! get it right the first second or third time! I'm getting so tired of the upgrades, whether or not they're worth it



James said:

@chicken brutus - I spoke with a dev the other day who gave other (more complicated!) reasons why a DSi VC was unlikely. Something to do with the lower amount of memory on DSi vs. GBA games, which combined system RAM with the memory on the cartridges themselves. Something like that anyway. Wish I'd remembered as it would have been a great story.



Starkiller said:

Oh, sorry Prosody I just want it to actually have buttons, I mean, how would I play that!?!?



Objection said:

I dont think this will work as just a new iteration. Its too drastic a change and who knows if existing games will be able to adapt to the ratio change. This is likely closer to what the DS's true sequel will be like,



Philip_J_Reed said:

"I spoke with a dev the other day who gave other (more complicated!) reasons why a DSi VC was unlikely."

James, why must you be the screen door on my submarine?



JakobG said:

My brother will get a DSi this Christmas, and since he broke my old one, he'll owe me one.
Which means super-widescreen handheld fun!



ReZon said:

Yawn. I would be really surprised to see this released outside of Japan.

Seems kind of ridiculous to be honest.



warioswoods said:

@Chicken Brutus

I was indeed the one who brought up the resolution issue, particularly with regards to GB games, which would be oh-so-tiny on the DSi screen and wouldn't have any good ratio available for neat scaling. The separate issue mentioned by Prosody is an additional reason to doubt a GBA VC, but I never considered that a real possibility to begin with, to be honest, just GB / GBC.

I'm glad someone noted my objection, which has yet to be answered adequately in all subsequent posts regarding the DSi VC possibility. I simply don't see a way for the games to look decent on the DSi screens without being 1:1 on the pixel ratio, and therefore laughably tiny.



Nnooo said:

I'd find it strange if they did this without making it the DSi 2. Changing the resolution is a pretty big step particularly 4:3 to 16:9. While GBA games may look fine on it current DS and DSi games would be bordered....



Stuffgamer1 said:

I'd say this would need to be the next system outright, with PSP-quality graphics and whatnot. But I don't see how it could be with the low price they're predicting. GameSpot also has this to say, having been talking about the potential issue with DSiWare games not being transferrable:

"One reason for the restricted rights is Nintendo's ongoing battle against DS piracy. According to Nikkei, the new DSi will have improved anti-piracy features which will be beefed up in hack-prone territories such as China and South Korea."

Who wants to hope against hope the new measures will involve gasp an online USER PROFILE? It'd be nice, wouldn't it?

I'd be fine with ridiculously tiny Gameboy game displays on my DSi, though I understand that most people would not. I didn't know that simply doubling the picture wouldn't fit into the DSi screens, though. Aren't they big enough to do that?



V8_Ninja said:

This is nice, Nintendo, but where is the new console? I mean, but wouldn't it be better for you to wait until you've got your new console ready to add wide-screen? I guess I just don't get you, Nintendo, I guess I just don't...



MarkyVigoroth said:

get a nosebleed like Aerith (
Mamma mia... not again...



James said:

@Chicken Brutus - "I spoke with a dev the other day who gave other (more complicated!) reasons why a DSi VC was unlikely."
James, why must you be the screen door on my submarine?

Phil, I have no idea what that means but I think the right response is - "you're welcome."



Nnooo said:

Also GBA games are 240 x 160 where as DS games are 256 x 192 so it would not be that bad to have them running at 1:1. The DS does that anyway when you play GBA games via the cart slot. If you upscaled GB games by 1.3 you would scale them from 160x144 to 208 x 187 (personally I think Nintendo would just output them at 1:1 and leave them bordered).



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Prosody: Rain on his parade, be the party pooper...that kind of stuff. Just think about what would happen if a submarine had a screen would SINK, and not in the good way.

Does everyone realize that they CAN'T just go around fiddling with the screen size without planning to make games especially for it? A quarter inch is one thing, but if they add another inch or more, it could really screw up playability with the touch screen. So yes, regular DS games would HAVE to be bordered on this unit, which means it would HAVE to be designed to be the next system entirely.



warioswoods said:


I've played GB games on an emulator on a DS Lite before, and that was certainly bearable, but I wonder how marketable it is to an average consumer, when they download a game that uses just over half of one of the DSi screens, producing a picture considerably smaller than on the original GB due to the higher pixel density. And, unfortunately, the average consumer drives sales, so they won't implement a service if it would disappoint the less retro-obsessed masses.



b_willers said:

The DS has a low enough resolution as it is, start stretching the current images any more and it will look a mess.



zemulii said:

Heh well I guess that's a point, people are spoilt these days!

"Back in my day son, we played on screens THIS small!"

I suppose not everyone will be as tolerant as us.

Oh, and as for the actual article... don't like it if it's true. Sounds like it would be huge :S, and I just can't imagine who they're aiming it at. What's the point if supposedly in the next couple of years they're going to be coming out with a true successor?



Dicesukeinuzuka said:

on Kotaku it said the screens will be 4 inch and it was meant for older people who like all of there things bigger and stuff.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@SanderEvers: Does not follow. If you said "not published by Nintendo, it's not GUARANTEED true," I'd agree. Remember, the article says that the same guys who leaked this info were the first to let loose about the DSi. It COULD be true. We'll just have to wait and see.



SanderEvers said:

Nah it's not.

I refuse to believe anything until Nintendo publishes / leaks or releases it. Also, it wouldn't make any sense hence the DSi was released THIS year. Why would they go through the trouble of making another one in less than a year. In these economic times. No, not gonna happen. (This year meaning in less than 365 days)



jangonov said:

And thus I start saving now. Even if it isnt true- at least Ill have game money right?



M00se said:

stupid! i bought a DSi and now this is coming! ah well ill skip this like i did with the light!



Stuffgamer1 said:

Technically, the year is almost up in Japan, where the DSi launched in November 2008.

Anyway, I'm not saying you have to outright BELIEVE it...I don't, really. I just tend to advise against completely discounting this kind of rumor, especially if it's from a source with a positive track record.



SanderEvers said:

"especially if it's from a source with a positive track record."

It's from IGN... need I say more?



Sylverstone said:

lol at the pic

Some cheap artist right there

But why Nintendo? Work on the next big thing!



Stuffgamer1 said:

Ahem..."Japanese website Nikkei has published a news story..." THAT'S the source I was referring to, not IGN. Why they have a track record: "However, they were one of the first news agencies to break the news of the DSi in the first place, so are usually pretty reliable when it comes to Nintendo news." Both quotes taken from this very article.



Radixxs said:

@Dicesukeinuzuka Because it is targeted towards the visually impaired, it is highly unlikely for Nintendo to upgrade the resolution. I really see nothing to worry about, its just a version of the DSi with larger screens which will probably boast stretched and somewhat large/pixelated graphics for the older folk.



Mabbit said:

yeah! im glad i left out on the dsi. i dont know if i can get this, but maybe with some extra bday cash...



Macaronius said:

I compared gba sp and dsi screen differences, and they were about the same. screen sizes won't be too much of a problem.



harusame said:

The IGN article doesn't say anything about a 16:9 screen, only that the screen will be larger than in the current DSi (the resolution probably won't change). It's still a weird move by Nintendo but not quite as stupid as a widescreen DSi would be.



Xkhaoz said:

Oh, come on! Don't release it, just make it a pheriphial. They could out with a new app. It sends a communtication at the screens could clip onto the DSi.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@SanderEvers: Yeah, but they didn't originate the news, Nikkei did. NLife just listed them as the source because it was easier than retranslating the original source ourselves (assuming we have anybody who COULD do that). The IGN article cites Nikkei as its source, therefore they are the original source of the news.



Kid_A said:

What a pointless load of crap this is. I'm actually with Corbie on this one.(even if I think the PSPGo just as pointless )



iphys said:

I don't believe this for a second. Nintendo hasn't milked the current design for all it's worth yet.



Ren said:

I don't buy it at all.
I can maybe see it just being a new handheld all togther, which is great news anyway.



pixelman said:

I'll welcome the upgrade if it makes the buttons clicky again and fix the GD shoulder buttons. Gah, I'm so sick of this soft squishy crap.



fatlittlenick said:

I doubt this is going to happen. I mean, isn't nintendo meant to be announcing a brand-new handheld system at the next E3? (please call it the Super DS) The original DS will be turning 5 on the 21st November this year (for america, at least), so a completely new handheld released next year would make enough sense, i guess. But not this 'widescreen' BS.



J-Man said:

@ Corbie.....Sorry for pounding on the PSP Go. I know now that there could be worse handhelds.



blank_user_1 said:

"Twice the size." That does not mean widescreen. That sounds like they're doubling the same square to be "twice the size." Weird.



postmanX3 said:

O come on, I just bought a DSi.

I need to stop buying Nintendo consoles. I should have learned by now that they make more consoles than they do games. Ugh.



y2josh said:

All the different physical makeovers they do to their handhelds and they haven't done anything to the Wii, except change its color.



Burn said:

Remember the magnifying-lense peripherals that came out in the 90's for the GameBoys? There's your solution.



WolfRamHeart said:

I really hope that this story doesn't turn out to be true because I just bought my DSi. I will be pretty pissed at Nintendo if they plan on releasing another version of the DSi this soon.



Hardy83 said:

This is rediculous.
If this is true, Nintendo is being really dumb.
Not only would this eat the first DSi's sales, but the first DSi was quite a letdown to begin with that most people would pass on this.
Considering there's no way to convert your DSiWare games over, what's the point really?
Unless it plays movies REAL music files, a wicked browser, better online shop, skyp and is basically the Iphone but not, then maybe it'll be good, but knowing Nintendo it'll be meh.

If this is true.



Grumble said:

Nintendo... stop planning stuff and put more $$$$ into providing quality games, services and downloadable content for your already available and successful systems!!



y2josh said:

Nintendo DSi sold worldwide: 6.68 million (as of June 30, 2009)

I think the big N's plans are to get all the money you can from a system then move on to a different version of that system as soon as you think it's possible.



StarDust4Ever said:

"so we'd advise not holding your breath as you'd likely turn blue and die."


[stardust sucks in a deep breath...]



[statrdust's face turns blue]


[stardust collapses onto the keyboard ]



Raylax said:

I have some serious doubts this is real, unless it's a completely new console rather than DS Version 4. A widescreen console with nothing that supports 16:9 other than the system menu and maybe a small number of launch titles isn't going to be an easy sell, even to the gadget-happy Japanese market.



invmat said:

Well, I hate the original DSi. But this one needs a serious consideration.
If there's no news of a real DS successor by the time this is released in Europe, I'm going to buy this. Besides, my DSLite is a little bit broken, I can still play games.



JimLad said:

Though this flooding of the market is pretty disgusting...
I can't help but want one
(bigger screens is the one thing I'd change on the DS, and I'm still on the Lite)



Crunc said:

I want to know how we'd transfer our DSiWare to a new DSi. If we can't transfer I guess I won't be buying any enhanced DSi. They never should have released the DSi if they were going to release a significant update so soon after, and especially not if there is no way to transfer your points and games to a new one.



mjc0961 said:

"Yeah, but they didn't originate the news, Nikkei did. NLife just listed them as the source because it was easier than retranslating the original source ourselves (assuming we have anybody who COULD do that). The IGN article cites Nikkei as its source, therefore they are the original source of the news."

But considering how crap IGN is, it's quite possible they translated it incorrectly, or just plain made stuff up. Don't trust anything coming from IGN for a second unless you can back it up with a credible source, but since you need to do that anyway, might as well skip over IGN altogether.



SmaMan said:

Amen, mjc0961

So if they put this thing together like it is in the picture, they could pretty much just solder 2 iPhones together. That way they could take care of the two touch screen enhancement now as well!
And buttons? Psssh! Casual gamers don't care about buttons. Look how successful the iPhone is! (Please, please Nintendo, keep buttons on your handhelds!)

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