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It's Official: Nintendo is the Best

Posted by Damien McFerran

Are you going to argue with the experts at A.T. Kearney, punk?

As hardcore Nintendo fans we're all aware that the company is pretty freakin' special. However, it's always nice to have this kind of thing confirmed semi-officially, so the fact that highly respected consulting firm A.T. Kearney has decided that Nintendo is the number one firm in the world when it comes to 2008 sales and international performance is comforting, to say the least.

In a report published by BusinessWeek, it was revealed that out of 2,500 companies Nintendo ranked first, beating corporate giants Apple and Google to the top spot.

In case you were wondering, rivals Sony and Microsoft didn't even make it into the top 40.


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James said:

edits every following comment to say something pro-SEGA


I think I may also need some more sleep...



James said:

I swear I didn't edit MrPinguy's comment. I love you, MrPinguy.



StarDust4Ever said:

Wow! Critics of the N64/Gamecube era never saw this one coming

In 10 years, Nintendo has gone from underdog to Tawp Dawg



Sean_Aaron said:

No surprise about Sony and Microsoft. Sony hasn't been cool for a very long time (basically since their media arm started hamstringing their consumer electronics arm which left the door open for Apple to own them in the portable music player space) and Microsoft has never been cool.



Aviator said:

As if. Nintendo beat Microsoft's rival, a web browser, and other game companies who also sell other products. Nintendo sells games and consoles. Microsoft games, consoles, pc's. Sony, games, consoles, tv's, dvd players, dvd, music etc.



taffy said:

god if this was n4g they'd all cry foul... I like to go there from time to time to have a laugh at the comments section. You know they still bitch that the ds is selling so well and can't understand why. Mint I tell you.



noname875 said:

"in case you were wondering, rivals Sony and Microsoft didn't even make it into the top 40."
Of course they did not! Go Nintendo!



astarisborn94 said:

That is awesome. That explain why they make money and is indeed the best video game company in the world.



Machu said:

Nintendo ftw! I'm pleasantly surprised to see them outdoing Apple.



Reala said:

Sega where the best, no are the best, the Sega Ring Edge console is the best yet by far and Shenmue 3 is easily the game of the year, can't wait till Xmas to finally play Phantasy Star 5.



invmat said:

SEGA, maybe in the past, but certainly not now (Sonic and the sword-****, Sonic as a ***** werehog). SEGA can still be revived (Project Needlemouse...)



aaronsullivan said:

Guys, Nintendo being able to make a profit makes it the best at making a profit. It doesn't make it good for gaming in general, good for consumers, or good for publishers (besides Nintendo).

I love Nintendo, and especially the key creative people behind their awesome games (Mario, Zelda, etc.) but there's plenty of problems to work out in the near future and Sony and Microsoft are getting a lot right at the moment.

I just hope Nintendo doesn't go soft like they did after the success of the SNES and early N64 and drop the ball again.

The opportunity here is tremendous, however (here's where I go off the deep end a bit). If Nintendo can somehow pull off a backwards compatible Wii HD with an enhanced yet functionally equivalent Wii Remote (more accurate motion and IR, better speaker) along with an additional feature or two, AND a more reasonable online strategy (down with friend codes!), it could jump right into a head-to-head with Microsoft and Sony as they dip their toes into the motion-control arena (after all, they are going for the long term).

While I'm dreaming, let's throw in automatic higher resolution for all the old games if played on the Wii HD. Why not? lol.

Let's see if Nintendo can pull that off. Eyes on E3 2010...



Objection said:

Very nice Nintendo. You have conquered the business world for this past year. Now...the real question: what are you going to do now to keep the title? I expect some awesome answers!



Stuffgamer1 said:

I agree with everything aaronsullivan said.

@Swerd_Murd: What, Nintendogs, Mii-dependent "Wii" series, Fossil Fighters (still surprised that was Nintendo), etc. don't count as new IP's?



TKOWL said:

thought my friends will still hold to the belief that SONY is better...



JamieO said:

I'm not going to argue with Damien either, from his header I think that he may possess Harry Callahan's .44 Magnum, "the most powerful handgun in the world". That thing would blow my head clean off!
Go Nintendo!
( .. and @aaronsullivan , backwards compatibility is tops now for Wii and will rule for ever, I hope it is included in future Nintendo consoles, too).



Metang said:

It's official now, W00T! Close behind them are Sega and Sony, but Nintendo will always be the BEST.



Slapshot said:

I also agree with AaronSullivans coment. Nintendo made awesome profits this past year and did very little for the core gamers. With the price drops of Microsoft and Sony.... Nintendo has a big hurdle in front of them now and with only 10% of Nintendo owners using Internet on their systems the core audience is going to start looking toward other companies. Its sad but true because Im in that category myself.



Digiki said:

Well that's a shame, since the competition isn't doing a very good job, Nintendo can continue to suck, for the time being.

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