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IGA Involved With Castlevania: Rebirth; Next Project Top Secret

Posted by Damien McFerran

Don't fret - Koji Igarashi is still alive and well, Konami confirms

When Konami revealed its Castlevania series reboot Lords of Shadow at this year's E3, the absence of Koji "IGA" Igarashi raised some eyebrows.

The legendary producer - who has been the Castlevania franchise head man since the days of Symphony of the Night - didn't seem to be having any input in the upcoming 360/PS3 release, with programming duties being handed to Spanish code shop MercurySteam and the producer's seat going to Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima.

This naturally sparked rumours that the whip-loving developer had left Konami - and the Castlevania series - forever.

However, Kotaku has pressed Konami for answers and the Japanese company has confirmed that IGA is still around and more importantly he's been involved with the forthcoming WiiWare title Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth. This fact alone should please fans of the vampire-hunting series.

Intriguing, Konami also mentioned that IGA is working on a new project which can't be revealed at this time. Putting aside the bitter taste of IGA's previous non-Castlevania outing and the embarrassment that was Castlevania Judgment, we're hoping for a proper Wii adventure or another 2D DS release.

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Golgo said:

IGA-san. Officially the craziest Japanese videogame developer, after that boob-obsessed loonbag Wotsisname (formerly) at Tecmo and Suda 'Mad-Dog' 51.



JamieO said:

This news is all good, Konami is dripping Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth details from their razor sharp teeth and I'm eagerly taking the bite.



JayArr said:

If I could pull off wearing a cowboy hat and whip on a daily basis.... my life would be so much better.



Golgo said:

But could you pull off the sinister and copious facial hair to go with the other two? That's the genius of IGA...



WolfRamHeart said:

Now this news has me even more excited for Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth! I say bring it on along with a new DS Castlevania please!



Egg_miester said:

iga is the poo and now i am more excited for castlevania rebirth and i am behind him 110%



xesbeth said:

IGA is the best at copy and paste. If his next project is a castlevania for next gen it will be a FAIL in front of Lord of Shadow, a new castlevania portable project, it will be good but reusing that damn rpg formula, or a castlevania chronicle and in that case i'll be happy! If he makes a totally new project, well, I don't know (remember nanobreaker....).

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