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Gravitronix Release Date Slips

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Developer expecting an up to two-week delay.

All dressed up for its long-awaited arrival on the WiiWare service, Medaverse Studios' action battler Gravitronix looks like it won't be hitting its predicted October 5th release in North America.

Jesse Lowther, the game's lead designer, told Nintendo Life that a minor clerical error has caused the game's release to be delayed what they believe will be another one or two weeks. The studio expects to hear about the new date as early as Monday.

Gravitronix was one of the very first WiiWare games announced almost two years ago, so another week or so of waiting isn't much more than a drop in the bucket really. A bit of unfortunate news for those looking forward to getting their 'motes on the game, but cheer up! We caught up with Lowther recently in an exclusive interview, which you now have time to read over and over again until the game is released. Ain't life grand?

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J_Lowther said:

Sorry, all.

I was busy getting media out, editing trailers and the like and some necessary paperwork slipped through. D'oh!



Pastry said:

On the bright side, now I have more time to figure out what this game is about!



Corbs said:

Well I think the wait will be alright. We've come this far, after all.



iphys said:

I wondered if the date for this game still might slip -- ridiculous!




I'll be interested to see what the review says. The footage and screenshots don't look to impressive.



Sean_Aaron said:

@Legend Marioid: Unless you've got a North American Wii, it doesn't sound like this game is getting a worldwide release; I suppose a European publisher could pick it up though!



longtimegamer said:

We better have at least 2 wiiwares tomorrow. Knowing our luck Nintentendo wont replace it with anything.



longtimegamer said:

Well, guess we got scr**ed because of this mistake, that and the fact that Nintendo probably didn't even try to replace it with something else.
This probably would have been a perfect time for them to put this out considering that we only got wordsearch today for Wiiware.



J_Lowther said:

@Sean Aaron

We'll be releasing in Europe as soon as we can afford the fees associated with all of the European rating boards and the costs of translating for the remaining European languages. We wanted to launch worldwide, but we just couldn't afford it yet.



J_Lowther said:

Like I said, it'll come to Europe as soon as we can afford to bring it out, but we WILL bring it to Europe.

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