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First Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth Screens Appear

Posted by Kaes Delgrego

Latest issue of Famitsu provides a closer look at the highly-anticipated dose of retro goodness.

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has provided the world with a first look at Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth.

The screens show the typical Gothic look we've come to love and expect from Konami's vintage series. The game appears to follow the classic linear / stage-based formula as opposed to the more recently popular Metroidvania gameplay.

A handy NeoGAF user was able to translate the Japanese text surrounding the images:

"Graphics are brand new, giving the stages a more Gothic feel. There are changes and tweaks to the gameplay as well, with new enemies, new traps, and other improvements in each stage. There will also be new arrangements to classic Castlevania tracks."

The latest Castlevania comes to WiiWare in Japan on October 27th, likely to coincide with Halloween. There's no word yet on a release date for the rest of the world, but one can hope it'll follow shortly after. It is currently priced at 1000 Nintendo Points.


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Rapadash6 said:

This looks REALLY different than the original Game Boy version. Thank goodness for that. ^^'



JamieO said:

Konami ReBirth is on fire at the moment, they capture the classic visuals of these titles perfectly, particularly the PC Engine/ Super Famicom era.
I really should learn Japanese and invest in a Famitsu subscription.



Egg_miester said:

i guess that means america wont be getting it this year i find it unlikely konami would release it before japan or around the same time first silent hill news now this i don't like today



blackknight77 said:

Awww yeah! Now that looks like good. Consider it downloaded. Can we have on 10/26 please?
I see the giant rolling eyeballs make there return



Omega said:

Yay, it really looks awesome. There are way more colors than on the Gameboy Classic.

@JayArr: More blood than you can fill your bathtub with?



motang said:

can't wait, currently getting my rump handed back to me by Contra ReBirth.



JayArr said:

@Omega - I'm talking paint the town red amounts of blood! Evil Dead kind of blood.

Seriously though, I'm a little sad this is just a remake and not a original game.



Bass_X0 said:

Because you've beaten Adventure on the GB so many times already? If you haven't played the original, this will probably feel like a completely new game and not like a simple remake at all.



JayArr said:

If you put lipstick and rouge on a donkey, it will look prettier but it will still be a donkey. Remake is a remake, simple or not.



Bass_X0 said:

I'm not expecting the game to be a donkey (i.e. bad). Its going to play quite well I imagine even if it is a remake.



WolfRamHeart said:

Wow, the graphics for this game are gorgeous! I'm definitely setting some points aside for this one! I really hope that we get it this year!



Omega said:

I have never played the original "Castlevania: The Adventure" because nobody seems to like it. So if they take the Gameboy Game and make a good game out of it, it's okay for me.

With the brand new graphics and other improvements it seems to be more like "Castlevania IV" meets "Castlevania: The Adventure" to me.

But I also understand what JayArr means. If they simply take the Gameboy game and just give it some colors (and no major improvements), it could be donkey poo. I hope it's not.



Ian_Daemon said:

@ Bass X0: I fully expect this to be good.
(p.s. JayArr never stated what he meant by "donkey". I was just going with his words...)



MisterGiygas said:

Finally, some screens! It looks really nice from what I can see, even though it's from a small scan. It looks like a cross between Castlevania 4 and Rondo of Blood which is exactly what I hoped for.



Kevin said:

Looks great! Now if they released this with Zombies Ate My Neighbors on 10/26 that would be a real treat.



JayArr said:

I apologize for my pessimistic attitude but as a life long Castlevania fan The Adventure scarred me for life. So I cringed when I heard Rebirth was a remake of this game.

I am positive the develpoers will fix the unforgivable controls/gameplay that rotted the Gameboy original to it's core. This game looks gorgeous and should live up to Castlevania name.....I hope.



cr00mz said:

shame they didnt make a metroidstyle castlevania, oh well. I enjoyed super castlevania for the snes so maybe this fun aswell



WaveGhoul said:

Nice Colorful Snes Graphics, Love it! Will there be blood in it as well?
Anyways, next up we definitly need an Old School Ninja Gaiden Rebirth from Konami.



blackknight77 said:

"Anyways, next up we definitly need an Old School Ninja Gaiden Rebirth from Konami"

You'll have to ask Tecmo about that one



LinktotheFuture said:

Looks like a must have. I was hoping to get Castlevania III for halloween last year, but we had to wait a bit longer for that one, so maybe they will make it up to everyone by releasing this for halloween this year.



Mike1 said:

I'm glad it will be like the classic Castlevania games and not the Metroidvania games.



outrun2sp said:

looking good.

Im glad they went with 16it style graphics.

M2 can convert as many konami classics as they like.



SwerdMurd said:

BEAT NIGHTMARE ON CONTRA TODAY! 4 continues, but still--very proud of myself.

This is....godly. I'm forcing myself not to keep reopening that single magazine scan...Too excited for my own good.

@Mickey - Chron was a good game! Except for the last level, I love it! (Flaming Knights on last level are evil)



CanisWolfred said:

Castlevania Chronicles was okay, but it was pretty cheap at times, and often discouraged exploration(break a block and instead of a roast, you get a Fleaman flood. Not. Cool.) Not to mention the levels weren't that good either. Really, I find it to be the weakest in the series, IMO.



XD375 said:

Please redo the rest of the old Game Boy Castlevanias, Konami. :]

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