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Fight Stress With Abylight's New WiiWare Title

Posted by James Newton

Stop Stress: A Day of Fury promises relaxation aplenty

Abylight first caught our attention not so long ago with their decent WiiWare title Fish 'Em All, and now they're back on the scene with their next title, Stop Stress: A Day of Fury.

Very little is known about the game at the moment, but Abylight have shared a video of its premiere at the Tokyo Games Show. It seems to be a first-person adventure where you take care of irritations, including the flies bothering our hero in the video. Make sure you keep watching to check out the slipper versus pot plant fight!

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Stop Stress: A Day of Fury is currently passing through the giant cogs of the Nintendo of America approval machine, so we should have more information for you within the next few weeks.

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James said:

Yes, indeed that's its official title - it isn't clear from the video, but that's the truth!



James said:

No, that's a genuine woman. Thanks, though.

Maybe one week we'll do a special where ALL the news and reviews pictures are posed by me.



blackknight77 said:

Hmm.... I'll think about this one because I have been playing alot of Super Stress Fighter IV: Turbo Hyper Stress Edition latley.



Objection said:

Or one could play something like...MadWorld...ripping cartoon people in half oughta release some stress.



MuljoStpho said:

Was he... Was he throwing a shoe... at a giant bee?

watching the trailer a couple posts up...

And apparently it only gets weirder after that. Stoplight golem? Toilet tentacle? A boxing copy machine? Robot chipmunks? And... a mailman... Consider me cautiously intrigued...



No_No_No_Wrong_Way said:

Graphics and art-style wise, it actually looks pretty nice. And I love the concept, especially fighting a copy machine.




IDK. getting attacked by a killer bee in a video game seems kinda stresfull to me. If you want to fight stress go play animal crossing.



Omega said:

Is this some kind of FPS? Anyway for me it looks more promising than Fish'em All.



Sean_Aaron said:

Excellent stuff, it's nice to see developers trying to capture that mental Japanese magic. I still play Fish ' Em All! from time to time and enjoy it.



bro2dragons said:

the game.... i can't really say at this point. i DO want that black Wiimote/nunchuck, however...



Burning_Spear said:

Bug-swatting is an annoying task in real life. Why would I pay money to recreate the experience? I can just leave the windows open. I wish someone would create a game that could recreate my real favorite activities, such as paying bills and pulling Band-Aids off of my arms.



Golgo said:

the first 7.5 second close-up of the young ladies' breasts were by far the highlight of that video reveal.

edit: it was only 4 seconds. went back to check.

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