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Fight in the Street on Virtual Console Later This Month

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The TurboGrafx-CD version of the original Street Fighter will be available in all territories soon.

As on every other Friday, Nintendo of Japan today revealed their download plans for next week, and among the games to be released is Fighting Street, a port of the original Street Fighter that is quite close to the arcade version.

We already reported that the game had been rated by the OFLC a while ago, indicating an upcoming European and Australian release. It turns out that not just Japan, but Europe, Australia and North America will all be getting the game this month, if Hudson Soft's site is to be believed.

For the uninformed, however, be warned that only the diehard series fans should get excited over its impending release. There's a reason everybody fondly remembers the sequel instead of the original, as it suffers from poor controls and incredibly cheap opponents. There's also no real two-player mode: you can play a single match against a friend to decide who gets to play against the game's ten AI opponents, but that's all! Still, it's at least interesting to see how the series started, and to see some characters which later made comebacks.

As it's a CD game, it'll cost you 800 Wii Points. No exact release date has been decided for North America or Europe, but whatever the case, it can't be far away!


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JaredJ said:

Why is this version called Fighting Street and not Street Fighter? Just curious.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Yay, a Street Fighter with the number 2 in the title! lol. XD

@WhoKnew Funny enough, I brought the SF2 15th Anniversary PS2 Controller today and played some Alpha too. XD



astarisborn94 said:

@JJ: The Arcade version is called Street Fighter. However, in the TurboGrafx-CD version, they changed it to Fighting Street for unknown reason. So it makes sense that they retain the original version.

Here's to hoping the game gets at least five stars out of ten, then the week won't suck last this week.



LinktotheFuture said:

On the Capcom Classics Collection, this is called Street Fighter, so I wonder why this version is called Fighting Street?



Hmmmm...I may seem interesting for the collection but is not a very good game at least as I how recall it..

I wonder if we will see the TGFX version of sf2 or even better the SSF2 turbo on VCA.



JayArr said:

Thanks for the vid Marcel. You have given my faith that this is worth getting.



Bass_X0 said:

It will most likely recieve less than 5/10. The arcade version is completely unplayable compared to later games and the TurboGrafx version won't be an exact port (never played that version though). As well as near impossible to do special moves, the actual fighting is quite lame and you never feel completely in control of the fight.

Its only worth playing if you're a fan of the series wanting to experience the first game and even then only if you bought it in a collection. Otherwise I would not recommend it to anyone. The only good point is that the graphics are quite nice and well detailed for a 1987 arcade game. Again, I'm not sure how much or little inferior the port is compared to the arcade version.



StarBoy91 said:

Meh! Didn't like Street Fighter I (Fighting Street) much. Street Fighter 2 is better, and much more playable, IMO!



Cheezy said:

I thought the arcade version was OK. I didn't like this one though. Why couldn't they just do the arcade version instead?



Dazza said:

I know this is now horribly dated, but I used to love playing the arcade as a kid. It was quite unique as it had two punch pads which in turn would determine the strength of your kick or punch on screen. (I think later machines switched to 6 buttons)


Yes the game was cheap, but it was fun at the time. Doing a fireball wasn't quite the exact science that it became in SFII, but if you could pull them off you could easily win. One fireball could take about 1/3 of your opponent's life gauge!

Also who can forget that muffled sampled speech? lol



Mach-X said:

Ok. Time out. Because normally I would never do this. You guys know I hate the 'boohoo where's X game' thing. But where is Rondo. Seriously. I had given up on TGCD support till now. Now you pull the proverbial carrot from your ass. Now I demand to know where Rondo is.



LightSamus said:

Haha I kinda wanna get this just to play it, but have a feeling it will make me rage over how dodgy it is lol



Jeroen1 said:

Mach-X: Just buy Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles on PSP. You can find it relatively cheap these days and not only does it contain two versions of Rondo (including the Turbo CD original), it also has a port of Symphony of the Night.

But then again, if you don't own a PSP then you're pretty much screwed when it comes to this game.



Pj1 said:

Oh dear it looks like this game might not be very good, it looks good. If you're a hard core Street Fighter fan than this is worth while, if it was 600 points I'd download it- because I am curious about this game.



Devil_Hunter_Dante said:

I do not think this is for me but I think I played the arcade original after seeing that video. I do miss the arcade days though.



Bass_X0 said:

Rondo is a Japanese game so you would have to wait until they decide to do another import week. This seems to be random in America but still very rare.



Kevin said:

Whatever. I can care less about this game. All I want from the VC right now is Final Fantasy 1 and 4 and Zombies Ate My Neighbors.



IAmNotWill said:

@25: Then why did you even have to comment? Stop complaining and go track the originals or something. Gosh.



WolfLink22 said:

It's great to know that i won't be getting this game when it comes out.And to those who think that this is not a port sorry but i have to disagree.

I have to disagree because this is the same game as the first Arcade Game but the only change was the name.



Superman said:

This game is awful, but not as bad as Street Fighter II. One thing I can't stand is an overrated piece of crap. The characters are horribly imbalanced (Balrog and Blanka's throw moves take away so much health, and Zangief hits ridiculously hard), and the fights end in seconds. It's terrible. You want to play a good fighting game, then ignore the first few Street Fighter entries and pick up Street Fighter III: Third Strike. It's the only Street Fighter worth playing. Or, just play one of the following:

1. The King of Fighters XI
2. Killer Instinct 2
3. Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star)

Talk about a satisfying meal.



outrun2sp said:

This game deserves more credit. Its an excellent conversion of the arcade with improved cd music. Works well enough with the two buttons as the longer you hold them the stronger the hit. No combos in this game so doesnt detract from gameplay. Great opportunity for hard core retro gamers but just for completists sake.

With this out the way only 4 cd games left to release (on my hitlist) which I hope they do.
Double Dragon 2
Dracula X

Would be nice to get the turbographics version of fatal fury special as well 60hz.

This is one of the first CD games ever made by the way.



motang said:

Wow, this is very cool! I only saw this game once at a liquor store back in early 1990s but I didn't have any money to play it (I was like 12 years old). Well I will get this one for sure as I am huge fan of SF series and this is the missing piece in my SF collection.



Ristar42 said:

This game is not good if I recall.
I'd like to see the Neo Geo title 'Garou: Mark of the Wolves' on VC as that's a fighter more people should try, though we would get a dodgy 50Hz port in Europe...

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