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Epic Mickey Is Exclusive To Wii

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Game Informer spills a few beans

It sure is a good time to be a Disney and Nintendo fan. Not only do DS gamers now have their hands on a new Kingdom Hearts game, Wii owners will be getting in on a new House of Mouse exclusive: Epic Mickey.

Not much has been known about this secret Junction Studios project other than it is said to be steampunk-influenced. Based on the latest issue of GameInformer and its cover (that should be hitting subscribers around the 12th), we also know that Mickey is armed with a brush of sorts and that the art direction will probably be darker than the mouse is accustomed to.

Even those that aren't big Mickey fans will want to keep an eye on this one, as a certain Mr. Warren Spector has his hands all over this. If the name isn't ringing any bells, perhaps PC titles Deus Ex, Thief, System Shock and Wing Commander will; he's played large roles in all of these acclaimed titles.

More as it comes!


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cheetahman91 said:

This game looks pretty cool, and HAH to 360 and PS3 players for not getting this game. (Wait, I have a 360. Doh! )



WolfRamHeart said:

I just love how one of the tags for this game is Awesomesauce. This is great news indeed. I just hope that it lives up to the hype.



Devil_Hunter_Dante said:

Hey I got a question. Is this similar to Kingdom Hearts ? I do not follow DIsney but my nieces are between 6 and 11 and they are huge into Disney and my brother is thinking about getting them a Wii for Christmas. I have never played Kingdom Hearts or a Disney game. Just curious and if you answer me thanks in advance.



JonWahlgren said:

@Devil_Hunter_Dante: We don't really know much about the game other than what's in the post; Game Informer are the ones that have the exclusive and so far it's all held tight to their chest. Based on Spector's previous output and the art so far, though, I'm going to have so say that this isn't necessarily aimed squarely at kids.



chadthegamer said:

Looks interesting
Even more now because it's a Wii exclusive
Cue the cries of angry sony and microsoft fans



Devil_Hunter_Dante said:

@Panda Thank you ! I really do not know much about Disney but its all I hear from my nieces. I guess we will all find out sooner or later. If they see Mickey in a game they are going to go nuts lol.



Megumi said:

Thought it said Epic Anyways, yeah...I'll keep an eye on this.



WaveGhoul said:

holy crap! This looks like a sequal to Mickey Mouse's 'Castle of Illusion' for the Genesis! I lOVED that game when i was a kid, the artwork looks amazing in this pic.



Grim_Heaper94 said:

I remember an awesome Mickey Mouse game on the Sega Genisis (at least I thought it was awesome back when I played it). I hope this is awesome too.



AchubaNanoia said:

I gotta be honest: That poster is one of the most awesome things I've ever seen! Could we finally have a good Mickey game after the excelent ones on the Mega Drive. Now they just have to make sure this is plays well and I'll buy it!



Objection said:

I'm diggin the artstyle! The mentioned GI is my last issue...199. T.T I don't really want to resubscribe but I'd like to get issue 200...



AVahne said:

whoa....never expected Mickey to ever have a concept like this! this is gonna be freaking awesome!



Megumi said:

Unless Aviator and I are right about the whole Shadow Mickey and FLUDD thing. XD



I don't get it. what is the game about anyway?



astarisborn94 said:

Man I cannot wait for this game to come out.

If the game is awesome and sells well, maybe we'll finally start to see Disney supporting the Virtual Console.



RurouniTeeter said:

@23. bro2dragons
Does a title really matter THAT much?...

I think the cover alone just is... wow... unbelievable wow... If I saw just this image anywhere else I would swear it was some kind of joke.
Looks really awesome though.



luke17 said:

The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse for the SNES, and Mickey Mania for Genesis were AMAZING games. I can't wait for this!



Smoke39 said:

I saw some concept art for this a long time ago on IGN, only I think it was on the PC channel and I think they were making it sound like it was canceled.

Spector's involvement has me intrigued, as Deus Ex is perhaps my favorite game ever.



dgold said:

Click on the artwork in the article - View it full sized. Looks wild! The mouse himself appears to be dripping bleeding paint. Fantasia like rhythms spring to mind. We will all have to try swinging this paint brush around.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I never would've guessed Game Informer would do a cover story on Mickey Mouse! Of course, I wouldn't have guessed a Mickey Mouse game would ever look as grown up as this cover art suggests. Finally, an issue of Game Informer I'm actually looking forward to!



Sneaker13 said:

I'm really intrigued by this game. Curious to see the first screens and find out what kind of game this really is. But it's great that it's a Wii Exclusive.



Reala said:

It looks very nice, but what is it?, can't wait to hear more about it.



pinta_vodki said:

For me Deus Ex is one of the best games ever made. I hope Warren has not lost his ability to make quality games. Looking forward to Mickey.



SmaMan said:

As I looked at that picture, I could almost smell the paint... then I realized it was just some candle nearby.

But yeah this looks awesome! Can't wait to give this one a spin. Or a brush as the case may be.



@the fox - indeed. I am not saying that this game won't be good can you get excited about a game nobody knows a thing?! just for a kinda cliched image?

at least let's wait for more info <_<



the_shpydar said:

Hmm, now i know what GI was referring to when they recently mentioned that they'd have a Wii-exclusive cover story this fall (in response to someone who asked why the cover stories are almost always PS3/360).

I hope the rumored/supposed storyline is true -- that Disney's pre-Mickey characters (particularly Oswald the Lucky Rabbit) that were pushed by the wayside when Mickey & Co took off in popularity show up to take over the Magic Kingdom/Disney Universe and generally ruin Mickey and friends.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Dicesukeinuzuka: Neither did anyone else. The article says it should be coming to subscribers around October 12th. This piece of info came from, which routinely reveals its next cover a week or two in advance.

@the shpydar: Oh yeah, I remember them saying that! Cool deal. That rumored plot sounds pretty cool, too. More early-Disney geeky than the Steamboat Willie area in Kingdom Hearts 2!



mjc0961 said:

After the complete and utter trash that was known as Kingdom Hearts (which buy the way, I can play it right now without a game disc: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx oh yes so fun! Not.), I say the less exposure this game that's also sure to be horrible gets, the better. Disney should just close shop anyway: when was the last time they made anything worthwhile in any medium? All they seem to be crapping out these days are Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers monstrosities.

Requesting game's name is changed to "Epic FAIL Mickey" ASAP.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@mjc0961: A bit harsh, isn't it? Lay off Kingdom Hearts, will you? That's one of my favorite game series. I'll agree that as far as TV goes, Disney isn't worth too much lately. But they still have something to offer.



Veritas said:

Whoa. Sounds pretty cool. Please don't drop the ball on this one Nintendo..

mjc0961, stop bashing Kingdom Hearts. It's a great series.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Koto: Believe it or not, he's not a COMPLETE idiot. I know him from elsewhere, and he's a pretty cool guy for this most part. It's a real shame his post on this comment thread doesn't make that clear AT ALL.



steelface said:

not any more exclusive look at the daily fix on ign it says it may not be exclusive



MarkyVigoroth said:

I feel odd about this... I would try the game (which may end up bought), but I like Mickey all cutesy.



Ashtrine said:

I loved Kingdom Hearts i stayed up all night and skipped school to beat the first one when it came out...(dont ask me at first i thought it was stupid) then i started to love it more when i got to the desert(alladin ro however you spell it.) then the holloween town was based on my favorite movire ever ^^. So this is preaty big in my opinion i already wanna play it lol,



cheshirecatbaby said:

I think it's gonna be awesome, I don't think Disney gonna let it be as dark as the concept art. I'm thrilled it's got Oswald tho!!!!!

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