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Epic Mickey Character Designs Surface

Posted by Damien McFerran

Hand-drawn artwork for new Disney enemy

Game Informer is primed to reveal a bunch of new Epic Mickey details in its November issue but in the meantime the magazine's website has some interesting video content for you to digest.

It's a three-minute time-lapse video (shortened from a half-hour) and showcases a rather traditional-looking Mickey facing off against one of his new enemies - an evil robot called Beetleworx.

All things considered, it's pretty cool and gives a good indication of what we can expect when the Wii-exclusive title hits store shelves.

You can check out the video here.


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Reala said:

Used to think the whole thing was a hoax, glad it wasn't it looks interesting.



JayArr said:

Persnally I never thought the word epic would be used to describe Mickey Mouse.

This looks promising though.



Machu said:

Nice bit of art, but it was the music that got me. The child inside me can't wait to play this. Need more info!



Damo said:

Little ones? Have you ever played a Warren Spector game before?



Gigantorama said:

I really really really hope this game will turn out the way the art is. I know it's not always that often when a game lives up to its concept art, but if Epic Mickey can even get close I might become an instant fanboy.



motang said:

I remember the Mickey game on the SNES, it was fun game. I hope the same for this one.



WaveBoy said:

Is that a robot I see?....ugh, I do love the Castle of Illusion-like Poster that was previously released though.



Machu said:

@Damo: You prompted me to Wiki Warren, he did Deus Ex huh, I love that frakking game it's one of the best ever! I need more Epic Mickey info, when is Game Informer out? checks...

EDIT: "Art, and the tools of the trade, will be at the heart of this experience, brushes, erasers, pencils and more all mapped to the motion controls - presumably for overcoming the obstacles placed in Mickey's way." I like the sound of that.



aaronsullivan said:

@WaveBoy with the Mega Man avatar: have something against robots?

@Ian Daemon: No one was tracing in the video I watched. I hope you didn't see the previous concept art and think that was traced, too. lol.

I've got high hopes for this one. It looks like it will have very wide appeal and not be a "kiddie" game at all. Mickey is an everyman(mouse) that has been a sorcerer's apprentice, an average joe and whatever he needs to be over and over because his basic traits are simplicity and innocence. He should work great in a game where those traits are contrasted against Disneyland-in-evil-upheaval..



WolfRamHeart said:

I really love the artwork for this game! I have really high hopes and expectations for this game. There is already so much hype around it and I just hope that the game delivers.

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