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Dragon's Lair Coming to DSiWare?

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Digital Leisure might be releasing its most famous title as DSi download.

A year or two ago, Digital Leisure, the creators of money-guzzling coin-op Dragon's Lair, announced that they would be rereleasing the game on DS with various bonuses. Things then stayed silent, and as you might expect, it was never released. Now, however, it seems that this could be because they found a different way to release the game!

The USK, Germany's videogame ratings board, recently added a rating to their site for "Dragon's Lair DSiWare," published by Digital Leisure, very likely meaning that they've decided to release it as digital download instead.

Dragon's Lair is well-known for both good and bad reasons - Using the then new laserdisc technology, the entire game looked like a high-quality cartoon and featured incredibly fluid animation. But although addictive, most people quickly realized how simplistic it really was - The "gameplay" consisted solely of pressing a certain button at the right time to move your hero, Dirk the Daring, out of harm's way. Having to insert a new coin after each death didn't help things much!

Although DSiWare's pricing seems like a much better fit for the game than a full-price retail game, we just wonder how on earth they're going to compress the game enough to make it downloadable without instantly filling up your DSi's remaining space - The picture quality will take a heavy hit, we imagine!


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Damo said:

As shallow as Dragon's Lair was (and is), I would still download this. It's a real classic and something you have to experience at least once.



blackknight77 said:

I will download this in a heartbeat. I'm a huge Dragon's Lair fan. But can the DSi handle this? I'll get it regardless of how good it is. I know a pretty decent port was pulled off on the GBC by Capcom.



Mendoza said:

Oh my god I certainly hope so
Just add a few bonusses (artwork, screenshots and... dev vids?) And an extra level and you can count me in I hope you can unlock the NES version ^^



JayArr said:

I dumped a lot quarters into this game back in the day. Instant D/L for me.



Golgo said:

Is this a game, can it actually be played? I remember paying a lot to watch it when I was a kid.



MindFever said:

but ofcourse the dsi can handle it... tone down the animation resolution and resize to fit the dsi screen and it could run fairly good... remember dsi has extra cpu power compared to dslite...

i beg the forces of the universe...hell,i call upon Zeus that it wont be anything like the NES dont need AVGN review to know how freakyshly bad it was... it was so bad that in my opinion,borders on the unconstitutional.the Geneva convention was clear regarding torture...

anyone who disagrees is a communist



MindFever said:

off topic ; i hate mosquitos... i just wanna annihilate this insect species.DIE!!!!...ok,im cool i play Kingdom Hearts ,hurraaaaay:D lol



V8_Ninja said:

This is kinda cool, but I wonder WHY on the DS. It's kinda cool, but it makes no sense. Why not on a console? I guess I just don't get it. sigh



Mange said:

Get the "real" thing on ebay for under 10$. Digital Leisure has released Dragons Lair and Space Ace and some more as playable dvd:s. Working just as the real Laserdisc originals. Video just transfered to dvd instead. Can´t imagine Dragons Lair be any good as a dsiware port. Get the dvd if you like Dragons Lair.



Objection said:

My buddy introduced me to this and Space Ace via their DVD forms. Dragon's Lair looked to be a little fun but Space Ace seemed to be the most annoyingly difficult and frustrating "game" I've seen in a while.



Victoria said:

I'm old enough to remember when Dragon's Lair first came out in the arcades. People were gathered all around and even outside arcade doorway to see the amazing graphics of a what looked like a cartoon you could control. Considering this was in the pixel days of Pacman and Space Invaders games, DL was like nothing we had ever seen before. It cost $1 (or more?) to play when other games only cost .25 cents .. way more than I could afford on my allowance. Plus I was too shy to play with all the people standing around watching it on the big TV hung above the game. So I'd love to give the game a try, just to see what I missed.



blackknight77 said:

My experience with Dragon's Lair is similar to Victoria. I would run to the arcade on the boardwalk in Ocean City. There was such a huge line around it that a TV moniter was placed on top so others could watch. To me this game still boasts some of the best animation (and death scenes) that I have ever seen. Lead on adventurer your quest awaits



Grumble said:

Dragon's Lair sucked. Hope it never sees the light of day, because all I sense is big time disappointment... Let's have new original stuff guys!!!!



DigitalLeisure said:

Hi Everyone! Here are some quick answers to your questions.

1) Can the DSi handle this? Of course! The game plays great!
2) Is this a game, can it actually be played? Yes, this is the original Dragon's Lair from the arcades, and it's fully playable! Every original scene is included!
3) Will it be like the NES version? Absolutely not!! I assure you, the first scene is passable!
4) Why not on a console? All we said is that is it coming to one ever confirmed or denied a console release!
5) Can this even fit on DSiWare!? Yes, it most certainly can, and no, it won't take up the entire system memory.

We'll be posting screenshots, video and a whole lot more over the coming weeks until release.



@DL: is the game controlled with the pad or the stylus?



WolfRamHeart said:

I never played the original Dragon's Lair but this sounds really interesting. I might consider getting it. Thanks for answering those questions DigitalLeisure. I do hope that this game turns out a good one.



Bankai said:

I'll buy this one the very second it is released.

Shallow my backside, this game is an experience.




Heh, heh; I THINK I remember playing this game in the arcade. I thought it was increadible

I was terrible at it though



DigitalLeisure said:

@Tony - Yes, the opening drawbridge can be found in the "Home Mode" as it was technically not included in the original arcade release. The game will be releasing worldwide. USK was first to post the rating to their site.

@SmaMan - You can use either the A or B button for the Sword, they'll both work.

@letsplay - We'd love to make it available for WiiWare, but due to the size limits it won't be possible.



MindFever said:

@Angelic Lapras King: it is forbidden by the International Law against cruel behaviour towards other human beings... therefore: DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT



sonic_brawler95 said:

Didn"t they just release this on Blu-Ray like.......last year, lol. :/

Anyway, I'd download this if it comes out, never played it before.

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