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Did Nintendo Secretly Patch The Conduit?

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Spawning glitch reportedly a non-issue after System Menu 4.2 update

Players of High Voltage Software's online FPS The Conduit are familiar with this scenario: after waiting up to five minutes to connect to a new multiplayer game, you'd spawn seemingly into a wall and not be able to do anything, not even leave the game without shutting down the console. It was one of those bugs that was as endlessly frustrating as it was common.

Game Almighty (via GoNintendo) claims that Conduit players are reporting that the infamous (and highly bothersome) multiplayer spawning glitch has been fixed after the new 4.2 System Menu update was applied.

High Voltage and Nintendo were reportedly working on a patch for this issue a while back, but until now nothing seemed to have come of it. The move certainly wouldn't be unprecedented, as the System Menu 4.1 update is widely believed to have addressed a rogue video glitch in Nintendo's own Wii Sports: Resort.

The bug would occur randomly upon entering a multiplayer game, causing the unlucky player to spawn and not be able to see or move, forcing them to restart their Wii.

We've contacted High Voltage for comment and we'll keep you posted on their response.


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astarisborn94 said:

Finally. Maybe I won't have to worry about this any longer and it'll be more enjoyable to play again.

Proof that the Wii can be patched.



vherub said:

odd, wonder why they wouldn't want to tell people, improvements are good things



Egg_miester said:

odd but nintendo is known for being ninjas never spilling news or telling what they did
but who knows maybe everyone is getting lucky on respawning



y2josh said:

@Ronin180: Maybe they realized they had fixed the glitch on accident and changed it back to the way it was before the update



mjc0961 said:

Perhaps it's just coincidence. I'm sure they would have announced if the game had been patched.



Machu said:

The one game in recent times, that I have wanted to enjoy, but the damn thing wouldn't let me. Sometimes I'd waste 15/20 minutes joinin' rooms, floor spawning, hard-booting, repeating! I didn't want to sell it, but I flippin' had to so I was never ever tempted to try again.



Sean_Aaron said:

I think I had this happen once, but it's been awhile since I played the game. Without knowing why it happens it's not possible to know if it's something that can be fixed with a patch to Wii firmware alone.



invmat said:

@Super Smash Bros. Fan1999: "Proof that the Wii can be patched."
True but be warned, this is not always possible...



Crunc said:

When are they going to patch the "grass problem" in Animal Crossing.



Starwolf_UK said:

I'd say it is unlikely to be a result of Firmware 4.2. When the game is running the firmware basically ceases to exist. However the IOS the game uses to run does exist. I've never seen IOS updates which change things (the whole reason for the IOS system is to ensure 100% compatibility of games from one firmware to the next) like this* especially on such a game specific front which leaves some sort of server-side netcode as the explanation.

What we really need to do is have someone on 4.1 play and if they don't find the spawn glitch...

*-The only major change to an IOS I can think of is removing the fakesign bug.



Infernape1000 said:

I play The Conduit everyday, to be honest, and I would always get this glitch. Thank God I found a hack-free way to remove the glitch from happening every time. All you have to do is move your Wiimote in a circular motion when the start - up screen to a match online comes up. Works every time and I enjoy the game more often.



CorusFace said:

If you get spawned into a wall or the floor when first joining the game, you can just wait until the match you are "joining" ends. It will then send you into the waiting room with everyone else in the game and when the new game starts up, you won't appear in the "middle land" between game and loading stage.



Larkin said:

hmm.. this never happened to me all well thats cool that they fixed it anyway



Wolf said:

@ CorusFace
That always works, but some times the wait just ain't wroth it.



nintendo87 said:

they did not fix it i just turn on the game to start playin it and it spawn me right into the level



Maderek said:

The wall glitch isn't fixed at all. Hell, it's becoming more of a problem as it is.

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