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Consumers Respond Well to Wii Price Cut

Posted by James Newton

$50 saving puts more Wiis in American homes

Since the Wii had a tasty $50 knocked off its price, it seems they've been flying off North American shelves quicker than fireworks in July.

Nintendo haven't yet released any actual figures - it's only been a few weeks - but everybody's favourite Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime had this to say:

The consumer response has been very strong to the price reduction. There are literally millions of consumers out there who want a Wii and had been on the sidelines: they’d been waiting for that little nudge to go out and pick it up - the price decline, the sampling, the launching of key software like Wii Fit Plus - we believe it’s what’s pushing them over the edge to get into the category.

Although Reggie's talk of "pushing them over the edge" comes off a tiny bit creepy, at least the price cut seems to have worked well in snagging more and more customers to buy into the Wii's success. Not only that, Mr Fils-Aime also admitted to a little habit of his - and not necessarily a very cool one, either: he likes to check Amazon’s hourly video games sales charts, although he would as Wii and Wii Fit Plus currently sit right at the top.

The image of Reggie sat at his PC hitting refresh every hour is a priceless one, but surely there's a better way to get sales, figures, Reggie? You're the President of Nintendo of America!


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Tails said:

I am very proud to own a Wii and hope to own it still in the near future Onward Nintendo to Conquering the world...Um.... Again!



Stuffgamer1 said:

That picture is CRAZY! Some people have no shame...

Oh, and huzzah for Wii sales. Not like we couldn't have seen this coming a million miles away.

Oh, and Reggie found another way to come off as creepy. How many does that make now?



Sneaker13 said:

No way, I don't want some dude in a Wii Remote outfit in my home. One is enough .

But seriously, it's a good thing that the Wii got a bit cheaper so more people can enjoy it. I do find it funny however that this is the first time the Wii became cheaper and it still is only 50 bucks. While the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 underwent several price changes just to keep up. And no silly price changes like 50 bucks. I remember that the PS3 was around 599 Euro in Holland on the release. Now it's around 299 and I've seen it even cheaper. Now that's losing money. And then you don't even have a complete package with all the different versions of de PS3 out there.



Machu said:

Not amused! I need a second Wii and I'm not buying one in blighty. Perhaps I should order a cheap one from the states and get a copy of Excitebots while I'm there. hmm



blank_user_1 said:

It's a good strategy Nintendo has there. But, honestly, I wish they just had one game that was similar to an 360 or PS3 game. Nintendo has me waiting for an albeit fun DS sequel on the Wii, when what I want is the next Call of Duty. The Conduit that everyone including Nintendo was touting ended up being a letdown. And what else do I want from Nintendo? How about another WiiMotionPlus game? I bought four of them for Resort and looked for what future games would use it and I couldn't find any (except Red Steel 2, which is one-player). Stop looking at your stupid system sales-- they've been up for ages-- and check out what games are on the market.



RyuZebian said:

Nintendo has already conquered the world. Let's just hope they'll try to amuse us with some new games... Oh right. I don't have money. Okay, in that case I'm hoping they'll release some awesome free software! A media channel would be awesome!



Knux said:

Way to go Nintendo! The price cut was all it took for nearly everybody to buy a Wii!



Wolfcoyote said:

That's all it took for units to fly off the shelves? Hmm...well, to be honest I desperately need a second one for my mother so that both her and my adult sisters can play Wii Fit. My brother-in-lay wants one badly even though he's been constantly making fun of my Wii library while he was playing with his (twice fixed) 360.

I agree with everyone who stated that the Wii needs better titles, fortunately those games are coming. The only problem is that Nintendo isn't marketing third-party software to the consumers enough...



astarisborn94 said:

This is great news for Nintendo. May they further succeed, it'll pay off for all of us. Oh wait, it's already doing that.



letsplay said:

$50 saving? I never call it a saving. It's money not spent.
We need a bail out from our government to buy Wii's and games.
Good to see a drop in price.

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