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Competitions: Win a DSi and Nostalgia!

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Yet another competition... this time we've got a shiny white DSi and a copy of Nostalgia up for grabs.

In celebration of the release of Ignition Entertainment's brand new DS RPG Nostalgia, we here at Nintendo Life are giving our North American readers a chance to win a brand new Nintendo DSi system and a copy of Nostalgia to play on it, lucky you!

And you thought we didn't love our North American readers... how wrong you were! To give yourself a chance of winning the normal rules apply, head on over to the competition page and enter.

We'll be taking a break from all these competitions tomorrow, we wouldn't want to give away everything we have now would we?

As always, good luck!

[via Competition: Win a Nintendo DSi and a copy of Nostalgia]

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invmat said:

This is what I meant when I said EU & NA had both benefits, and this time it's lucky NA.
This is the 4th competition this week (if I'm right), well that's great



Noire said:

Excellent, mwahaha, this is the contest I've been waiting for! Entered and am hoping with all my heart that I win. That'd be so cool...

crosses fingers and says an extra prayer to Jenna



Noire said:

I dunno, Oddy, I still think it'd be cooler if I won it, but hey, good luck to you, I guess. cough more like bad luck cough



Corbs said:

Wouldn't be so cool when I cut the DSi and Nostalgia in half with my scythe and sent you both halfsies.



Odnetnin said:

@Feenie That's what I'm saying...
Ultimate coolness: I win
Decently cool: We both win
Not very cool: You win
Worst possible scenario: Corbie's comprise



Noire said:

Corbs, I'd take my cue from the story of Solomon and tell you, "No, no! Don't cut it in half! Just give it to Oddy, but never do that!" but I'm pretty sure the story wouldn't turn out quite the same way.



Shmavey said:

Hooray! Another competition for NA readers, and an awesome one at that!



warioswoods said:

". . . this time we've got a shiny white DSi . . . "

I thought they were all matte? Either way, I want it.



BulbasaurusRex said:

If I win, I'm selling them and buying a DS Lite (prefer GBA slot over the DSi features) and Pokémon Platinum.



thewiirocks said:

Maybe I'm just imagining it, but I'm starting to think that the correct answer is always in the same position...



King_Elemento said:

Aww, I'd rather have this competition than the Winter Olympics one...
Ah well, only fair everywhere gets some good competitions.



theblackdragon said:

@corbie: is that a test? like that old King Solomon tale, with the two mothers fighting over the baby? the person who says to give the prize to the other lest it be divided in half shall win it? :3



Corbs said:

Exactly. Plus I'd love to see the look on their faces when they got half a DSi and half a Nostalgia game.



Machu said:

This sucks!! We never get any competitions (that I win) in the UK. This sucks!

good luck to all my American 'friends'



Objection said:

Of all the contests you've had, this is definately the best. It's selfish to hope that I'll win, as I do have a working DS and someone might need/want it more, but it'd still be really cool, since that DS is technically my friend's and I'd like one of my own. Plus Nostalgia. Its a musthave in any form. Good luck to all!



WolfRamHeart said:

Wow, this is an incredible contest with a magnificent prize! Thank you Nintendo Life! I just entered myself but good luck to all the participants!



Djrr-ific said:

Ooh no...

I thought when I saw this contest it was a chance for me to get a new DSi for less than retail price cuz mine broke...

Anyways, good luck you American people...



longtimegamer said:

If my fiance signs up she can enter also, right? Have to give her my other email account or make one just for her for this. Can't use same address, is that right?



Gupu said:

do you coun't Mexico as being part of North America, or only US?



Porky said:

@longtimegamer "If my fiance signs up she can enter also, right? Have to give her my other email account or make one just for her for this. Can't use same address, is that right?,"Multiply entries are against the rules right?



blank_user_1 said:

Ha, I almost said 19th century, but caught myself in the nick of time. I won a $150 skype phone once so I must be lucky, too.



Porky said:

@Popyman " is the 19th Century. Unless Corbie was mean and gave false info in the review...," That was funny what you said; Corbies not that mean is he?



Stuffgamer1 said:

I would love to win, because I really want the game and have a friend who would love a free DSi. I haven't won a non-Microsoft-sponsored sweepstakes in over ten years (strangely, I won TWO from Microsoft's Expertzone website for retail employees...and those idiots never tell you you've won until the prize shows up at your door)!



JayArr said:

Aww, crap. I thought this game was in the early 1900's. Oh well. [Goes back to playing Nostalgia]



longtimegamer said:

@Ezekiel: She would want to enter too, for the dsi at least. alright? We aren't married yet (wont be for a long while) and we don't live together. So she would want a chance to win it herself.
I just asked to make sure. At least i asked. Could have just done it and nobody would know, but we haven't. Going to do the right thing and ask.



Slapshot said:

Awesome contest guys.

@Stuffy....seriously? Didnt even let you know?....Well I guess you still got the goods so that the main part of it huh?



SmaMan said:

So when will the winners of all these contests be announced? I'm pretty sure I've entered for all of the ones I can... I'd like to win SOMETHING gosh dangit! And this would be perfect since they're both things I'm thinking of buying someday, maybe at Christmas.



y2josh said:

I went to buy this at wally world this morning when I got off work. Noone was working in electronics so I couldn't get it. Maybe this is why



PATUX3T said:

Ok. First of all, im confused. Is it “the winner” or “the winnerS”? Im pretty confused about that. o.o And besides people, this is basically a raffle. What makes you think anyone here can win? This is just another impossible contest. Hey I'm just trying to be logical.


...I entered too. All I wanna know is how many winners will there be.

PS: Hi twr! (thewiirocks) Its me, PATUX3T from Shout Box.



y2josh said:

@53: It's in the text of the review on this very site. I think this was a test to see who actually reads the reviews lol.



SmaMan said:

I'm pretty sure this is open only to account holders on this site only. And as y2josh pointed out, the very loyal ones who read the reviews. Both of these factors widdle down the odds a considerable bit at least.
Or I could just be wishful thinking again, who knows!



ganondwarf16 said:

@longtimegamer I understand the reasoning and about my avitar don't actually know I never gave myself one I just logged in one day and had it Corbie must have given it to me or something but I like it so it doesn't matter



g-silent007 said:

I really hope that I win this contest I have been wanting a new DS for months currently I play my brothers DS and its a pain because I have to ask him all the time. Anyway good luck to everyone that entered.



ChaosValentine said:

Im getting a little excited now, Soon we'll know who won:), Personally ive been waiting for this game to come out for a long time yet unfortuantly money issues have kept me from picking it up yet, Hopefully I win >.>

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