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Classic Controller Pro Westward Bound!

Posted by James Newton

Or so Koei think, anyway

Yes, Nintendo did have a few Classic Controller Pros in their E3 display cabinets, but without any firm release date or announcements of an intention to bring them to the West we just assumed they were on show to make us salivate even more over the lovely new pads. Even though the Big N's lips are still zipped, Koei recently sent out a fact sheet for their upcoming Samurai Warriors 3 for Wii, and it contained more than one mention of the prodigal pad.

Making its debut exclusively on Wii, Samurai Warriors 3 takes total advantage of Nintendo's new Classic Controller PRO to deliver an unparalleled Tactical Action battlefield experience.

And later on, in the Features section:

Master the moves of samurai masters using the Classic Controller PRO.

Quite how one would "take total advantage" of a controller is something our lawyers won't let us comment on, but it certainly seems like the guys and gals at Koei are excited about Samurai Warriors 3 using this new controller. They're so excited about it, in fact, that the Japanese release is getting its very own Samurai Warriors-skinned controller, although we doubt this'll be available for the Western release. Still, even a regular black Classic Controller Pro would be more than welcome - it's now just a question of when, not if!

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Egg_miester said:

i am good with my normal classic controller with the nyko grip
but i may get a pro if samurai warriors 3 makes it stateside
and ign said earlier koei was making sw3 for the classic controller pro



timp29 said:

It used to be nintendo made their profits from the games. Now I think it might be the peripherals. Sexy looking controller, but the original classic controller is good enough for me.



Reala said:

Think I'll buy one of the pro controllers even though I have the classic version already, I take it importing a Japanese pro controller you would still be able to use it on a European wii.



Sean_Aaron said:

Definitely getting one of those one way or another -- I'm more excited about this Koei game though!



reploidx said:

I ordered one from Play Asia thinking they wouldn't come here. It was on sale at least.

Like the Nintendo Life review said, shoulder buttons are better than CC, but not as easy to reach as a DualShock. I prefer the Z buttons to the L/R, but nothing uses them.

The grips and wider layout make it much better than the regular CC. Cord on the top is also obviously better. But it's also a little lighter than I'd like.

If you play VC games or games like Muramasa, it's worth getting compared to a CC (and definitely a GCN controller).



Fuzzy said:

I would like to see one in the flesh first, but becuase i use the classic controller enough as it is, it looks like a good purchase.



wanderlustwarrior said:

@EggMiester: agreed. glad to see someone likes the nyko grip. It's still quite odd that Nintendo never got around to making their own despite the fact that they built the CC in able to.



mjc0961 said:

I think it's funny that a console that is supposed to get rid of such a style of controller is making everyone drool for one.



JaredJ said:

I just recently purchased the Hori Classic Controller and I love it. So I probably won't be getting this.



Mingo73 said:

I picked up a Classic Controller Pro in Tokyo this summer, and it's amazing!



SilentJ said:

Can't wait! I'll be downloading the Donkey Kong Country games as soon as I get my hands on this controller.



chadthegamer said:

Don't have a classic controller, yet.
This one looks awesome, though, I'll see if I can get my hands on it.



irken004 said:

I'll probably replace my current Classic Controller with the Pro if it arrives in the color white.



WaveBoy said:

If only it had no handles i'd totaly buy this. After all, the Original Classic Controller's L and R buttons are Squishy which doesn't feel as good for Snes VC games and fighters...The Pro on the other hand has Clickly L and R Buttons which i want....But those damn handles need to go, ugh.



WaveBoy said:

If only you could saw off the handles ;p hehe. What can i say i'm not a fan of Handles on controllers, i like the retro style...Especially the Wii Remote on its side 'Nes style'...I guess I'll be sticking with the Original Classic Controller. For this one, Nintendo should of ditched the handles and made it wireless, and have it come in white.



Lotice-Paladin said:

Doesn't anyone think the PRO is just the original with two grips bolted on or is it just me? It's nice to have a different colour and all but it should've been necessary at day 1.



y2josh said:

I think those grips make it look like one of the CC imitations by a 3rd party myself. I'll probably still buy one though since I use my CC for everything that it works with.

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