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Capcom Raising The Dead For Darkside Chronicles Launch

Posted by Damien McFerran

If you're into eating human flesh but also like playing video games, head down to London on the 31st

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles hits the Nintendo Wii any day now and to promote the game in the UK Capcom is planning to flood central London with mindless, slavering zombies.

The company is offering a free Nintendo Wii and a copy of the new game to the best dressed flesh-eater, with a two additional free copies going to the zombies with the "best stagger" and "best moan".

Just in case you thought we were making this up, here's the official press release:

To celebrate the launch of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles on the Nintendo Wii Capcom is calling all zombies to head to central London on 31st October.

We're offering a free Nintendo Wii and a copy of the latest instalment in the Resident Evil series to the best dressed zombie. Two more zombies will win a copy of the game for the best zombie stagger and the best zombie moan.

The zombie Walk is taking place from 12 noon on Saturday 31st October outside Tate Modern. Zombies should horde from noon and then prepare to go on the 'rampage' across the Millennium Bridge.

Your zombie contacts will meet you at Tate Modern from noon. Please don't eat them.

Members of the press will be invited to take photos, so shy zombies need not re-animate.

Free zombie make-up will also be applied by an expert to the first 20 Zombies who stagger over. Please arrive at 11am if you want make-up done.

Zombies can also get their photographs with two glamorous zombies who will be putting in an appearance.

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V8_Ninja said:

OH GOD!!! Grab the light guns and start barricading your homes! We're doomed! shrieks



Reala said:

Some promotions are just too silly, and this definitely qualifies as one of those.



Sean_Aaron said:

Nice. GAME has this down for a 27 November release, but I'd welcome it being brought forward...



Gigantorama said:

@ Reala
Silly yes, but these kinds of stunts are actually really good ways to generate buzz. Local news that probably don't know much about the event will undoubtedly take notice, and the internet will spread events like that even more. It probably doesn't cost that much money to make people dress up as zombies and parade about London, so the advertising buzz should be tremendous!



warioswoods said:

They certainly missed the opportune release window, because I want a good horror-ish rail shooter for Halloween, and Dead Space now wins with no competition. In November, I'm much less likely to bother to pick up another title of this genre.



Kelvin said:

There's also a zombie walk that day in Brighton. Nothing to do with Resident Evil, and no free games involved, just a bit of annual undead fun! Beach of the Dead is the name, if you fancy looking it up.



Sneaker13 said:

I love zombies and can't wait for the game. I think it would be a great Christmas present for me.



MrDanger88 said:

I hope no one buys this game. That way we punish Capcom for giving us another on-rail garbage game.

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