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Capcom Bringing MT Framework To Wii

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Game engine powers Resident Evil 5, Lost Planet 2 on HD consoles

According to a report from today's edition of Japanese newspaper Nikkei Industrial, Capcom has plans to bring over a game engine normally used for Xbox 360 and PS3 to Wii with the hopes of shrinking development costs and time; specifically, developing simultaneously on all platforms will bring a 20% reduction in costs and a 33% reduction in time over developing titles separately.

While unnamed, given the clues it would make sense for it to be their MT Framework engine, which drives games such as Resident Evil 5, Devil May Cry 4 and the Lost Planet series.

It's interesting to note that these statistics include simultaneous development, which may indicate Capcom including Wii in future, possibly former HD-only, multiplatform releases. Capcom's first HD-to-Wii port effort, Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, utilized the Resident Evil 4 engine, but the technical results were somewhat lackluster. If MT Framework can be successfully brought over, it may be the key to higher-quality Wii editions.

Say, now that Resident Evil 5 port doesn't seem too far-fetched, does it?


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Sean_Aaron said:

I'm not fussed about the quality of the engine, but the quality of the game. Dead Rising sounded like the engine was a small part of the problem with the game.



PhillaLoup said:

OMG! An Resident Evil 5 port would be awesome ... no matter how good it would be ... i would buy it!!!



Shiryu said:

I really thing Lost Planet would work very interestingly with Wiimote aiming. One can dream... wonder if they can make MT Engine Wii do Street Fighter IV... =)



JonWahlgren said:


Dead Rising sounded like the engine was a small part of the problem with the game.

Short of hardware limitations, I think the engine was the big problem with Dead Rising Wii. The RE4 engine wasn't designed to have hordes upon hordes of characters on screen at once, which was sorta the whole point of the original.



I would like RE5 and SF4 on wii really. But I doubt it....maybe RE6?



bro2dragons said:

i would be all over (and i mean literally ALL OVER) a RE5 Wii title. ooooooooh BABY!

and don't even get me started on SFIV.... just as long as they don't tack on some stupid shake the remote as fast as you can to do a light attack crap, this game on Wii might just make my heart explode from joy.



Hardy83 said:

This might not mean these games are coming over, just the Capcon is trying to have an engine that works with all 3 systems to cut costs.
It's just that this engine was used for those games. Doesn't mean we'll see them on the Wii.



Ryuuga said:

Lol I used to play a lot with Klik 'n Play! Nice tool for creating games if you don't know anything about programming.
But this is good news, hopefully a SF IV Wii is gonna be possible with this engine on Wii! Can't Wait!



City_Of_Delusion said:

Nvidia's PhysX engine was used in Sonic & The Black Knight. It doesn't mean we should expect the PC version of Mirror's Edge to be ported to the Wii.

It seems that Capcom's abandoning making Wii exclusive games. While it means less exclusives, it could mean Wii doesn't get left out from Cspcom's multiformat releases.

There's still time for a Super Street Fighter IV port, however...



Objection said:

This could lead to some much better ports, or hell, maybe even true multiplatform games. Exciting news!



blank_user_1 said:

I feel this article, particularly its presumptuous headline, is jumping the gun on this. We don't know what engine they're bringing. I personally think this kind of news is unbelievable.



brandonbwii said:

I've been waiting for this day! I want RE 5 with full Wii Speak support. This is the only HD game my friends won't but due to RE 4's controls being better.

Also it shouldn't cost you a thing to port SF4 (though that may depend on the success of TvC).



V8_Ninja said:

Hopefully the engine can run smoothly on the Wii without giving up the framerate or the polygon count of the console. If it did, I would be a sad man.



Ren said:

wow so much speculation. I'll bet this means video games will be free from now on! Or maybe we'll get to hold a wii-mote, cough, and out comes an HD version of anything we desire!



Xkhaoz said:

Hope they just make Super Street Fighter 4 for Wii. Wii doesn't need RE5. But I wouldn't mind Lost Planet. (I'v e heard there's a shoop da whoop gun)



astarisborn94 said:

That is awesome news. Just when we thought it couldn't get better.

Let's hope we get true mutiplatform experiences.

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