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Brand New Flipper Screenshots and Artwork

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

More media of the upcoming DSiWare release.

Hugo Smits has just sent us a brand new batch of screenshots and artwork for his upcoming DSiWare title, Flipper. These show off the game's menus and an only recently revealed pirate world and can be viewed on the game page.

The game seems like it's almost ready for release - Hugo is currently working on a build of the game to send over to Nintendo. He is also actively trying to convince the yet unrevealed publisher and Nintendo to release the game at 200 DSi Points, but the price may go up to 500 if they decide so. Whatever the case, it seems like it'll be a charming, cheap title and we look forward to its release.

Keep in mind that you can follow the game's progress at the official site's blog, so you'll be the first to know of any new developments. Or you can follow Hugo on the ever-popular Twitter!


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baruch102 said:

sigh i wanted to buy this when it came out but i only have 500 points for ghostwire and my last 200 for my note book and those are all the points i have i was planning on getting this withe another 200 points but i spent that on rock n roll domo



SwerdMurd said:

could be nice...graphic style seems a bit painful--much more suited to a potential 200 point purchase than a 500 point purchase, but Nintendo seems to want anything with even a semblance of gameplay to cost 500 or more. Either way, I'm watching it--I wanna know how it's played!



Nintendude92 said:

It looks far better than many of the 200 point games.. I dig the art style.

Would get for 500 pts, but more power to you if they do let it go for 200.



warioswoods said:

Looks like fun, and I'll buy it at either price point, as I'm happy to support a developer who is so open about the grueling process of designing and coding his game. Nice fellow, interesting little blog posts all along the way, and a good concept for a fun title (voxels+destruction).



HugoSmits said:

I’m still not sure about the price point. Rest assure; it’s well worth the 500 points (if that’s going to be the price). As you can see in the screenshots of the menu; there are going to be 4 different worlds + 1 tutorial world. Each world features 4 puzzle levels , 1 star level and 1 bonus game. Every world comes with it’s own theme!

So there’s a lot of content and things to do.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Good luck, Mr Smits. I know you were shooting for 200 points all along, and I really respect that. It's stuff like this that would really blow this Domo crap out of the water and open the field to other developers releasing high-quality games at lower price points.

But if it ends up going for 500, you've still got yourself a sale here. I can't wait to try this one out.



Grumble said:

Those screenshots do nothing for the game (unless that's all there is to the game) would like to see and hear more about this title before throwing in the towel or praising it. thx.



vakama94 said:

this game looks brilliant and with that kind of content its a steal for 200 points, you have another costumer here



theblackdragon said:

heck yeah, do want. I could go 500 points for this one easy, depending on how long the game is. :3

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