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Bloober Team Unveils New Last Flight Screens

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Oh, I'm ready for it, come on, bring it.

It's been a while since we last heard about Bloober Team's episodic WiiWare action-adventure horror title Last Flight, but fret not! The undead are still the greatest threat to aviation this side of snakes and we've got some fresh screens to prove it.

The cel-shaded chop-'em-up stars Larry Adelman, a portly culinary critic with terrible luck. See, this Romanian woman named Anna is on the same flight transporting a body for a funeral, who turns out to be a vampire. Bad Things Ensue.

Bloober has their hatchets set on releasing the first episode sometime before the end of the year.

Vampires on a plane is probably more of a threat that snakes, but killer bees on a submarine would still take the cake. Ah, look at us, years later and we're still milking that movie for humor. Shameless.


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MrPinguy said:

Tipicall Game Blood Action!
I don't if that's actually good or bad...

EDIT: Oh they are jam people, never mind then.



nintendo87 said:

this looks sweet hope this dont go wrong like Animales de la Muerte i still want that game!!!!



Objection said:

^That's exactly it.
I'd forgotten all about this title but its looking good. Personally, I'd much prefer either one large, more expensive WW or a retail release than several slightly cheaper episodes that wind up being an arm and a leg.



Predicting the faults to this game is the same looking enemys, repeation of moves, and button smashing.



letsplay said:

Ahh reminds me when when my brothers and I would whip out the kitchen knifes and cleavers and have a good ole Friday night. Saturday clean up was the pits.



Omega said:

Looks like Resident Evil meets XIII. Assuming it has 3D graphics.



SilentJ said:

About time we get an update on this game. I checked their website a few months ago and didn't find anything new. I'm really looking forward to this one.



WolfRamHeart said:

Wow, this is WiiWare? It looks awesome! This is the first time I have heard of this game but I am very interested in this one!



AVahne said:

wow its been a while since we heard from this game. the art style is looking awesome! reminds me a bit of No More Heroes



odd69 said:

The main character Larry isnt like most heroes we see, first of all he's a bear and that's cool and second vampires on a plane? I'll be buying this.



longtimegamer said:

@Shamus: Heh, heh. Yep. Rule # 2: The double tap.

How many episodes is this game suoposed to have? Hope it doesn't take as long as long a time in-between episodes as Lost Winds.



jbrodack said:

looks cool but I'm kinda concerned about it being episodic. That usually means it ends up costing more or same as retail with no chance at price coming down.



John3714 said:

This does look promising, but like others, I avoid episodic games. Should be a retail release.



Omega said:

According to Joystiq the game is divided into four episodes. [Link to article]
Okay, when they make it 500 points per episode I'll possibly buy it some day. But for 1000 points? Hmm, considering that I can have a used copy of Resident Evil 5 for less than 40 Eur, I don't know.



theblackdragon said:

i really like the artistic style, strawberry jam and all. I wonder what it looks like while it's moving. :3



Egg_miester said:

about time its been nearly a year with any news i was worried it got placed in videogame limbo



smithers43 said:

yea fairly excited..but hopefully its not complete hack and slash with no story or good weapons / upgrades cause those often make or break a game like this



ugh, episodic? <_<

They could make FPS games with lots of levels in floppy disks in the 90s. Now with all the technology they can't do a complete with 50 MB?

That sounds more like shameless milking to me.

The game looks interesting though.



Ren said:

sweet. Looks fun. I don't mind episodic.
I think all WW games are a pretty good deal considering the price of retail games, but I'll admit I've become pampered by the great full games that are so cheap and it leaves me skipping these episodic ones.
I loved strong bad and thought it was well worth the money, but I ended up only getting the first one since there was so much other great cheap stuff on WW. At 500 or 600 I won't hesitate, but any more and I lean to other stuff on WW.



daz1131 said:

Looks good but think they may have problems releasing this on Wii Ware. Survival Horror/Zombie etc game sales are supposedly monitored at point of sale for age limits etc. How can they even pretend to do this if anyone with wii points can buy ?



Machu said:

I think it looks horrible tbh. "Oooh look, it's got blood. Ooooooh."

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