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Wii System Update 4.2 Hits US

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Addresses "behind-the-scenes" fixes

Little white boxes hooked up to WiiConnect24 in the US should have a little blue light emanating from the front as Nintendo have updated the Wii's System Menu yet again.

According to the letter delivered by Nintendo's digital pigeons:

This update provides behind-the-scenes fixes that will not affect features but will improve overall system performance.

Poking about the System Menu after the update, it would appear that the pigeon was spot-on in its assessment that features are unaffected. As for the overall performance boost, well, we'll just have to take your word for it, Nintendo.

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Stuffgamer1 said:

A thread on the forums holds popular belief that the main point of this update was a futile attempt to stop piracy. Not sure if I'll bother updating. Not that I do anything illegal with my Wii...I just don't really see that it's worth the time and effort to perform the update.



Ren said:

hmm, I just got mine back from the shop so I'm especially wary of these "behind the scenes" updates now. Please don't brick me again, I don't have the 80 bucks for it this time. Otherwise I'm perfectly happy with my system performance as it is.
Hey and why does it say "no comments yet... why not be the first?" when there aren't any yet if you're trying to avoid the "first" posts?



wanderlustwarrior said:

furthermore, what happens if someone actually needs to use the word? say I had a post that addressed an order of tasks. can I say "first things first..."?



JonWahlgren said:

We encourage comments, we just don't want people racing to go "first!" It's essentially forum spam.



PopeReal said:

Why are people worried about a system update? Is there something I missed?



Ren said:

Sorry guys, didn't mean to open up a flame box, I just hadn't seen that before, and it seemed a little provocative considering the policy.

I think the more system updates there are the greater the chances are that something can go wrong, especially in this age of downloadable stuff that constantly changes how things need to run. I'm no big techie, honestly, but I'm pretty sure that one of the last few updates is what bricked my Wii. It is a launch Wii (over 2 years old) but it sucks to have it freeze up after an update and a mysterious error code after years of great performance. Never happened in the old days of cartridge systems with nothing online (as longs as you blew real hard on the contacts, wiggled the cord and banged it on the side a couple times; heh!)
I know what some of you're thinking, but NO, I don't use anything pirated or hacked either, I'm totally by the book; thats what made it suck so much.



pagster said:

other sources report that 4.2 disables homebrew completely. since it does such a thorough job, it appears that this update is solely targeted upon removing non-nintendo data.



invmat said:

I did a little research and it is true, Nintendo system updates almost never have anything good for the user. And 'improve overall system performance' ?!?! No, absolutely not. If they want to do that, then just start by removing that harmful SD-cardmenu.
But I'm happy that I live in Europe



Hovodude said:

I won't be updating. No thanks, I like my Wii.

Invmat, this update is for all regions starting today, by the way.



jbrodack said:

This is pretty much completely aimed at stopping homebrew on the wii. It goes so far as to actually uninstall the homebrew channel. Its common that exploits are patched but uncommon for something like already installed homebrew channel to be affected.



invmat said:

@Hovodude : Noooooooooooo, well I should be able to download DLC with my already redeemed points cards. I'll wait for fixes...



dizzy_boy said:

europe have the update aswell.
also, those who aren`t going to download this current update, think about this. the next time nintendo do an update, say, if it`s a features update, this update will more than likely be pushed through with the next one.



Ren said:

All that work to improve "system performance" and there still no friggin' curly hair or colored pants for Mii's. I know, how about fixing the friend codes to be a few numbers and a few letters or something? Or letting us color the menu some neat way with a drawing channel or something? Or do something interesting with the everybody votes channel or something? The possiblities are endless but pirate blocking is mostly all we get, besides the occasional clock or file type update.



Grumble said:

Seems like they could throw in a "virtual ashtray (or insert whatever thing u think of instead of ashtray)" on the screen and it might even be worth the update for some... lol.

so yeah, don't get this unless you're 100% legit. Which of course i am.




skywake said:

Just about every update since the Twilight Hack has tried to block "homebrew". I mean really, why wouldn't they?

@ the people who think the "performance improvement" is BS. There have been many updates and a lot of them have actually improved performance. Take the update before the SD-Menu update for example, SD card speeds pretty much doubled for me after that update. There were updates before where the menu loading times dramatically dropped...... but were soon forgotten a few days later

Basically: a good update you soon forget about because it works, a bad update you remember because it broke something. Most Wii updates are un-noticed.



paulcmnt said:

I'm probably not going to install this too soon. Homebrew is just too damn cool.

Nintendo really don't get it why letting users add their own content to a game/system is beneficial to the company, in the end. Look at Sony: PS3 is the most open platform of the three, but it also is the only one that hasn't been hacked (as far as I know).



Starwolf_UK said:

Wow, they actually made an effort this time...

I don't need to use the Wii Shop for a while so I might as well wait for a fix to everything.



Gavin_Rozee said:

I was hoping that the load time for channel thumbnails on the SD Card Menu would've been sped up. Doesn't seem to be though

it's weird, I have a Kingston Class 4 8GB SDHC Card which loads the thumbnails super fast, but takes about ten minutes to copy the Everybody Votes Channel to. I also have a Class 2 4GB SanDisk SDHC Card which loads the thumbnails super slowly, but the EV Channel copies to it in like 10 seconds. How irritating.

What could be the cause of this...?



Sean_Aaron said:

Hmmm, that kind of bites, looks like my NA Gamecube import days are over (I only had two games so no big loss.

Hopefully Time Warner Interactive will favour us with a new Arcade Treasures collection!



Kenji510 said:

We should at least get some new Wii Channels that we dont have like what japan gots ya know.

Also like your friends list to see whos online and offline just like PS3 and XB360.



joebish said:

Oh great. This is going to turn into PSP/PS3 style ".01" system updates, isn't it.
@Kenji510: But that will only matter when the Wii gets unified codes for games, or a real time chat program.



Gavin_Rozee said:

I love firmware updates. I just wish they did more.

Who can forget that incredible System Update that allowed us to export Mii's from the Plaza into the Parade. Since that feature was added, my Wii has been my most used console of all time.



jangonov said:

I dont see why so many people are refusing this update. I downloaded it and mine runs fine still. (I also never hacked my wii though) I suppose if you did you should avoid it though



Chunky_Droid said:

I never bought into homebrew, I'll get the update. It can't hurt the console as far as I can tell



fudgenuts said:

  • Deletes most homebrew.
    • Now uses IOS70. (No Preloader due to that)
    • Wii Shop Channel updated. Use WiiSCU to update the shop channel.
    • Most of the IOS's have been updated or stubbed.
    • Updates your boot2 to boot2v4 (what LU64+'s have). (That means no downgrading of any IOS, and due to that, you can't revert back to your old System Menu. So BootMii as boot2 installed is removed.)

No way I'm updating. Luckily there are still ways to get homebrew on your Wii.



opeter said:

@20. diego_pmc: actually, Sony removed from PS3 slimm the option to install any of the Linux systems.

You must understand, that these consoles are not opensource and, the big companys will try anything, to stops the hacks, homebrews, running of duplicates (piracy) etc.



Reala said:

never bothered with homebrew to begin with, so updated right away



ejamer said:

Real homebrew isn't stupid, but unfortunately it's no secret that most people using "homebrew" only care about illegal emulation and piracy instead of applications that are actually legit. Oddly, it is usually those same people with an overdeveloped sense of priviledge who complain the loudest in forums after an update...



LinktotheFuture said:

There is a lot of negativity about this update from people who "hate hackers", which surprises me. I look forward to updating my Wii tonight when I get home from work. Has everyone forgot the update that made Wii Sports Resort playable? Updates are a good thing people.



Machu said:

@diego_pmc: That video included N64 games that you can get for free plus other blatant rips of Nintendo software, and you wonder why they don't agree with Homebrew?

Perhaps you should use your developing skills for a platform that welcomes you.



motang said:

My wifi has been acting over the weekend but my blue light was blinking so I guess it worked just enough for me to performer the update on my system.



the_shpydar said:

This really wipes out the HBC? A lot of updates have supposedly done that, but haven't. If true though, i'll have to skip this update.

@diego_pmc: Yes, Sand Traps is very cool. I thought the same thing, with a little polish it could easily be a 500pt WiiWare title.



well I don't have HBC and I don't think I will ever have it (is way to hard and complicated to install) so I'll update it.



paulcmnt said:

@Machu: If you really feel the need to do this, go after the people who use Homebrew for pirating, not the ones that use it for developing.



Machu said:

@diego_pmc: Do what? I wasn't going after anybody. You posted a video containing illegal ROM's, don't look at me.

All I suggested was that you use your skills on an open-source platform, not one that faces updates like this. Nintendo aren't going to give in, neither are you lot, and so I'll see you here for the next homebrew-blocking update in a few months.



bub710 said:

I don't have the HBC either mainly because of updates and things like this. I would rather let nintendo make the improvements until they abandon the system. then i'll step in. besides I have not seen anything offered from HBC that really appeals to me. I play games on it. new games. all the emulator stuff seems silly to me on a game console. I do use them on my pc but mostly mame. HBC does not have a good working Mame yet so I'll refrain. If i'm that hard up for an old NES title I'll drop the $5 for it on the virtual console.



jhuhn said:

I hope this overall system performance means that there will be less wear and tear on the Wii's flash memory.



Opa-Opa said:

Mmmm... Just upgraded my Wii (in EU hits too), and my SD seems loading faster the channel pages (more channels in memory after page change: I can´t explain well with my english).

Anyway, an update is allways welcome. When new Nintendo Channel?



calculon said:

Hey Machu, let me put this bluntly: You're a jerk.

As for this wonderful update and your praise of Nintendo. Tell me why it's screwed up the Photo Channel so I can no longer access images from my message board. Not the SD card, but the message board. Clicking on either option brings up the same message (this card is incompatible) Your wonder-company looks like a bunch of wonder-monkeys to me. Maybe you should ask the Wizard of Oz for a brain and you can finally join them.

I think the only reason Nintendo have done this update is because they've got something big coming and, going by my example of their testing the Photo Channel, they don't want to make it overly easy for everyone to take advantage of another load of poorly implemented coding.

Oh and anyone has the right to do what the hell they want - whether it's illegal or not (not getting into sickening or violent crime here) Most people who pirate games or videos understand what they're doing is wrong and know that they can get into a lot of trouble for it. But they do it - maybe they're don't care, maybe they don't want a front room full of consoles and controllers or maybe, they just want to know how closely (or better) the game looks under emulation. Overall most of them don't need it preaching to and bullying - certainly not by you, who seem to have blown the whole idea of Homebrew into some sort of irrecoverable evil rather than the truly impressive feat that it is.



Jeroen1 said:

#2: It's pretty common policy on other game related websites (or forums in general) that people who go "first!" and all immediately receive a ban. I hope Nintendo Life will take care of this (mildly) annoying issue soon.



Ren said:

I say do what you want with homebrew, but don't act surprised by updates that try and stop it. It's a console video game system, not a PC. It's not meant for programing, and tinkering with outside of material made for it by permission, thats just how it's always worked, people.
It looks interesting but if thats the best there is it's not worth risking my Wii for. Seems like people do it for the sheer challenge and the excitement of doing it on something it's not supposed to be done on. I'm happy with the official stuff, myself.



Sean_Aaron said:

I don't think it's necessary to get personal over people's posts. If you've got an issue, report it and someone will look at it. Flaming or calling people "jerks" isn't terribly constructive or a worthwhile contribution to discussion.

FYI I installed the update and my Homebrew Channel was removed. C'est la vie! I'm off to play some games.



primeris said:

Nintendo should allow, and sigh monitor, a Homebrew channel.
Emulation? Nintendo is making money again from Megaman 2.
If you want to play your old games without digging the old gray carts out of the attic and yanking a dead bat out of your creaky toaster NES, or paying an extra $5 for something you already own, that's what laptops and USB gamepads are for.
I got emulators running on my DreamCast. Interesting, but not worth doing again in general. A PC is easier.
Oddly, pretty much all I play on emulators is stuff I still own, stuff that was never sold anywhere in the world, or fan-translated imports.
And yes, I've paid for stuff I own again on Virtual Console. A few titles are worth it. But if anyone in my house really needs to play Faxanadu (not on VC) or Castlevania 2 (not worth the money), the laptop is available.
Nintendo should allow homebrew so long as it doesn't threaten their income, but I'm sure they'll consider any potential idea as a threat to any potential future product. :-/
Homebrew can produce creative content that will really increase the appeal of the Wii across a broader audience.
If you want unmonitored homebrew with SNES emulators, etc, then go all the way and mod the heck out of your Wii, accepting any possible consequences without whining.
If you want to keep the current Homebrew channel that bad, don't do updates and don't whine here, but email Nintendo like crazy!



mjc0961 said:

Nintendo's on the right track here, but they need to make it a mandatory update to wipe out all the Homebrew (and let's face it: most people use it for piracy so it needs to go).



KDR_11k said:

I'm not going to install that, I need the HBC for my import games. I wouldn't be bothering with that if Nintendo hadn't added the anti-consumer measure of region locking but since they did and given how the PAL market gets treated I think I can summarize this as GO TO HELL, NOE!

Meh, it'll just be a matter of time until an update for the homebrew that doesn't get deleted is installed, anyway.



letsplay said:

From my experience you can't access Shop Channel unless you update to 4.2U.
Just be lucky Nintendo doesn't have software to sniff out homebrew, hacks, etc everytime the menu restarts or the system turns on.



castlezelda said:

I dont have homebrew anymore for like 2 months now, i hated piraticy, used it for dvd and homebrew game and some emulation stuff.



Starwolf_UK said:

WiiSCU (look it up on wiibrew) or just manually downloading+installing the new versions of the Wii Shop and IOS61 using NUS downloader (again same but it is more complicated) get the round the needing firmware x.x to use the Wii shop issue quite nicely. I've heared reports from someone on menu 3.2 visiting the Wii Shop today (for the first time in a while as well as they were surprised to see Star Tropics 2...)



BulbasaurusRex said:

For those of you who aren't updating in order to keep Homebrew, are your Homebrew apps worth not getting any more Virtual Console or WiiWare games? I'll be laughing when you're stuck with stuff like Sand Traps while I'm playing stuff like Pokémon Rumble, Rage of the Gladiator, Super Smash Bros., and Earthworm Jim 2.

EDIT: Well, after reading Starwolf's comment above mine, never mind. Nintendo needs to find a way to truly restrict the Wii Shop Channel from those who refuse to update and get rid of their illegal stuff. At least they can't get any future updates with good stuff without getting rid of Homebrew, since all previous uninstalled updates are included when getting future updates.



SmaMan said:

Actually they do. One of the first few "behind-the-scenes" updates banned "modified save files" which really just meant the Twilight Hack. Later ones sniffed out and deleted the hack on startup, and later ones blocked it from going to the NAND memory altogether.

Well, this is probably the biggest attack on Wii Homebrew yet. (And they finally, FINALLY got rid of that IOS that the pirates used) I won't be installing it yet until a workaround for HBC comes in, as it no doubt soon will. Reading this topic is interesting, and it only proves my point that more and more of the Wii userbase is turning to Homebrew, and it's rapidly becoming a selling point for the console. (Yes, I know of some people who bought a Wii for its homebrew.) I don't use it for piracy, but the fact that most do gives us honest homebrewers a bad image. Oh well, nothing much I can do about that.

EDIT: @bulbasaurusrex
If that's what you're waiting for... I wouldn't hold my breath.



BulbasaurusRex said:

By the way, even if you don't use it for piracy, Wii console games not approved by Nintendo are still illegal. If the people who made Sand Traps really want their game on Wii, they need to become approved WiiWare delevopers like the good small developers do. Unfortunately, non-profit freeware can't exist in video game consoles like it does on computers due to the software rights needed by the console owners.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@SmaMan - Anti-trust laws don't apply here. Anyone can still develop for Wii. You just need to go through the proper channels and get Nintendo's approval. Nobody complained when Nintendo needed to approve NES games, which helped make the NES such a dominant console.



Syr said:

Oh man, this thread is getting messy

The NES became such a dominant console because of the big N's shady business practices at the time, including not allowing third parties to develop for anyone but them, quite illegal by today's standards. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable could explain better..



SmaMan said:

There was a lot of controversy actually from companies like Atari that the NES was trying anti-trust tactics to become the only company in the US video game market.

And by the way, lots of people complained about Nintendo's approval process and there were tons of unlicensed software on the NES. (remember the Game Genie? Wisdom Tree? The Aladdin Deck Enhancer? Any of those ringing a bell?) This is not a new problem for Nintendo by any means. This is just the first time they've been able to have a platform they can constantly change to keep unlicensed software off. Nintendo hasn't sued any company or any person who uses/makes unlicensed/homebrew software because they would most likely get ruled against for anti-trust.

That being said, I think that Nintendo has excellent grounds to go after the software pirates and bring them to justice. And I'd wish they'd do that instead of blocking legal, original homebrew.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Well, the part about not allowing 3rd parties to develop for anyone else has a case for breaking anti-trust laws, but not the approval process in question here. Also, the approval process is needed to stop the market from being flooded by shovelware, the lack of which destroyed Atari, and to keep unapproved highly violent or sexual games from slipping past the ESRB (or other ratings boards). "Legal original homebrew" is an oxymoron, as it is not legal at all.



calculon said:

@Machu. I'm not going to apologise (Sean can ban me when he's ready)

My Wii works fine too. The Photo Channel does work if you have version 1.1 which I downloaded from the Shopping Channel yesterday. Seems like the original version is borked though.



Chatham said:

My Wii works just fine on 4.1U. I'm not going to buy into Nintendo's "behind the scenes" lie. I like playing DVDs, indie games, and the like. And customizing my menu to not hear the annoying "beep chimes" (and move my disc channel) is a must. If I update, Nintendo takes it all away. [Which would probably brick my Wii too!] I already updated my shop channel through a workaround, although I'm really tempted to not give Ninty any more download revenue, since they locked me out just for having HBC and Preloader.



Chatham said:

BTW, you guys trashing the HBC without ever loading it up or seeing it have no grounds for argument. Stop being uber-fanboys and "bett-than-thou" gamers... It's really sickening... This is why I left NL in the first place.

And now I'm gone again.



calculon said:

@Chatham: The exact same reason I'm hoping to get banned. This site has become the very definition of "fanboy central" I miss the old days when there used to be WiiWare World and VC Reviews. Not only were the sites more personal but they weren't full of raving idiots. Now I just try to piss people off for the fun of it in an attempt to see how long it will take me to get banned.

Oh, and NIntendoLife guys, please fix that ridiculous lack of error checking in your user profile page's website address field. It's embarrassing.



SanderEvers said:

@Bulbasaurus Rex, when you buy a Wii it becomes your property. Then you can do with it whatever you want to do with it. (As long as you don't pirate games) So, installing HBC and running programs like MPlayer CE is 100% legal.

It does, however, go against the Nintendo EULA. But that really isn't a law. It's even illegal that Nintendo removes these programs from your Wii. Since you own the Wii, and not them. They may, however, ban you from WFC if you use homebrew.

Nintendo should however really make a "WiiWare Community" edition, like XBox Live Arcade Community, where starting developpers kan use their own console to test games on. (After they enable it, like MS does on the XBOX 360) For a reasonable price.



Sean_Aaron said:

@Calculon: I don't have the power to ban you, but your wishes may be answered...I don't understand your rant at all. As far as I can tell the content has broadened. And since this is a fan site oriented around Nintendo I find your lament that it's become "fanboy central" completely bizarre.



calculon said:

@Sean: yes, the content has broadened but I don't particularly find much of it of interest. The site has become a jack of all trades and master of none. I wish you all the best but in all honesty it's a mess and as far as I can see too much effort is being wasted on half-hearted ideas like the retro section (which is neither broad nor deep in its coverage) and worthless bandwidth wasters like chat boxes

i see far too often double standard when it comes to reviews between different media and frankly news updates are horribly slow compared to other sites like Go Nintendo.

I understand this is probably down to a lack of volunteers but hey, you guys decided to make the site something too big to handle.

Not that it really matters - if I could (and I should be able to seeing as I don't particularly like the idea of my details remaining on any site indefinitely) I would delete my account myself. I've moved on to better things including pushing more Homebrew.



Machu said:

@calculon: You don't need to apologize mate, I enjoyed your kind words. I've been asked not to goad NL members, so I shan't, but boy do I want to cos you seem ripe.

Don't bitch about Nintendo Life though yeah, that's not fair on these guys, there must be something you like as you keep returning. Just chill ffs.



Damo said:

@calculon - It's a crying shame that you feel the way you do, but I'm not really sure what to tell you.

If you want us to go back to being two different sites (a nightmare to manage) or cover hopelessly obscure topics like homebrew for the benefit of the handful of people that actually give two hoots about it, then I'm sorry but it's not an option.

You say that our efforts are going to waste when I have solid proof in front of me that says we're performing better than ever. I wouldn't expect you to know this, obviously, but when all of the relevant feedback is collated we're actually one of the biggest Nintendo sites on the net. It's a shame you seem to feel we're failing, because the exact opposite is true.

Indeed, the site is bigger than it's ever been, we're getting more hits than VC Reviews and WiiWare World combined and things are generally looking up on all counts. Clearly the new and improved site isn't to your tastes, so why not just leave and do something more productive with your life?

Baiting people on a website that you deem to be "a mess" seems like a pretty colossal waste of your time, if you ask me.



reploidx said:

I use homebrew to run my games off of a hard drive and smaller ones off of a flash drive. I have one Japanese game I didn't buy on there (TvC) which I don't even play anyway.

My disc drive started making noise and I tried to fix it (long past warranty). It works, but I still am worried that it will wear out, and still use it for GameCube games.

Since Nintendo made the wise, money-making decision to lock all shop purchases and some game saves to one system, I'm doing whatever I can to keep my Wii running.

Maybe if they'd keep purchases with your account and not your system (same with the DSi), I'd be less inclined to use hacks on it.

So far my DSi remains unhacked, as does my PSP, but at least with PSP/PS3 you're not screwed out of all your downloaded games.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I can understand homebrewing to remove the retarded region locks (in fact, I wish there was a totally safe way to do that so I could play NPC Pikmin 2). Outside of that, there's really nothing I would want from homebrew. Hopefully (though I somewhat doubt it), Nintendo will adopt Sony's new region-free method of console design with their next system. This would be more likely if the DSi wasn't the first region-locked Nintendo handheld either ever or this century.

Oh, and I went ahead and did the update yesterday while making dinner. I haven't seen any real benefits from it yet, but I haven't used the Wii much since yet either.



Chatham said:

My reasons for Homebrew: Fatal Frame 4 and Disaster Day of Crisis (and currently TvC and Forever Blue 2)

BTW fanboys, there is a work-around already avbailible for hacking 4.2. Way to go Nintendo! You finally defeated homebrew (lol)!

This new hack is similar to the old Twilight Hack that Ninty squashed with 3.4, except it uses Smash Bros. Brawl! The only way that Ninty could beat homebrew is to release a system with an actual central OS, not an IOS system.

I do the same thing, the Wii's disc drive is crap and gives out way too easily with regualar play. A USB HDD is the way to go.



reploidx said:

I'm glad they've re-hacked it so soon. I have Brawl so hopefully I'll be able to use it. Or just install the pieces of the update needed through BootMii if that's possible.

I'd be willing to buy another Wii if mine does break, but given the VC/WiiWare loss, I'm not going to do so until the old one completely breaks.

I still buy stuff from the shop, which is probably foolish at best. I guess I could have one Wii for VC, and another for disc games. And another, and maybe another...

GameCube games seem to be particularly rough on the drive, but it was like that on the GCN too.



paulcmnt said:

Team Twiizers have already found a way to hack System Menu 4.2, one day after the update release. Seems this update was more hype than an actual threat to Homebrew.
Nintendo, I'm rendered speechless.



Machu said:

And on a more positive note, they fixed something too.

See, they're not all bad, lol.



SmaMan said:

Actually, I'm wrong. There was the case of American Video Entertainment V. Nintendo of America back in the NES days:
Seeing as it was settled in secrecy, we unfortunately we can't use it as a legal precedent here.

But that probably is the reason that they haven't gone after Team Twiizers personally in the court of law. Most likely to save company image, PR, money, and the fact that they probably would get ruled against via antitrust. So instead they play these silly games with them by releasing a poorly tested update that merely looks for HBC title ID and kills it.

Speaking of poorly-tested update codes, anybody get bricked from this? There's TONS of people with unmodded Wii's getting bricked with this update! Behind the scenes improvements? I don't think so.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@SmaMan: Bricking legit consoles? YIKES! Mine is working just fine, that my brother's heard this, he doesn't want to risk it. I hope that gets fixed soon...knowing my family's luck, something awesome will release noext Monday!



SmaMan said:

It seems to be like Russian-roulette from what I've heard. This is the first time Nintendo's done an online updating of a boot sector. So, one little Wi-Fi connection hiccup, one little power outage, and you've got yourself a brick. Proceed with caution my fellow Nintendians.



StarDust4Ever said:

"This update provides behind-the-scenes fixes that will not affect features but will improve overall system performance." Sounds like yet another effort by Nintendo to thwart homebrew/ piracy...

A quick check at tells me I am right...
Also, there are new exploits, Indiana Pwns!!!

I have this game, but will not be using it to install homebrew because I've got too much invested in Wiiware/VC to trash my system - it seems that the hackers have stayed ahead of their game by intentionally withholding this hack until after Nintendo patched the system.

QUOTE: - "There are some people who are bricking their Wii as a result of doing a standard update, whether or not they had hacks before they updated. It is therefore highly recommended that you at the very least do not upgrade through Nintendo."

Booooo on you, Nintendo - bricking innocent people's unmodded Wiis is just plain wrong!!!
That's it! I am waiting for the next big 1st party AAA game to come out, then I will update my Wii off the disk and refuse to play Russian Roulette over IP and WiFi. If any VC/Wiiware games come out between then and now, I will just have to wait...



Betagam7 said:

And here's Codestorm's (i.e NOE's) poorly written, not terribly convincing reply :

thank you for your e-mail.

There are no problems of running this update that have been reported in to us. I have looked at the link you supplied and it refers exclusively to the American version of the Wii and it also says that they have not seen any problems other than with modified units. Now if yours has not been modified in any way you should not have any issues. However, if you do have problems let us know and we can resolve them for you. This is what my colleagues in the USA have offered for the writer of the query you have linked to us has said as well.

Kind regards,

Your Nintendo Team



SmaMan said:

Well, for a Nintendo reply it actually addresses the situation well, except for the 2nd sentence.
1. I've heard numerous reports of this happening on PAL Wii's
2. The bricking of unmodified units is the main problem here!!

Actually that's not a bad idea. A disc update would be a whole lot more reliable. Not to mention they could probably fix the buggy code before then, but knowing Nintendo... probably not.



invmat said:

@ SanderEvers : "It's even illegal that Nintendo removes these programs from your Wii. Since you own the Wii, and not them."
Not 100% true. When you want to use the Wii Shop Channel or use WiiConnect24, you'll have to accept Ninty's agreement. And when you accept it, you give them the right to remove those files...



Chatham said:

Always a workaround. But the brick risk to innocent customers is apparently VERY HIGH from what I'm hearing around the net. Alot of systems freeze, mid-update and force you to unplug the system, but since the system didn't finish the update... It's just BSOD for everyone.



LightSamus said:

Hmm yeah, totally not gonna update. But just in case they make a new update that's not so dangerous (and/or if they put out a VC I simply can not resist lol) I updated to the latest HBC/BootMii



SmaMan said:

Well, unfortunately, the next update will probably include this update's code as well if you don't update, so you'll be getting the boot update along with what other "behind-the-scenes improvements" they package with it. Again, hopefully they'll fix it or use HackMii's better code they're writing at the moment, but the chances of either one happening are smaller than the period at the end of this sentence.

Let's hope this doesn't become Nintendo's red ring of death

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