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Wii Fit Plus Release Date Announced

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Find out when you can pick up the sequel to the popular Wii Fit.

After months of speculation, Nintendo has finally announced the release date for their upcoming Wii Fit Plus package. North American consumers will be able to purchase the newest Nintendo fitness release on October 4th at a cost of $99.99.

You can check out the official press release information below for more information on the upcoming Wii title.

Nintendo today announced that the new Wii Fit(TM) Plus game will launch in North America on Oct. 4. Wii Fit Plus will replace the current Wii Fit(TM) configuration at retail, and will be bundled with the Wii Balance Board(TM) accessory at a suggested retail price of $99.99. For people who currently own Wii Fit and want to add the expanded options to their fitness regimen, the Wii Fit Plus disc will be available on its own at a suggested retail price of $19.99.

We'll have more information on Wii Fit Plus as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game hits store shelves in October.

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JonWahlgren said:

So it'll cost more and you won't be able to buy Wii Fit? Or will the first game come in a disc-only SKU?



brandonbwii said:

It seems to be the former. A bit smart that NOA sees Wii Fit Plus as an expansion and not a sequel. Kinda annoying they're charging more for the Wii Fit bundle, though.



Vendetta said:

I had two of these. Got rid of 'em just a couple of weeks ago. Untitled
I BEAT the living HELL out of them, drove them off 2'+ vertical drops, raced them on off-road bike trails, the works. If the game is anywhere near as fun as these are in the real world, it'll be worth the price of admission right there.



JonWahlgren said:

@brandonbwii: Unless you can carry over your stats/save into this from the original Wii Fit, I wouldn't consider it an expansion.

The Rock Band track packs (on 360 and PS3 at least) are expansions because you can import them onto your harddrive. Swapping discs? Nah.



The_Cow said:

OMG WOW, YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME NINTENDO?! ONLY $20 FOR WII FIT PLUS ALONE?! Now I’ve got a better chance of saving money for it now; since it’s not the usual $50 retail price like Wii games origonally are!!

So Wii Fit Plus will SOON BE MINE; come October!!

You’ve just made my day Nintendo; & this is a fantastic way to start the month of September!!



Terra said:

If the price is as low in Europe as it is in the US, I'll definitely be buying the stand-alone release



Supermarioman said:

All saves will be tranferable! I think that Nintendo Power announced that! For $20! OMG, I need to preorder becuase we all know the first 15 milion people who bought the original will buy the PLUS!



LinktotheFuture said:

I am pretty sure Wii Fit Plus has all the exercises the original Wii Fit had, plus more, so if you don't have the first one, you don't really need it. I am glad the disc is only $20, I will be picking it up for sure.



Terra said:

So our data will be transferred from Wii Fit will be transferrable to Wii Fit Plus? Nice, I wonder if that'll work both ways, or whether we'll have one save file on it's own between the two games



jhuhn said:

The release date in Europe is November 6, 2009.
The Wit Fit Plus disc on its own is a real bargain!



JimLad said:

$20, good price point, I only wish Wii Sports Resort had been a better price, like $30 with the WM+
They should keep making all 'Wii...' games at $20, budget titles but with quality. Show the shovelwarers how it's done.



TKOWL said:

at least its not a piece of overpriced trash like wii play
but i need to buy a balance board first



Klapaucius said:

$19.99. is a good sign this will be reasonably priced here in the UK, too. Right now Amazon has it listed at £29.99... with a RRP of £49.99!!! That's just for the game alone.



geek-master said:

hmm. i think when i buy the disc alone what i do is i put it in my wii and it asks me if you want to install wii fit plus to your hardrive then when i pop in my first wii fit game it will use the installed wii fit plus softwear to add on to the game because i dont think the wii fit plus disc comes with all the original 40 games

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