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Toribash Has Finished Development

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

New trailer shows off violence perfected

There are two genres of games that I am absolutely terrible at: fighting and strategy. Of course, I keep buying fighting games and keep trying to be strategic, usually failing miserably at both.

Certainly Toribash, a fighting game heavily focused on macro body movement strategy, is not the game for me; knowing my history of gaming I'll probably give it a play anyway. And probably soon too, as the developer has announced that the WiiWare version has been finished. They've even put out a new trailer for it too, which you can check out below.

No release date has been given, but we're encouraged to "stay tuned." Which hopefully means soon.

I already know I'm going to be terrible at this game.

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bubby323 said:

I will be the first to buy! Toribash meets Wii...AWSOMENESS!!! (or at least it should be!)



Is this wifi? I like those fight moves. Hope controlling this won't be hard.



Modern_Legend said:

This to me doesnt look interesting. Is it just a case of whoever hits first wins? i know nothing about this franchise, but seriously, i dont see any combos or actual strategic street fighter fighting in this. Can someone who knows this title please explain lol



Objection said:

I like the premise behind this. I'll prolly give it a go if it gets at least OK ratings.



IAmNotWill said:

Great news. Hasn't been much info lately and I was getting worried this would turn out like Gravitronix. Glad to see it alive.

@5: Its look more of a strategy game then a fighter. If your looking for a street fighter kinda game with combos, specials, and all that stuff, then this probaly isn't your thing.

@6: Yeah, you do that.



bro2dragons said:

i've never heard of this in my life... and have NO idea what's going on in this video... this is a fighting game?? are all the fights over in 3 seconds, after you run up and rip their body to pieces?? is there more to this game, or is that pretty much it? i'm so confused... i don't even know if i want this or not... or if i even think the video was cool... somebody explain things to me, please!



Wyrmling said:

It`s free to play on the PC guys. If you`re curious, give it a go. About a year ago, my brother and I were addicted to it for a couple of weeks. It`s satisfying when you manage to break a guys arm off and beat him with it.

I`m definitely picking this up.



James said:

This looks ace! I used to love the PC version and created some awesome moves, but the WiiWare edition looks even better. Bring it on!



odd69 said:

These free pc games end up being awesome guys, look at Cave Story. Can you use a game controller for the pc with this game?Phillips Retractable to be specific



Omega said:

Can someone who knows the PC version explain what the game is about. It seems not to be a common beat'em up game. Thats for sure. But what is it? The first picture looks as it is some kind of turn based game. With commands on the right side of the screen?



Roopa132 said:

That looks great. Too bad we Germans most probably will never be able to play it



Jockolantern said:

I played the PC version of this and was never anything close to impressed. Far too much micromanagement going on in the game for my tastes, so I'm not exactly hopeful about the WiiWare version being any less drab.



Alien_Jesus said:

omega, it is a turn based game of sorts. Your fighters move a little, and the the game pauses while you choose to contract or extend the individual muscles of you fighter, and you opponent does the same. Then after a step or so, the action pauses again and you repeat. The idea is to respond to the movements you think your opponents making, whilst landing the killer blow yourself. You can also switch hands between grab and punch modes so you can do things like tearpeoples heads or limbs off. The short 3 second fights everyones seeing in this video are basically the replays from the end of a match. The game is much slower than that.



Machu said:

What on earth was going on there, blood, dismemberment, funky lookin' dudes?!? Never heard of it! But have now and am intrigued.
Thanks for the link Wyrmling, I'm gonna have a go, to find out what was going on in that trailer. 0_o



tambourine_man said:

@DaDun- It's turn based. You have a view of all of your guy's muscles, and you choose whether to contract, extend, hold or relax them. Then when you finish your go, the fighters both move at the same time. It's pretty fun on the PC, but quite hard to execute all those moves like walking.



Omega said:

@Alien Jesus: Thank you very much. So no insane button mashing to perform special combo attacks? Good. I think I could like that.



blockhead said:

The PC version is one of the best freeware games there is. For all the people that are on the edge about this game, try the pc version. I just hope the online isnt laggy and they use the servers from the PC version, because we all know NON-Nintendo severs= NO FC



ToriKai said:


Hampa owe me 1000tc

On topic, this has a lot of benefits, you can improve on you art skills, marketing skills etc etc. It's a nice community as far as I know on the Pc version



iBrez said:

maybe they should integrate the wii motes motion sensing technology so if u wanted to make a join extend/contract or whatever, all you have to do is wave your hands around like a moron!

on a more srs note: i am liking the graphics, but not the hair



grnd2 said:

Instant buy. No question about it. This game owns me since i decapitated Uke for the first time. If it´s only half as good as the PC version, it´s still gonna be one of the best Wiiware games.
I never thought i´ll like it when i read about it, but changed my mind pretty fast after playing it.



grnd2 said:

To answer the question about the "3 second matches", No there´s no such thing. In some modes, in which you lose if a bodypart, other than feet or hands, touch the floor, there´s a chance for such short replays, if you really go for losing the match, and fall directly to the ground. But if your opponent is somewhat active, you´ll probably have your ass kicked a couple of times anyway.
Every "turn" lasts longer than 3 seconds, so most matches are at least 1 minute, depending on the length of the turns, and game mode.

Oh, and just because limbs fly all over, that doesn´t mean the match is over. You can still move your body, and even the loose parts is usable.



MrPoptart said:

I would sell my Wii for this game!
For people new to Toribash: It's unlike traditional smash button fighting games (you actually have to put thought behind what your doing). You move each muscle individually to create infinite amounts of moves. You could recreate your favorite wrestling moves, other fighting game moves, you can rip your head off and split your enemy in half with it, you could rip your enemies head off and split yourself in half with it! What your seeing in the video are replays of all this. The possibilities really are endless. If your curious, check youtube for vids.



Gamerbad said:

Toribash, ahh it developed soo fast, i remember version 2.9 on PC.
Then watching it grow til version 3.5 then now there is 3.8, wonderfull times
Soon there will be a 4.0 (features more grafix stuff )
I love the trust thingy in this one, i might buy a Wii sometime.

To you newcomers, the learning curve is meant to be hard, but its soo fun when you first really learn how to play. then you can start developing tactics, analyse your opponents style and make your own style

Toribash Violence Perfected



grnd2 said:

I´m a little worried because it´s not listed on Nintendo UK´s site anymore...

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