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TMNT To Spring An Arcade Attack On DS

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Heroes in a clamshell handheld device

Touting "turtle power" and all that jazz, the horribly mutated teen ninjas will be hitting Nintendo's portable money maker in an all new adventure, courtesy of Ubisoft. Thanks, Ubisoft!

Like the name implies, the DS title will be similar in gameplay to the Turtles arcade games, most recently seen in the XBLA/PSN remake of Turtles in Time. You and a random stranger you pull off the street can team up to take on Shredder and his smelly Foot gang if you so choose.

Going to PAX this weekend? You'll get a shot at playing if you seek out the Turtles party bus. Everyone else in North America can start camping outside their local game shop until it's Holiday release. Or you could just check out the screens below. Your choice.


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Is this a port or a new game?
I liked the Simpsons game waaaaaaay better though



Egg_miester said:

its a new game this months nintendo power had a small 1 page thing on yhe game but i thought they said wii ware but i may got it mixed up
i am sure they said it will be out this year



deshadow52 said:

so let me ge this strait the ps3/360 get a full blown downloadable remake while we get what looks to be a washed down port or a oringinal turtles game thats probaly not going to be as good as the remake. thats just great



JonWahlgren said:

The remake kinda blew, so it's no real big loss. This is a new game anyway, I'd rather have that then a sullied remake of a game that didn't age well.



Ryuuga said:

@#1: Yeah that simpsons game were awesome! I wonder why it didn`t make to consoles though...

Anyway, I hope this game comes out good, TMNT games should be just like the classic Konami arcade games.



Adam said:

I was worried when they said no WiiWare for us. The remake did look pretty bad anyway, though no telling if this will be any better since it's Ubisoft.



A-SWE said:

At least they use the cartoon turtles and not the cgi turtles



JohnshiBRPG said:

I read nintendo power today and this game had a platform typo. This says to be a wii game while this is a DS game.




@#5, it WAS a Commodore 64 game once. I would love getting either version on the VC




Ds should stick with it's own games instead of trying to be it's older brother the wii. The ds is just a boring little device anyways,i guess mine can continue to collect dust.

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