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Suda Clarifies No More Wii For No More Heroes

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Third installment will be for Nintendo's eventual next console

In early July, punk game designer Goicha Suda, perhaps better known as Suda51, commented on future games in developer Grasshopper's No More Heroes series, saying that he believed sequel Desperate Struggle would be the last one on Wii.

It appears that the gaming media, Nintendo Life included, were a bit shortsighted on what he meant and assumed Suda was implying that the series would hop ship to the Xbox 360 and/or PS3.

Speaking to 1UP, Suda explains that wasn't what he meant at all:

Actually, I answered differently, and it may have been misinterpreted. What I wanted to say was, looking at the Wii, I think No More Heroes 2 will probably be the last iteration for this current platform. But there's probably going to be a "Wii 2" or other next-gen system from Nintendo at some point, so I was saying that I would want to do another game in the series on the next Nintendo platform.

So Nintendo is in for future sequels, but Travis Touchdown, the star of the show, is set to take his final bow in Desperate Struggle.

I want to continue the No More Heroes series, but I've finished the story for Travis. It's completely finished in No More Heroes 2. So I want to think of a different story — a different character, or something like that within the series — starting on the next Nintendo platform.


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Philip_J_Reed said:

Wow, interesting. If this console generation lasts as long as many analysts are predicting, though, that's a heck of a delay.



Schembeck said:

I like the sound of that, a begin and an end for the great Travis, immortalized on the Wii.



Cthuloops said:

Suda51 is amazing as always.

I still need to find Killer7 somewhere though!! I don't want to have to go on eBay to find it, but it's looking like that's the only option now...



Chunky_Droid said:

Well according to the pres of Square-Enix, he reckons the Wii 2 will be out in 2011.

Though I have serious doubts over that.



grenworthshero said:

I'm with you there chunky_droid. And I am exploding with joy inside right now. I'm really glad he's not another one of those who hates his fans enough to jump ship just to find a bigger audience.



Token_Girl said:

Doesn't he say we'll see it in 2011...that could mean it's revealed then, but still won't be out until 2012 or so.



AVahne said:

whoa,i was kinda sad that No More Heroes wouldn't be on Wii anymore and I thought he meant it would go multiplatform with the third series, now that he clarified this....THIS IS AWESOME!!!! Travis Touchdown for Smash 4



NeutralMilkHotel said:

Well I am delighted with this news, No More Heroes remains as my favourite Wii game and I would have been disappointed to see it leave the console but having said that, it could be one hell of a wait.....



Knux said:

Nice to see another developer remaining loyal to Nintendo. But, I still need to buy No More Hereos.



Objection said:

It could be a while before we see the Wii's successor. Perhaps that will line up perfectly for NMH3 to be a launch title? Geez, that would mean the Wii2 (or whatever) wouldn't be releasing until something like 2012. Although...I'm all for that.



Adam016 said:

I knew he was gonna wait for a new system and not move to a different company's console. I'm so happy!



wanderlustwarrior said:

See what happens when you don't put words in others' mouths?

As of now, all we know is that the next game in the series (if there is indeed another game in the series) will not be for the Wii, and that Suda51 has an inclination towards continuing the series on at least a Nintendo console. We also know that plans change (see Killer7 coming to PS2), so all we know now is that we know nothing. Let's hold off the speculation at least until we have the next game, shall we?

i detect an NMH in your username. Also, Suda51 enjoys putting hotels in his games. hmm... I've actually noticed a few comments from people I don't see online that much that seem like they may be coming from a disguise of the developer. I'm not saying that's you. (my silence isn't cheap, however...)
If i was actually right in that ridiculous speculation, I'd be so happy.



Betagam7 said:

Hadn't Suda previously claimed he "loved" Travis and wanted to make him into a "franchise" character? Perhaps he realised it was a step too far for the "punk" image he likes to paint himself in.



wanderlustwarrior said:

are characters not allowed to take a step back before they get stale? I'm fairly certain Bungie kinda likes Chief, and he's not the star of the next game. Though all the Links and Young Links are similar, they aren't always continuations of the same person's story either. No need to overreact just cause Travis may be taking a break from causing Anarchy in the Galaxy.

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