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Stunt Cars Gameplay Trailer

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Check out the upcoming WiiWare racer in action.

We just got our hands on the official gameplay trailer for the upcoming WiiWare racing title Stunt Cars from Icon Games.

You can check out the gameplay video, below along with a snippet of information about the game. As usual, we'll have more information on Stunt Cars as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game hits the WiiWare service.

High-speed competitive stunt racing over fast paced track circuits with chicanes, ramps, raised hairpin turns, half-pipes and even jumps over alien UFO’s! Can you become the ultimate Stunt Car Racer?


  • 24 wild and challenging stunt tracks
  • 4 different Multiplayer game modes, for up to 4 players (Wii version)
  • Extensive single player gameplay, including Race, Time Trial, Championship and Time Challenge modes
  • Wii Steering Wheel™-compatible racing (Wii version)
  • Choose from 6 individually tuned cars which are rated differently for speed, acceleration, braking and handling
  • Earn Achievement awards; 12 to win – including Gold Hero, Track Warrior, Stopwatch Pro, Stunt Champion

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User Comments (26)



JayArr said:

Is that music Paramore or did they just completely rip off their song Misery Business?

Also, this game needs more explosions. tbqh



Tails said:

Very nice gameplay footage i think i may keep my oeyes on this racer ^^ and the music i hope is gonna be real good as well.



Objection said:

It actually looks like a pretty solid WW racer! Let's hope it controls as well as it looks like it does.



Tails said:

thats from crap whats the name business of misery is the song name can't remember the name of the band it might be Pandora?



pixelman said:

I hope it has some sort of drift mechanic, though it doesn't look like it based on what was shown in the vid.



Devil_Hunter_Dante said:

Wow looks like some serious fun. I am bookmarking this one. Very interested. I like the graphics. Wonder when it comes out.



Omega said:

I'm not really into racing games. But this looks awesome for a WiiWare title nonetheless. I'm curious to see what other games Icongames are planning for WiiWare.



Ristar42 said:

Hmm - track mania!? Anyone remember Stunt Car Racer on the C64 back in the day, that game was great...



maka said:

Stunt Car Racer was incredible, much better than what this seems to be.. Graphics are ok, but gameplay seems flat... just another arcade racer with no realism and no need to think what you're doing...

The way you had to hit the jumps in Stunt Car Racer at the right speed to fall at the correct spot (too slow and you ended up between ramps, slowing you down. Too fast and you fell hard on the road damaging your card) really added another dimension to that game. I was hooked on the Amiga, but recently even tried the ZX Spectrum game and it's amazing what they accomplished in such a small machine...



calculon said:

Looks as dull as ditch water in terms of gameplay, but visually it's quite pretty for WiiWare. I'll pass and concentrate my cash on the VC in the hope that one days some decent racers (other than the Nintendo ones) arrive.



opeter said:

Wow, great graphic effects for a WiiWare game. I hope this really turns out to be a solid racer. Will this come to Europe too, or is it only reserved for USA?



dgold said:

It just doesn't look as, well, exciting - as ExciteTruck (then again that's not available as WiiWare). From the video I got the impression "2 SECOND AIR" is the main trick that rings up an award. I did like when the car went under the semi truck. I enjoy many racers including Mario Kart Wii, ExciteBots, and SpeedRacer as well, so I will possibly check this out as a download game.



JimLad said:

It seems like a competent effort, but when you consider the GameCube racers you can now find in bargin bins for less money it kind of loses any appeal.
At least in my books.
And if it's tilt racing you want, Excite Truck is probably in it's own bargin bin by now as well.



blackknight77 said:

"I'll pass and concentrate my cash on the VC in the hope that one days some decent racers (other than the Nintendo ones) arrive."

I agree non Nintendo racers are a gaping hole in the VC lineup.



maka said:

Well... Stunt Car Racer for the C64 VC would certainly be a great release... in fact there are so many great C64 games that could be released on the VC... c'mon!!!!!!!!!



bro2dragons said:

looks good... nice sense of speed... love how you look like you're driving a hotwheels car... but it's called stunt racer. all i saw were 2 second air-time jumps. are there no tricks?!



Ristar42 said:

@maka Yep, the C64 version was also free of multi-load and the animation and controls were pretty great. Would let the Megadrive gather dust whilst playing that game which - yep - was much better than this looks. This looks ok, though great arcade racing games are all in the handling for me such as Sega Rally and Out Run 2.

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