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Rare: Fate Was Against Us With Goldeneye

Posted by Damien McFerran

UK developer sees little chance of a Virtual Console release

A while back we got rather excited about the prospect of seeing the N64 classic Goldeneye on the Virtual Console. Such enthusiasm was perfectly understandable - it's still one of the best FPS games you're ever likely to play - but sadly legal wrangles between Nintendo, Microsoft and current Bond license holder Activision seemed to scupper any chance of the game making its way to the Wii.

However, we've always believed you should "Never Say Never Again" (ho ho!) and we haven't stopped hoping that some kind of deal could be struck to ensure this game's memory is kept alive.

Sadly, a recent message from Rare seems to indicate that at present, nothing is going to happen on that score. A fan recently posed the question via the company's website, and this was the reply:

That was some time ago, my friend. Fate was against us that day. Destiny conspired to raise the hurdles even as we attempted to clear them, resulting in unpleasant groinal injury. I suspect we're long past the stage where an agreement was on the cards, but you never know. Stranger things have happened… somewhere … probably.

Stranger things have happened, as they say...cross those fingers, people - but don't go expecting a miracle.

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Mqblank said:

Goldeneye was the first game I played with the Rumble attachment. Running through the levels, dual pistols blazing is still an unforgettable experience!



JamieO said:

Ah, my student days with loads of great mates, plenty of spare time and a regular house full of friends, all of whom became proficient at GoldenEye. The two girls I lived with were initially not gamers, but by the end of 2007 they were ruthless, blue body armour hoarding, head shooting, secret agent killers.
My fingers are crossed, Damo.



BJWanlund said:

I played this game for the first time only a few years ago, and I've been praying for a VC-capable Goldeneye since the VC came out.

I hope it does come to the VC, but I wouldn't hold my breath. I guess Nintendo is afraid of the VC becoming a license to print money or something.




Omega said:

I doubt that we ever see Rare games on the Virtual Console. Especially Golden Eye. AFAIK it got a movie license on top of the Rare license.

Though we could use some more N64 games on the VC in general. But Nintendo seems to be more interested in releasing more WiiWare games. Apparently it's easier to create new games than working out those nasty licensing issues with N64 titles.

BTW: Why is this article in WiiWare?



Bensei said:

@Omega: We had the DKC games already, so you never know. However, it sure is too late for BK, BT, PD and probably Jet Force Gemini and Conker



Omega said:

^ Oh god, I forgot about them. Some of the best Platformers in existence. - Unfortunately the Donkey Kong games are IMHO the only remarkable games that Rare made for the SNES.



Kirk said:

Someone who was on the team that was creating the XBLA version of the game should just leak it out to the homebrew scene and at least get it out there.

I say stuff Nintendo and who ever else is standing in the the way of this.



Dazran303 said:

I'd love to play this game with Wii Controls! - That would probably never happen.

Its funny this news came up, just over the weekend I had friends over, and set up the good old N64 and had a blast with Multiplayer Goldeneye & Perfect Dark!



V8_Ninja said:

The only good thing this can result in is either

A: Rare leaving Microsoft and becoming a 3rd party developer
B: Rare leaving Microsoft and joining back up with Nintendo

Notice how I put "leaving Microsoft" in both predictions. I know it probably won't happen, but a man can dream...



SanderEvers said:

Or C: Microsoft aquires Nintendo as well and game is released on both XBLA and VC.

Well.. that's never gonna happen.



cr00mz said:

where is my Donkey Kong 64!! I can live without Golden Eye, honestly FPS have come a long way since then, but i need my DK64!!!!



starlac said:

@ Bensei

Yes, but Nintendo owns Donkey Kong and all the games of his outright, they're not Rare's in any sense other than the fact that the company developed them - that includes DK64.

When the two companies split Rare kept all the original IPs that they had created, whilst Nintendo kept all their original IPs.



Egg_miester said:

i'd rather have perfect dark over goldeneye but its impossible for the wii to get ether one
and if activison has there way no one will get goldeneye



Kidpit said:

Sign...How many times are we going to keep seeing the "Oh Noes! Goldeneye might not appear on the VC." story? I think this is like the tenth article abut the subject.



Objection said:

I think its been established for quite some time that there's little to no chance we'll be seeing this on VC.



Rapadash6 said:

I'm just surprised there was someone out there foolish enough to bother asking about this. I had thought this case was closed a long time ago. Goldeneye will be fondly remembered, but never celebrated again, unfortunately.



Ren said:

sad and pathetic too. Just put it out on Xbox AND VC and be done with it. Let us have Perfect Dark and Jet Force, too. "If I can't have it no one can" is such a childish attitude for these companies to take. Theres enough demand there on both consoles for straight ports and everyone would win.
they need to suck it up, each take profits from their own console sales and both give activision a percentage cut. whats the issue besides Lawyers that insist on a solid win?



naut said:

007 is one of the best FPSs I've ever played. Lucky for me I own the original cart.



bestbuck said:

It really is a pity this Game may never come to the VC. I taught it was just between Microsoft and Nintendo to sort it out? But Activision is in the mix. OMG I actually hate Activision ever since I read what there Ceo Bobby Kotick said 2 weeks ago in a speech in LA or somewhere and I have Vowed to never buy a Game that has anything to do with Activision. Because none of my hard earned cash is going into that little Arab's pocket. The Games industry does not need People like him



aaronsullivan said:

Can I just say, seriously, just evenly split it between all those who have a stake in it and split the money. Otherwise, people will just seek other ways to play it. What's the big deal? How hard is it to choose between a little money or no money?



jkgatling said:

honestly... am I the only one realising that Goldeneye wont work on VC because of the controls?

IT would work as wiiware if they made it point thingy shooter... I know that sounds wierd but uknow what I mean...

on XBLA it would work better cause they always add online åplay and update the controls...wich is necesary



the_shpydar said:

I'd expect the issue of getting it on VC (and/or XBLA) isn't as much bewteen MS and Ninty, but from Activision and/or the Bond license holders generally (MGM perhaps? Or whoever owns them now). The Bond license has notoriously been heavily monitored ever since the whole "Roger Moore and Sean Connery are BOTH Bond?" thing back in '83 with "Never Say Never Again".



irken004 said:

Ok, so we might miss out on this game. We still have other great VC titles that will be released!



Ricardo91 said:

Everyone should've expected this. It's not only a licensed game, but a game made by a company that gave the rights to their games to another company. This is a licensing nightmare, people.

Personally I've never played Goldeneye, since I never owned and N64, so I'm not too down at this. I do plan to get an N64 sometime soon, so I should see what all the fuss is about soon enough.



astarisborn94 said:

@grenworthshero: Unfourtnently, I never had. This is why I have to depend on a VC release on ALL N64 titles.

I'm still holding out hoping for this game. The current gaming license owner is Activision, a supporter of the Virtual Console, so it might happen.

Nobody respond to this comment.



vio said:

Funny thing is, we're more likely to see just about ANY OTHER Rare game on Virtual Console than this one. The fact that it's a Rare game and a LICENSED game makes it legal minefield that's unlikely to ever be successfully crossed. Sad really. Who would have ever thought Micosoft's purchasing of Rare would have come back and bit us in the ass like this? Kind of makes you wish Microsoft hadn't gone and bought their way into the video game business.



vio said:

@grenworthshero: Quite a few people here probably no longer own an N64 or this game. I personally still happen have my N64 and this game though. My N64 is actually one of the only old systems I've kept. I'm really glad I did, but I also wish I had kept my SNES, Genesis and Turbografx-16. Getting rid of those was really stupid in retrospect.



Ricardo91 said:

Nintendo still owns the rights to the Donkey Kong name, so it's entirely possible that DK64 will appear on VC eventually. We have the 3 Donkey Kong Countries on there, don't we?



CanisWolfred said:

Well, I'm happy to never see this bastard of a game again. Now I just hope they release DK64 soon, so I can play the only Rare game I have any positive memories of.



StarDust4Ever said:

A friend of mine showed me how to play it the other week. by the end of the day (actually a couple hours), I only gained 8 kills to his 10, and was rapidly getting better - I had always remembered watching the other guys play it in high school, but I was too afraid to play because I didn't want to "get creamed" in front of everybody. Stupid yes, I know



cheetahman91 said:

@Mickeymac: Tell me about it.

This may be one of the greatest games of all time, but seeing all this news about it not coming to the VC is getting very old. Now if Jet Force Gemini would be released, I will be one happy camper.



Draygone said:

I know the game is reguarded as a classic, but do you guys really want to deal with Natalia, again?
(Language warning in the link. No, it's not my video.)



supbilly said:

I suppose if it was ever agreed to be released on a VC, it would be Microsoft's as they own Rare. It would be incredible, and a great step forward, if both Microsoft and Nintendo were able to release the game on their respective systems. I'm sure it would be one of the top selling games for both of them. It is such a shame, as this really was one of the greatest games ever made in my opinion. Such longevity and a great replay value - from playing it through properly, to using the cheats to pound through the levels with the 2x grenade launchers! And as for the multi-player... many a night after school did me and friends go round each other's houses, armed with a controller, to play four player... I was always Odd Job because he was the hardest to hit! Good times.



chiefeagle02 said:

I've pretty much given up on GoldenEye on the VC or Live Arcade. There are other games out there, equally or more sublime than GoldenEye.

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