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Pluck A Plush Pikmin From Club Nintendo EU

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

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Club Nintendo in Europe is on top of things. Stuff may be relatively expensive, but the variety and timeliness of gifts is usually much better than its American counterpart.

Case in point: for 2000 stars, you can snag your very own blue Pikmin doll.

The stuffed buggers are 24 cm, which isn't even close to life-size; kinda makes you wonder whether some sort of radioactive accident went down at Club Nintendo HQ.

If you've got the spacebucks, fly on over and claim one. It seems like blue is the only color option, but hey, beats sewing one yourself.


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MetalMario said:

HOLY CRAP! You can get a freaking DS Lite with Giratina on it for 30000! Is that alot?



bboy2970 said:

Someone tell NOA it's ok to to give America Club Nintendo prizes that aren't utter crap.



Cheezy said:

Not even, that Navy Blue case has been there since day one as well, they just changed the name of it and the picture (if you check the item description it explains everything.)



ueI said:

Club Nintendo lets you register games for points that you can redeem for prizes. It's just another thing we're missing out on.



Egg_miester said:

i wish i had a club nintendo eu or jpn account you guys get good stuff and with the special ac cd coming out later in eu i really hate noa they don't care about gamers in na



Popyman said:

How much is 2000 stars? Like, how many stars do you guys get for one game? I'm curious how many coins it would be if it came out on our Club Nintendo. I really want one...



Rum_Rapture said:

@Popyman: I got 200 stars when I bought Rhythm Paradise the other day... So I'd have to buy 10 DS games to have enough for that plushie... I'm not sure how much you get for Wii games, but I want to say 250 stars..?

I only have about 950 stars at the moment anyway... Wonder how long that'll be in the catalogue!



ueI said:

@aaronfuhrer: I know we have club nintendo, I just said that because it's pretty useless. I was answering SUPERZELDAMAN's question, although I think he already knew the truth.



Objection said:

Thats actually pretty cool, not bad in price. 2000=10 DS games? That'd be the equivalent of 300 coins for us, I think. It's late though, so may be wrong.



Shortay said:

Damn, by the time I get the 330 Star Points I need to buy it I just know it'll be sold out.



Starwolf_UK said:

HOLY CRAP! You can get a freaking DS Lite with Giratina on it for 30000! Is that alot?
Using Wii game = 250 stars = 50 coins it works out at...6000 coins. I'd be inclined to say yes. Moreso given the limitations on when they must be spent by.

Apparently, these Pikmin Plush figures are ex-stock from the Nintendo World Store. So basically, Europe gets another hand-me-down...

As for "America has no updates". If it follows the trend of Japan expect several new items after a year. Europe seems to be 1 item whenever we feel like it with no warning or knowledge in advance.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I forget where I read this, but somebody from Nintendo said they're adding SOMETHING for NA Club Nintendo this month. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what that's all about. Meanwhile, I have WELL over 1000 unspent coins, and that's after getting my Hanafura cards!



Mayhem said:

I was wondering if the plush Pikmin was the same as those from the store, as I've got a full set of red Pikmin here at home.



HipsterDashie said:

Just ordered one. I have just over 2000 stars left, so I could get another if they bring out any other colours.

But eight weeks delivery?! Sheesh...



Shortay said:

You can get a Yellow one now too. I'm on 1970 points now, so close, but I have nothing left to register.



Larkin said:

I got a plush yellow pikmin a while ago off ebay couldnt hurt to get another though



odd69 said:

Plush dolls.This should be a trend for all NClubs. Plush dolls are a piece of gaming that you can put anywhere and truly Shows how much a fan you are towards a particular series.I have lots of nintendo characters in plush, I will cherish these just as much as i cherish the series itself.



Bensei said:

I guess we'll see red tomorrow, purple on Thursday and white on friday



dizzy_boy said:

EU people, don`t forget that you canntop up your star points by 50 just by filling in questionnaires on some of the DSIW, WW and VC games you`ve download. that`l, help towarfs getting one of these.
just remembered, you also need to link you`re ds, and wii shop accounts to your club nintendo account.



Can you get wii points from club nintendo; In NoA. How much coins?



Alien_Jesus said:

Have a lot of stuff to register, i just hope i have enough to get blue and yellow. I f they add red white or purple though, i may cry. I had 7000 odd stars before they deleted them all, as i couldnt put in the request to keep them as i wasnt in the UK or near a computer for several months

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