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Overturn Weekend Challenge

Posted by Sean Aaron

Prepare to meet the makers!

Vince from Studio Zan has just let us know there's going to be a special Weekend Challenge running from the 3rd - 6th of September, where players can get a chance to play against the game developers online in the USA and Japan between 6pm and midnight PST (00:00-08:00 BST). Studio Zan developers can be identified by the name "StudioZAN", so if you run into someone with that name you'd better bring your best skills to the table!

Are you prepared to test your mettle against the creators of this mecha battlefest?


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odd69 said:

i decided not to get this game, man i reget it.I would love to play the developers on any game i own



Egg_miester said:

i'll have to brush up on the game then. this is a great idea more devs should do this



KnucklesSonic8 said:

No way! What a great PR stunt! All they need to do now is congratulate people that actually beat them. I'll definitely be playing on Friday and this weekend. Looks like I got some brushing up to do in the Story Mode first.

Maybe I'll have an opportunity to vid my matches too!



Objection said:

Yeah, very nice. I do think they should post a list of the players that beat them; that'd be pretty cool.



Junkface said:

I must concur with the above comments; what a great idea. Bravo to the guy who came up with this idea. I'm ready to get my butt kicked .



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Wait a second! Did they say where they'll be? VS or Battle Royale? And I guess I'm to understand that more than one person from Studio Zan will be appearing online at the same time?



M00se said:

they should give you 2000 exp or something if you beat them, or a star next to your name showing that you did!

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