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Oscar in Toyland Available in North America Next Monday

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

DSiWare's first platformer makes the leap across the ocean next week.

Rated by the ESRB a while ago, Oscar in Toyland was recently released in Europe with no sign of a North American release. Developer Virtual Playground has now told us that the game will in fact be released next Monday, the 14th, so if you've been waiting for a platformer to hit the service, the wait is finally over! It will cost 800 DSi Points, just like in Europe.

Although it's billed as a DSiWare game, Oscar in Toyland is actually somewhat of a Virtual Console game - It's actually an old PC/Amiga game called Trolls (Yes, based on troll dolls). This version has been given a slight graphical upgrade, and the main character has been replaced by Oscar, who is the hero of a different PC/Amiga game by the same developer, simply titled Oscar. Got all that?

Sadly, we do have to warn you to be careful with this one - When we reviewed it, we thought it played pretty well. However, pretty much every other aspect of the game is a bit of a let-down - Dodgy graphics and repetitive music, the usual suspects! Still, if you absolutely must have a DSiWare platformer, it's not at all "bad" - Just don't expect a masterpiece.

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Hardy83 said:

I doubt it. It seems next to impossible to see NoA release more then one game for DSiWare.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

We're also getting Texas Hold'Em Poker and Spaceball Revolution, thus far. We may get a third WiiWare title.



Rapadash6 said:

'twirles finger in the air' Yee, freaken HAH! Still no good reason for me to upgrade to a DSi and none in sight.



Wolfcoyote said:

I don't know about this one. I mean, by 1995 the 16-bit market was saturated with inferior Mario and Sonic clones, and from NintendoLife's previous posting this game seems to be a bad hybrid of both. The sad thing is that the unforseen issues with the game won't necessarily stop me from purchasing it, and that's only because most of the other software offerings in the DSi Shop are lackluster with the better games not getting as much support as they should (Mighty Flip Champs).



Brionkendo said:

nintendo ... don't give me this crap... produce something good for us on dsiware for once. or just do vc games.



aoeder said:

It'll be an instant-download for me; I have 3500 points in my account, and I would like to try out this platformer.

EDIT: ...and Thorium Wars is coming this Monday. (it was announced as "Early September")
Also, next week North America will be getting UNO and Prehistorik Man. (both previously announced as "Summer 2009")

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