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Official: DSiWare Purchases Cannot Be Transferred to a New Console

Posted by Brad Long

Nintendo of Australia reveal DSiWare policy

A common question we get asked here at Nintendo Life (and especially since the new DSi colours were announced) reads something like this:

"If someone were to buy a different coloured DSi, can DSiWare purchases be taken from the original DSi and transferred to the new one?"

Well we did a bit of digging for you, and talking to the kind folks over at Nintendo of Australia, found out that the official policy on transferring purchases made on a DSi console.

Basically, you can't.

Any purchases made cannot be transferred to a new console, even if it looks prettier.

There are exceptions to the rule - they are more than happy to transfer those purchases if the original console is in an unplayable condition. They have special kits that enable them to find out what has been downloaded to the DSi without having to turn the system on. They also said that in order for them to transfer from one to another, they need both consoles in their possession.

So there you have it folks, while we only have this confirmed by Nintendo of Australia, it wouldn't be surprising if Europe and North America had similar, if not identical policies regarding transferring of data. We only wish we had happier news to give!

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JayArr said:


Wait, so if I send them both DSi they could do it? Seems like a lot a hassle for a color change.



Bass_X0 said:

I wonder what this means for the next Nintendo console whenever it may appear.



Chunky_Droid said:

@Bass: I'm hoping they'll have something to transfer stuff to the new console. It was one of Nintendo's goals originally to consolidate all your gaming into one console. So fingers crossed....



dizzy_boy said:

it does say on the dsi and wii shops that games and points are non transeferable.
simply because they don`t want the games you download being passed around to your friends for free. nintendo would lose money if you were able to do that, and they would probably end up stop supporting the wii/dsi shops.



Reala said:

Probably thought it would be too much hassle, having to transfer everything anytime somebody fancied a color change.



Chunky_Droid said:

@my_point_is: What people were wondering was mainly if they can transfer it to another console permanently.

Say, to remove software completely from the original DSi (so you wouldn't be able to download it again) and have it available to a new DSi.

It's something that Nintendo should make available, even for a small fee a lot of people would do it if they couldn't pass up a limited edition DSi.



Dazza said:

Nintendo really don't GET it when it comes to digital distribution do they? When I got a new 360 console it was no problem for me to switch over the license (tied to gamertag) to my new console so I could download all the XBLA goodness again.

This is the case with iTunes app store, Steam and Playstation Store I think too.

Grumble grumble!



Bass_X0 said:

I'm hoping they'll have something to transfer stuff to the new console.

I'm thinking maybe you would have to send both your Wii and your new console to Nintendo if you wanted to get them transferred. But this is something we don't have to worry about right now. It shouldn't be a big hassle to just keep your Wii in reserve for when you want to play the VC and WiiWare games on it.



Chunky_Droid said:

When my first Wii got corrupted memory, they transferred everything including my Miis and save games.

But Nintendo really need to step up on this kind of stuff when the Wii 2 comes out.



warioswoods said:

Nintendo really don't GET it when it comes to digital distribution do they? When I got a new 360 console it was no problem for me to switch over the license (tied to gamertag) to my new console so I could download all the XBLA goodness again.

I think you're missing the point. With the DSi, there's absolutely no compulsion to take it online in order to play the games you've downloaded, which means that Nintendo cannot disable the games on the original system if they were to transfer the content to a new one. Which then would mean that you'd be able to sell that previous system for a hefty price with all those games included. If that was allowed, everyone -- myself included -- would just buy a new DSi, get the content copied over, and go out to sell the other one as a package with all its games. I'd probably do it several times in a row.

This is pretty straightforward -- there's absolutely no other way for them to handle it, if you take a moment to think about how the DSi works, and how its online connection is purely optional, meaning that they have no ability to disable anything on a system that they don't have in their possession (hence the bit about being able to transfer if you give them the original console for repair etc).



ArtMcCarthyDotCom said:

Who would waste there money on a new dsi just because it is a color that you like more. I am to cheap to sell my dslite for a dsi and people are doing this?!?!



BJWanlund said:

You can't redownload these titles?! That's... strange and un-Nintendolike.

But hey, when I do get my DSi, I'll have to choose my color carefully, as I'll be locked in to that color forevermore...




Token_Girl said:

All they would have to do, is set up an online authorization system. If you copy games from one system to another, they wouldn't work on the new system until you "activated" them, by first connecting and disabling the old system and then linking up the new system to your dsi shop account. Games could be linked to a shop ID, so when you transferred the shop ID, it would disable the games on the first console, and allow them to be redownloaded onto the second. They already have code in the games blocking transfers, so I feel like they could have just done it this way, and gotten more money from the color obsessed.

I wouldn't buy a new system for it's color anyway, but even if I did, I would only be out like $11 in downloadable games after the free points.

I don't see why anyone would be surprised though. The wii is like this too.



warioswoods said:

@Token Girl

I do believe it's a little more complicated than that, though. Once you download a game, the file is set up so that it's encoded or keyed properly to run on your individual DSi. So, you can move your games to the SD card, and then move them back to the system, and they'll run immediately without having to go online to do a check and see if you are eligible to own these, simply due to their code or key being correct for your system's internal key. Even if you connected the old system and verified for Nintendo that you were deleting all the old games, you could keep them on an SD card and move them right back on there, all without it connecting to the web again to see that you shouldn't have those. Or at least, that's how I understand it, and it doesn't leave much room for Nintendo to know for sure that you're not tricking them into duplicating everything.



putput said:

Yes...guess what, it's the same with wiiware...tried to call to see if i got a new wii if I can transfer all that wiiware; they said it's not their policy to do that. Something tells me...GREED is involved here....consumers need to speak up more about this...there is GREED in their point system.. (vs. the Iphone App Store) there is GREED in their DSI and Wiiware system. People can spend hundreds of dollars on wiiware...and it will only last as long as your system lasts. At least let us save it to an SD card. Not even linking my games to Club Nintendo helps. I asked Nintendo that personally ..Consumers SPEAK UP! Nintendo have a heart! Think of your consumers for a change



Sean_Aaron said:

This issue of dowloadable content transfer really needs to be addressed by Nintendo. They need to realise that if they're going to sell media in something other than a physical format it needs to be transferable -- preferably by the user or an authorised agent (I'm picturing something along the lines of a mall kiosk set up to service iPods), but saying "only if your kit is broken or you put it in the post" is not on.



KoKoO_Psy said:

So what happens when you transfer wifi data from one ds to the DSI and then to another dsi?



WarioFan63 said:

This wasn't predictable? Really? This is how it is on the Wii isn't it? People didn't see this coming?



Hardy83 said:

I know digital distribution gives less rights to the consumers, but this is just $%^&ing stupid.

You know what. I really hope someone hacks the DSi cause the lack of support Nintendo gives for their services now a days deserves to be punished.



Darknyht said:

I thought that there was a feature for removing all data from a Wii or DSi to prepare it for resale called "Format System Memory". If you linked your account with your Nintendo account, it should be as simple as them publishing an update to have it confirm that the system has been formatted and disconnected from your account (or without an internet connection giving you a confirmation code). Then having you re-register with your new DSi serial number.

I mean there was a way to transfer friend codes from one system to another when you updated from DS to DSlite, it shouldn't be an impossibility



vherub said:

I really hope when the next system replaces the wii, it will be easy/simple/hassle-free to migrate one's vc, wiiware and savegame data. For me, if Nintendo botches that transition, it's going to be a dealbreaker to get a new console.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Oh come on Nintendo, if you want to expand your console sales, you MUST make a Master Online Account thingy. People are not going to give up their games this way.



Hardy83 said:

If this is the case, then if my DSi dies I'm just simply not going to buy another DS system, or I"ll buy a DSL used and just forget about Nintendo being anywhere near acceptable digital distributors.



Ren said:

Yeah it seems like an online account controlling everything that can be then transferred would fix this but everything seems to be tied to the console like with the Wii and it's too late to change it midstream. Once the next Wii comes around a solution would be nice.
I don't know how devastating this is, though, I mean come on. If you must get a whole new DS for a different color, you can probably afford to just get some new games and play the others on your old one. Or sell the old at a price that includes those games, eh?
It's not a pair of socks its a video game system. If it were a DS to DSi issue I'd have more sympathy, like it might be when Wii goes to some newer Wii HD or whatever, but for a different color of the same console? Boo hoo, kiddies.



retro_player_22 said:

Well knowing they would transfer the games if the system broke is enough to make me happy. I would be super pissed if I had to re-download every single DSiWare games I once owned on the new DSi when they are still inside the old busted one.



mushroomer said:

The end of renting/borrowing as we knew and loved it!!!!
In the age of CD/dvd and Cartrige based gaming, if we finished a game, we could sell it used, let a friend borrow it, or even trade .. With download to 1 console policy, you can now never let a friend borrow mario vs donkey kong. You'd have to let him borrow the whole console. This sucks.. Why did i buy into this stupid DSi. Let's boycott DSiWare. Seriously.. If we all here at NL boycotted that would be detrimental to their goals. Which is to get rid of the physical game. This is not a better option. It feels like the way of the future but if we voice our opinions now and not support the DSiWare way, they'll have to resort back to the Cartrige



Hardy83 said:

This really will just lead more people to piracy just to get the basic uses out of games that they have now, like Mushroomer said, lending it to a friend and what not.

If you don't give consumers what they want, they'll get it regardless. Nintendo knows this and they should know acting this way will just bit them in the arse later on.



motang said:

Why is this still a problem, Nintendo should make it where we log on to an account and all of our digital purchases would be there, not locked to a certain hardware, that is so 90s!

Very disappointing very much so!



ODOGG618 said:

Nintendo is the Metallica of video gaming. Lars is such a douche as is Reggie.



Corbs said:

I'll give credit to Microsoft. They get the digital distribution method quite well. You get to demo the games and you can transfer them to your heart's desire. Nintendo and Sony. Take a page.



Wiiloveit said:

Those of you who are actually surprised are kinda silly for expecting Nintendo to do this. Still, I'm just happy that if my DSi breaks, I haven't lost all my downloads!



Dicesukeinuzuka said:

Come on guys, it makes scene to me. This would be exploited to the max if it did happen, because someone could just transfer one game they got around his/her group of friends, family, etc and all those people wouldn't buy the game for themselves, It sucks of coarse, but oh well.



Corbs said:

All of these games should be tied to an account like Xbox Live Arcade. What's going to happen in a few years when all of these users move up to the next console and have to leave behind all of these VC, WW, and DSiWare games?



mjc0961 said:

And this is why the digital distribution fad is going to die out soon enough: gamers are not going to be happy losing everything they paid for when the new hardware comes out, and devs will go back to all physical media to stop the rioting.

I just wish it would happen sooner rather than later.



letsplay said:

Content must be locked to hardware not a username and password. I'm sure Nintendo will accommodate you to transfer the contents to a new DSi. Whats the cost to repair a DSi?



Chunky_Droid said:

@Hardy: If your DSi dies, they'll transfer it with no problem.

I think some people aren't seeing the point in this, most people want Nintendo themselves to transfer this stuff for us if we got a new system, and remove it completely from the old system.

We already know you can't transfer it to your friends/family, that'd be stupid for Nintendo to do that.

What we want is Nintendo to completely remove content from one DSi and make it available for a new one (especially if a limited edition DSi came out that looked awesome)



MindFever said:

Boycot Ninty,eh?well i`ve been saying this months ago... especialy because of the brainwashed ppl who dl dsiware that is crap,knowingly its going to be a bad purchase...

Most people dont get the point?? maybe it is good news,since it would mean Nintendo has brainwashed only a small minority of free thinking folks:)

People,join in my "quest" (so to speak...makes it sound more epic),and refrain from dl-ing dsiware till next year (say a date we all can agree).

"people would then resell dsi /w dsiware at a higher price...i would do it in a row"(in that context) ...thats just stupid.why would anyone buy a dsi+dsiware at a higher cost than buying dsi and dl-ing the games himself?plus,u will have to sell your dsi much cheaper(2nd hand console) profit whatsoever.why would u do it in a row?? no reason.who wants dsiware that bad anyway.i surely dont.yes,i own a dsi...

I mean,Nintendo`s greed is not something unheard of... least we forget the Skype dump-age (Xtremely stupid refusal).They are becoming even more so un-gamer friendly,because they dont have to be otherwise.strike their wallets and something will change positively.

Digital distribution is just exactly what they are NOT doing...enaugh is enaugh!


p.s.:quality products costs money... when someone says,just because it is cheap,something that turns out crap, must have the justification of being cheap...thus you must accept it.bull! i want dsiware stuff to be as good as they advertise it to be.not an overpriced demo...



MindFever said:

i heard about Nintendo and the 3rd party dsiware devs; while N is inviting them, N is simultaneously trying to compete with them on the same (Nintendo`s) distribution system(dsiware).Besides small game devs,can we seriously expect fair competition on dsiware,thus having alot of good stuff to offer? well,it does look that way(dsiware releases announcement)...i dunno,we`ll see in practice.(or will we? ta-ta-taaaaa...the suspance music)
if u think im wrong,ignore this...heck,im a pessimist,what can u expect from us types,right?
i will stfu now...dissapointment`s fault.

i still like Nintendo games...havent lost all hope yet



Link977 said:

oh well, I dont care about a colour change...yet, if they make red then I will care a little but I have so much DSiware it aint funny, only 10 things that I havent really bought! lol



Leaf said:

That blows judging the fact that most regions launched with boring colors



Ashen_Iris said:

Well I'm needing to get a replacement DSi since my "L" button has stoped I guess this means $30 down the drain. Or I could send in my DSi and get it repaired, but that takes 2 weeks!



putput said:

Thank you nintendolife for showcasing this issue...please make your users aware this is also happening for wiiware.

It's like being punished. If our systems crash..we have to pay $80 for repair. Like paying for all our games all over again! If we show proof of purchase, we should be able to redownload all games.

Also they're crazy point draining on consumers...A $5 game isn't really $5 is it? That point option is not available. You must spend $10...Does no one see how greedy this is?



iphys said:

If you want a different colour DSi that badly it would be cheaper to get a $20 case mod, and that way the guts of your DSi stay the same so you don't have to worry about losing your DSiWare. I wonder how much money Nintendo is going to lose off people not buying new systems because of this -- probably more than they stand to make off dinging people for DSiWare twice, since most people won't bother on principle or if they've played the game enough already.



ItsTheSal said:

I had a broken DSi then i send it to Nintendo and they send me back a new one with all my dsiware!



Sean_Aaron said:

@putput: Be fair, if your machine breaks out of warranty then you have to pay to get it fixed just like any other item out of warranty, electronic or otherwise. Nintendo aren't saying they're offering a DSiWare transfer service for $80 or whatever.

They should certainly offer a way of transferring downloaded content from one machine to another a la iTunes.



letsplay said:

Maybe Nintendo should have each person register for their DSi content. If something happens to your DSi you can contact Nintendo to register your new DSi to the old content. How do they know you deleted the software from the old DSi? They don't. That would mean you would have to log on to your DSi. I doubt they will download content similar to Valve and Amazon.



vakama94 said:

i dont care of that move, i will take care of my dsi just as i do with my wii



OldBoy said:

To Nintendo, If you can't do DL content properly then don't bother!! I can't beleive they can get away with this policy. I don't think I'll be buying a DSi anytime soon ,i'll stick to my phat. Take a look at what MS are doing with their downloads and learn a lesson in how to look after your customers.Sometimes Nintendo YOU SUCK!!



Altkey said:

Nintendo needs to get all the colors out at once then you choose you color and no more need to transfer.

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