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No More Heroes 2 Gets A Control Shake-Up

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Classic in, Motion Plus out

Despite designer Suda 51 expressing interest in implementing Motion Plus support for his awaited sequel No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, it looks like that ain't happening any more. Instead, developer Grasshopper is opting for a more old-school approach.

1UP reports that instead of improved motion controls, Classic Controller support is getting implemented.

Officially, chalk that one up to the success of Capcom's Monster Hunter 3 Tri in Japan and the large amount of people that play with the pad; the game was even bundled with the Classic Controller Pro. Suda said that Grasshopper and Marvelous, the game's publisher in Japan, wanted Desperate Struggle to appeal to that crowd.

Unofficially? We've got a feeling it has to do with the series' expansion onto new platforms after this game.


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Strofan7 said:

This is definitely not a bad thing. Sometimes I would rather play games with just a regular controller...



derk711 said:

not going to lie... i kind of prefer playing with the classic controller if given a chance to.



TKOWL said:

see? thsi lives up to the tradition of the game itself: it takes dramatic twists



ReZon said:

You're spot on in that they're just making it easier to put on other systems. It's a bit of a cop-out since the M+ could have been beneficial to the game (and to the gamers), but from a business standpoint, it makes sense.



Kidpit said:

Is it the only option, or can we chose between classic and the control scheme from the first game?



Strofan7 said:

Wait how is this going to work out with the dual swords thing? I forgot about that, but those seem perfect for the wiimote and nunchuk...



Devil_Hunter_Dante said:

Cool, I still like traditional control methods. Not sure if I will get this one or not. There are a few other games on my list first.



pixelman said:

Bad news, I'd say. Not for the game, but for MotionPlus. I don't think the developers would have ditched it unless they were having serious issues with it.



warioswoods said:

Meh, was mildly interested before, but if the controls lean towards traditional gamepad, with the motions simply being substitutes, I have no particular interest.



brandonbwii said:

Personally, as long as he's still inventive with the motion controls it's fine by me. Heck I doubt if half the buyers of Resident Evil 4 even knew it supported the Classic Controller.



Kid_A said:

Taking the lazy way out, huh?
I'm with wariowoods on this one--I might've been interested if they would've gone with Motion Plus, but now it just sounds like they're dumbing down for the other consoles.



Hardy83 said:

"Meh, was mildly interested before, but if the controls lean towards traditional gamepad, with the motions simply being substitutes, I have no particular interest."

Have you even played the first game? Motion controls weren't even a big part to begin with. Just with wrestling moves and finishers.
Why would you even say such a thing if you've played the first game... Or have you?



BulbasaurusRex said:

Eh, never cared about this game anyway. Now it's up to LucasArts to let us wield a beam sword (read: lightsaber) with 1-to-1 motion.



BlueFlameBat said:

I guess you could say I'm never happy. A for jump and B for attack is great on an NES controller, but the Classic Controller is almost identical in design to the SNES controller, including the placement of the buttons. For some reason, I seem to be one of the very very few people who were actually satisfied by the way controls were set-up on the SNES ... and are still set up on XBox360 and PS3.

I still want that redesigned black Classic Controller badly.



brandonbwii said:

Classic Controller support seems to be an option rather than madatory. The default control setup seems to the same as the 1st NMH.

I disagree with Hardy though. The motion control really made the experience for me. It was smartly designed with well-implemented feedback instead of senseless waggle.

I do feel that a lot of people are blowing this Classic Controller instead of Motion Plus focus a bit out of proportion though. Suda never confirmed he was going to use motion plus. He expressed interest in doing so. Like Yuke's expressed interest in using message board functionality in their WWE series. Like Vicarious Visions expressed interest in using the Balance Board for Guitar Hero. Like Ubisoft expressed interest in a Wii Rabbids Channel. The lists goes on.



odd69 said:

I will definitely play it with the more traditional controls. Sure the controls in the first game was better but i'm glad we are given the option to not waggle .It might even be better,



HiroshiYamauchi said:

I have a bad feeling about the WM+, it seems to me that most third-parties developers won't take advantages of it at all.



wanderlustwarrior said:

But how will I masturb--RECHARGE without my phallus?

I think this is a smart move, as the original control scheme was perfect, and I definitely prefer a traditional controller (2 sticks, buttons and control pad opposite) on most other games.

I still think adding MotionPlus would've been a mistake. Playing a sword-centered game being required to move one arm all the time makes absolutely no sense from both design and execution standpoints. It would be completely lacking in resistance, recoil and feedback, which would be incredibly important. The weight of the weapon itself is also incredibly important. Imagine using a broadsword at the same speed as a dagger. Makes no sense, does it? That's why the first boss in the series is so freaking slow. Plus, we'd be complaining that the timing was off since all we had to do was move our wrist while they're busy moving their whole bodies. Using a sword is also incredibly tiring and stressful. Real swordfights only last a little bit for good reason. If you'd actually been swinging a blade around for as long as the average NMH stage or jedi fight, we'd be incapable of moving. We don't have a Force, so it'd be a little jarring.

Unfortunately, despite its design, 1:1 control makes no sense for Wii and swordfighting.



Sean_Aaron said:

I liked the original controls, so I'm not fussed at not going with Motion+ myself -- especially since I cannot see how it would work with two beam katanas (two MPs?).

I also never realised RE4 had CC support and it's not something I can say I've used to play any Wii-specific game where it's been an option outside of Fire Emblem -- every other time I've encountered that option it's felt like a poor fit (Geometry Wars and Opoona immediately spring to mind).



Objection said:

I liked the original controls so I hope the player can choose between the two. Really looking forward to this title but I don't want to buy a CC.



Sabrewing said:

For people who think they're forcing Classic Controller use on you, relax -- it's impossible for any developer to do that. Games for the Wii MUST ship with a control scheme that can be used with the console right out of the box, i.e. a Wii Remote with or without the Nunchuk add-on. Any other control schemes have to be options aside from that.



Digiki said:

I haven't played the first one, but I prefer playing with a regular control in nearly every situation.

Would of been nice if they were able to implement some WM+ though (even though have it, I do not)



maka said:

My interest in this game just dropped to zero... way to go... I hope they don't complain if it sells poorly...



Ian_Daemon said:

No longer interested...

"Games for the Wii MUST ship with a control scheme that can be used with the console right out of the box"
Not true. Look at all the virtual console games that require a GC or Classic controller. Neither of those come with the console. Your statement MAY be true for retail-Wii-specific games, but definitely not WiiWare or VC games.



Machu said:

I'm extremely disappointed by this news to be honest. Will future Wii versions get the attention they deserve? Or will they be a port of a PS3/360? I think you know the answer, and so do I.

I shall be playing NMH2 with the same control method I used in the first. Wrestling won't be half as much fun, when using analogue instead of actual motion.



BlueFlameBat said:

Did any of you actually experience any trouble with the controls in NMH 1? It doesn't take Motion+ to simply point the sword up or down, and I think the controls in NMH2 will be the same with the remote and nunchuk as they were in part 1. If you want to complain for the sake of complaining, go ahead (I do that a lot myself), but you really shouldn't be worrying about loss of remote and nunchuk support.



wanderlustwarrior said:

@Ian Daemon: Its a good thing reading his comment properly clearly shows that wasn't what he was talking about.

those of you who now have "zero interest": did you actually read the article? Were you even interested to begin with? We've still got the traditional remote/nunchuck control scheme; adding a classic controller option takes nothing away from the game (the same could have been said for an M+ option). Suda 51 also DID NOT GUARANTEE A MOTIONPLUS OPTION IN THE FIRST PLACE.

All that's changed is that we have a confirmed additional controller support, and that it's not the one that could've made the game impossible. Hell, they could've said "we're no longer considering Balance Board only or vitality sensor only support, but are using the Classic Controller" and the article would've meant the EXACT SAME THING.

Either you're being egged on by somebody editorializing, or you just don't understand.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm confused as well. Looks like their adding Classic Controller support -- I have no use for it, but why is that a turn-off for people?



warioswoods said:


Never played the original; it doesn't look like my kind of thing, and I still have a long list of games to pick up that I would much prefer. However, the sequel was something I was following just to see if it would try to create a real swordplay experience in a way no title has yet; now that the classic controller is optional, it just indicates that the game isn't built from the ground up around motion, so I'm no longer interested.



Rm88 said:

Traditional controls are still better than motion controls, I'm glad this will support CC.



wanderlustwarrior said:

@brandonbwii: why thank you. This (, actually. Notice the first of two companies to get it's own section?

@warioswoods: you CANNOT create a real swordplay experience with any video game technology that I know of, because it would be IMPOSSIBLE to be viable as a game and be realistic. Do you want swordplay games to ship with a bunch of live humans to take hits and hit you, while the game auto-shuts off every 3 minutes to keep you from losing an arm due to tetanus? (tetanus being the term for muscles locking up completely as they have no energy left) I don't think the average gamer would like that.

If the original is not your sort of thing, the sequel wouldn't be either. This title was never built from the ground up for MotionPlus, and no current game controller can simulate a "real swordplay experience". Swords cut things/people, and that's a pretty hard sensation to simulate.



Sean_Aaron said:

@warioswoods: wanderlustwarrior is exactly correct. It was never trying to be a "sword fighting game" in the sense of mimicking anything real so I can see why Motion+ didn't make it in -- it would just be too much of a departure from the controls of the original game. The reason I enjoy this game so much is the arcade nature of it and the way it lampoons open-world games like GTA (and gamers) whilst being one itself. It simply oozes style. I wrote it off originally myself thinking it was just another GTA clone, but it's just a blast to play; especially if you've been playing games long enough to recognise the references.

The voice acting is solid and many bits are laugh out loud funny. If you're old enough to play No More Heroes I really do suggest at least giving it a rental to see what it's all about before dismissing it.



Hazuki said:

i understand alota people prefer using Classic/Gamecube over wiimote/nunchuck, but i'm gonna have to stick with Wiimote. I couldn't imagine charging the sword/listening to phone calls/wrestling moves/finishing off enemies with out it.



motang said:

Can't I am hurt, I like it, now if we can only get the Classic controller Pro here in the states!



Kelvin said:

Count me as one of the ones who actually liked how they used Wiimote control in the first game, so I'm disappointed that we're not seeing an expanded version of that in the sequel.

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