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Nintendo Download: R-Type, Cubes, Monkey Island, Poker and Cookery (EU)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

WiiWare plays catchup to North America while VC and DSiWare both get one new game.

WiiWare this week is mostly predictable - All three games have been out in North America for some time, and two of them were even specifically announced for release today. VC and DSiWare are a bit more surprising, although neither of them has really gotten something great.

You, Me and the Cubes is Nintendo's latest. Designed by the relatively famous Kenji Eno, the concept is pretty simple - Drop little people onto cube formations without upsetting the balance, causing them to fall off. As you go on, the formations become much more complicated and you'll need to do some real thinking to figure out where to throw people. As it was released in North America last Monday, we'll have a review up very soon. It costs 1000 Wii Points.

The Siege of Spinner Cay is the second part of Telltale and LucasArts' completely new Monkey Island game. After escaping from Flotsam Island, Guybrush reunites with his beloved Elaine at the titular Spinner Cay, but of course it doesn't last long - He must find three legendary artifacts to continue his search for La Esponja Grande, hidden around a nearby island. If you liked the first chapter (Which you absolutely must have played first, otherwise you'll miss vital plot) you'll no doubt like this one too. What is disappointing, however, is that the framerate and sound issues from the WiiWare version of chapter 1 are here again - It's slightly less bad, but there are still noticeable hiccups, and it even freezes completely sometimes! If you are absolutely unable to play the PC version of the game, it's still worth it, though. It'll cost you 1000 Wii Points.

It's a bit weird of Gameloft to release Sexy Poker now - They released a different WiiWare poker game less than a month ago. As you might've already figured out from coverage of the North American release, this one is really quite dire. The only thing you do is try to get anime girls to strip down to their underwear - With minimal effort you can probably find anime girls going even further than that on the web, but let's not go there! It'd be all fine and dandy if the gameplay was any good, but with some of the most basic features of any poker game missing it's pretty much broken and a waste of 500 Wii Points.

The Virtual Console has only one new offering this time after two weeks of two games each - The Master System version of R-Type is a bit of a pointless release, considering we've already had the almost arcade-perfect Turbografx version available since 2006! Of course, you might argue that that costs 800 Wii Points while this one only costs 500, but is it really worth paying slightly less to get what is generally considered to be an inferior version of the game instead of just ponying up the cash for one of the best versions made? We'll review it in the next few days.

DSiWare's sole new release seems to be a port of a WiiWare game - Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam will likely feature the same gameplay of creating food as fast as you can before your customers get annoyed at you for taking too long. We thought the WiiWare version was fairly mediocre, but this one costs 500 points instead of 1000 - Perhaps that makes it slightly more attractive? We'll review it soon.

5 games this week, not too shabby even if we're mostly playing catch-up!

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morphballer said:

R-Type for the Sega Master System?!! I don't get it. They've got VCArcade now, why not release the arcade original?



7th_lutz said:

R-type for the Sms is a pretty good version of the game. I own the Sms version for several years before owning the tg-16 version.

I am big fan of the Sms and I own lot of Sms cartridges, but the Sega Master version of R-type shouldn't be released since the same game was already released on a different vc system.

I think a sms release like Power Strike or Psycho Fox would be a better as vc release than R-type or Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap.

I have a bad feeling that the next Sms vc release will be Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap.



Omega said:

I don't think that the SMS version of R-Type is a pointless release. I have played the original R-Type 1 on the C64, Amiga, PC-Engine, Gameboy and Master System and each version is interesting and has it's own special charme. I like all of them. On the Master System this hard game is in my opinion easier than on the PC-Engine. I have played through it without losing one single life. (And that's from someone who normally hates shooters; but to be honest it took me forever to learn each bullet and enemy formation inside and out.)



Sneaker13 said:

I got Tales of Monkey Island 2 on the PC, I need to read a review for You, Me, and the Cubes en another Poker game for WiiWare, curious how long this one is going to stay in the top 20. I like the idea of a strip poker game that is Texas Hold'em. And wasn't it announced with FMV instead of these cartoon characters? O, and no LiT .



jhuhn said:

Remember that Australia/New Zealand won't get Sexy Poker as the OFLC refused a rating.
Perhaps Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam will be out on DSiWare for the North America on Monday, or sometime in October. The same for R-Type from the Master System.



blackknight77 said:

'They've got VCArcade now, why not release the arcade original?"

There is a VC arcade! When did that happen? I want it for North America



Ricardo91 said:

@Morphballer. You mean... actually add more VCA games? Why would Nintendo want to do that?

Looks like a weak week for Europe, but at least you got Cubes.



Bass_X0 said:

Yeah. Nothing for me this week. But three WiiWare games is good even if its just to tick off more 'released' boxes. And a VC game on the tail of two weeks of two VC games each is good - we don't usually get that.



Adamant said:

The Master System version of R-Type is far from pointless - it's notably different enough from the Turbografx version to be worth a look. The arcade version, on the other hand, would be more pointless - the TG game is more or less arcade-perfect already anyway.

I also really want the PC Engine version of Gradius on the service. Come on, Hudson/Konami/whomever.



Corbs said:

I think Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam will make a much better DSiWare title than the WiiWare release.



earthworm said:

R-Type is one of my very favorite games, and Sega Master System is my favorite version. I think the stripped-down graphics and music suit the game very well.



Kelvin said:

Yeah, a bit unfair on the MS version of R-Type I think. It's actually generally considered one of the best ports, rather than "an inferior version", and has a number of unique features. Bad form, nintendolife, bad form!



dom77 said:

totally pointless.....they couldnt think of anything other than r type to release. think how many games there are and how many systems there are??? it drives me had how the vc has lost momentum....where is mario kart for example???



PhillaLoup said:

how about the promised...
SUDOKU - EA - September
UNO - Gameloft - September
Bomberman Blitz - Hudson - September



KDR_11k said:

They point out that the SMS version of R-Type has one special level that's in no other version.



Terra said:

Fairly decent set of games, but I'd only get You, Me And The Cubes (for WiiWare anyway). Monkey Island Episode 2, I'd go for the PC version



morphballer said:

@ 14: I would still go with the arcade version over any console version because the first R-type game I played was the arcade version.



RGVEDA said:

Ok, the Interview with Bit Trip is german Not all is in english, sorry.

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